FIC’s 1st-PDA with BlueTooth


FIC’s 1st-PDA, a cutting edge device designed to effortlessly bring the wireless mobile world to the customer. A highly cost-effective solution, it is powered by the StrongARM SA1110 CPU and features 32MB of system memory and 16MB of Flash memory, as well as a Compact Flash expansion slot. Utilizing the advanced Ericsson Bluetooth chip, the 1stPDA’s wireless connectivity allows effortless ...

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Kenwood’s Affordable In-Dash MP3 CD Player


Designed for the MP3 junkie with a car, the new Kenwood KDC-MP8017 in-dash MP3 CD player (see it up close) may improve your quality of life, especially on long road trips. In addition to playing regular audio CDs, the $360 unit plays CD-R/RWs with MP3s burned onto them. That means you can cram about 11 hours of compressed music onto ...

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NEC to Launch 1st PDA in Japan This Year


NEC Corp, Japan’s biggest personal computer maker, said on Monday it will launch its first personal digital assistant (PDA) by the end of this year in Japan’s increasingly crowded market for the handheld devices. The new PDA will use Microsoft Corp’s Windows CE operating system, instead of the more commonly used system developed by global PDA market leader Palm Inc. ...

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Perception Digital’s unique Digital Signal Processor MP3 JukeBox


With Perception Digital’s unique Digital Signal Processor (DSP), users can enjoy the convenience of directly encoding MP3 music WITHOUT the use of a computer. The DSP can also provide different types of sound effects to bring out the best quality in MP3 music. There are 2 types of recording quality available, MP3 quality and voice quality. Music from CDs, cassette ...

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ViewSonic® Redefines Visual Technology Leadership with Introduction of SuperPDA and Tablet PC Products


ViewSonic® Corporation, a worldwide Visual Technologies™ leader, today demonstrated a broad and visionary range of next-generation technology, unveiling a new family of compact SuperPDAs, Tablet PCs, and its most advanced LCD display products at PC Expo 2001. Headlining the ViewSonic offerings at PC Expo are the ViewPad 100 SuperPDA and the ViewPad 1000 Tablet PC, which offer businesses the combination ...

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PINO the Humanoid Robot


The next generation of robot research will study the formation of relations between humans and humanoids. The exterior design of the robot will be integral to clarifying its diverse mechanical functions and asserting its autonomy ? distinct from that of a mere object. It is this distinction that will enable humans to interact meaningfully with the robot. The designer now ...

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Wal-Mart rolls out Disposable Digital Camera


It’s unlike any onetime-use camera on the market – a camera developed especially for customers who are interested in trying online photo services but who may not be ready to invest in a digital camera. and Wal-Mart stores nationwide are offering a onetime-use camera that includes Wal-Mart’s Pictures Online service as part of the price. It’s an easy and ...

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nGame Launches Their First Commercial Wireless Games Service in Canada


nGame Ltd., the leading channel, content and technology provider for wireless, PC-web and interactive television community-based games, today announced an agreement with Bell Mobility a division of BCE to provide nine wireless games for dot com ready phones. This will be Bell Mobility’s largest collection of wireless games from a single wireless games provider. nGame will provide some of its ...

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Microcell Solutions and Novatel Wireless Sign Agreement for New-Generation Mobile Data Solution


Microcell Solutions Inc., a leading Canadian provider of Personal Communications Services (PCS) operating under the Fido„¥ brand name, today announced that it had signed an agreement with Novatel Wireless, Inc., a provider of wireless data access solutions, to purchase Novatel Wireless¡¦ Merlin G100TM Wireless PC Card Modem for North American GSM/GPRS networks. This will be the first commercially available wireless ...

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Hitachi Unveils Tiny ‘Money Chip’


Hitachi, Ltd. today announced that it has developed the world’s smallest RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification ) integrated circuit chip called the “meu-chip”, which is thin enough to be embedded in paper. An in-house venture company, “Meu-Solutions”, will be formed on July 1, as a catalyst to form the value chains around this emerging technology. It will collaborate with both in-house business ...

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Hitachi ‘Buttonless’ Information Device Prototype Only Sends, Receives


Hitachi Ltd. has developed a prototype named the “Waterscape,” a working mock-up of an information terminal that has no operational buttons on the surface of the body. The “buttonless” form has been adopted in order to realize a simple and intuitive interface, according to the company. Because the mock-up has an acceleration sensor built in the body, the user can ...

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Preview of the Siemens S45


Siemens, after having won the third place from Ericsson in the classification of the manufacturers of mobile telephony, seems not to be able to stop in its advertising campaign that highlights well its ambitions. This S45 belongs to the high range in which Siemens is making its way using the high quality of its products. Available in blue sapphire and ...

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Samsung Electronics Launches Industry’s First Ultra-Slim Handset


Samsung Electronics unveils an ultra-slim handset less than 1cm thick (Model name in Korean domestic market : SPH-N2000), which expects to begin a full-fledged competition of making slimmer handsets following by the heated competition of lighter and smaller handsets in the industry. The newest slim-phone is only 9.8mm thick even including a standard battery, and is the slimmest handset introduced ...

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Zinc Matrix Power Launches it’s First Commercial Battery Product, The Silver Polymer Battery


Newly developed Silver Polymer Batteries are in routine use at Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. (CME) and in pilot testing by a brokerage on the NYSE Trading Floor. This innovative new rechargeable battery allows handheld wireless network connected trading computers to run all day. Previously, floor traders had to use bulky belt mounted battery packs with power cords or swap out ...

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Terrapin MINE Personal & Portable Storage Solution


The ideal portable storage solution for home, corporate and industrial applications. If you can store it digitally, MINE can handle it!! This simple to use device offers enough storage capacity to hold thousands of digital photographs and audio tracks together with any other digital information that you wish to keep. Mine is also a full function digital audio player/recorder, a ...

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