Vocollect Announces Second Successful Installation at Roundy’s, Inc.


Vocollect, a world leader in providing voice powered solutions for business, announced that it has successfully completed a second Talkman® system installation at Roundy’s, Inc. in Lima, OH. Last year, Vocollect completed Roundy’s first voice system installation in Milwaukee, WI, at the company’s largest distribution center. Vocollect provides voice solutions ...

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Smarty Pants Fit Techies to a T


”Is that a PDA in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Next month, Dockers is bringing out a new line of pleated casual slacks for men who, um, RAM too much stuff in their trousers. Tailored for guys on the go who crave gadgets, the new ...

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Handheld Accessible ATM Unveiled


NCR Corporation demonstrated a new breed of Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) at the Marriott Marquis in New York City this past Friday. The new machines will feature the ability of users to withdraw cash using a mobile phone or handheld device. NCR’s new screenless, keyless ATM is built around Bluetooth ...

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Audiovox MP3J MP4000 With 340MB IBM Microdrive


The Audiovox MP3J MP4000 strikes an interesting balance between a portable MP3 player and a dedicated player for the car. Its roomy 340MB hard drive offers enough storage for long road trips, and Audiovox includes all of the necessary accessories for hooking the player into your car’s cassette deck. However, ...

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