Canon Introduces Optura100 MC Digital Camcorder


By incorporating a state-of-the-art megapixel CDD image sensor with over one million pixels into a digital camcorder, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon, Inc. has introduced a single camera that performs like two cameras in one – a digital camcorder that records high-resolution video and a digital camera capable ...

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ART’s Voice Recognition Engine Included in Panasonic Cellular Phones


ART, Advanced Recognition Technologies Inc., a global leader of Voice and Handwriting Recognition technology, today announced the signing of an agreement with electronics giant, Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. According to the agreement, ART’s software will be integrated into Matsushita’s new TDMA cellular phones to be marketed under the Panasonic ...

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Computers Of The Future: Made Of Glass?


”Engineers in Japan have moved one step closer to their goal of building a personal digital assistant directly onto a sheet of glass. If they are successful, your handheld computer could look just like a small glass panel, possibly as early as 2003. That could be possible because engineers at ...

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Next-Generation USB Version 2.0 to Take Off Soon


The market for products supporting USB version 2.0 is expected to take off soon. USB 2.0 is the next-generation interface specification for peripherals, which allows operation at a maximum data rate of 480Mbps, faster than the speed specified for IEEE1394 (400Mbps), while keeping compatibility with the current USB1.1. Nikkei Personal ...

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Sprint to Turn Handspring Computer Into Cellphone


Sprint PCS customers who own Handspring Visor hand-held computers will soon be able to use the devices to make phone calls and surf the Web on the Sprint PCS network from anywhere in the United States. Sprint PCS Group, the No. 4 U.S. wireless telephone operator, and closely held AirPrime ...

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Pocket Vault Replaces The Cards In Your Wallet


“Before the dotcom bubble burst, new software emerged almost every day to satisfy our every need, wish and whim. But now most surviving startups are doing things we never see — such as connecting guts of the Internet and producing chips that are so small you need a microscope to ...

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NEC’s Pocket PC with Intel StrongARM 206 MHz


“Things seem to be going Microsoft’s way these days, as the company can enjoy the fact that its operating system is finding its way to new computing giants such as Toshiba and NEC, while HP and Compaq are planning new devices. As you might know, Toshiba’s new Genio e550 comes ...

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Sony Unveils New Two-Spindle Vaio GR Notebook PC


Sony Electronics is taking the audiovisual convergence features VAIO users love and placing them in a powerful and practical tool designed specifically for the business professional with the introduction of the VAIO GR170K and GR150K notebook PCs – its first two-spindle notebooks created especially for the corporate market. “VAIO has ...

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IBM Launches Thinkpad T23 with Wireless Capabilities


IBM announced new high-performance ThinkPad T Series models with security features designed to help protect corporate data and e-mail, as well as integrated wireless solutions for highly mobile users. The company is leading an industry charge to develop technologies that allow workers to wirelessly and securely connect to corporate networks ...

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JTel’s New PDA Combines Laser Barcode Scanner


JTEL Co. Ltd is offering the CellVic Scanner PDA, which combines a PDA and a laser scanner for reading standard barcodes. The device is designed for use in manufacturing, logistics, distribution, home shopping and inventory management. It can connect to the Internet via a CDMA/PCS mobile phone or a modem. ...

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