Personal Behavioral Assistant


The PBA (Personal Behavioral Assistant) is a fully interactive electronic device, in a smaller, more accessible format than a handheld PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). The PBA microcomputer, built into a wristwatch, provides a dedicated platform for custom software applications written to meet our clients’ specific needs. It facilitates patient participation ...

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Microsoft Says Hotmail Users Can Dial in for Email


Microsoft Corp. will give its 20 million email users in Europe access to messages via their mobile phones, the company said on Thursday in unveiling a new alliance with European mobile operators. The initiative involving a joint venture between Danish mobile operator TDC Mobile International, and Anglo-Dutch CMG Wireless Data ...

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SkyTower Mobile Broadband Helios


A new technology platform has emerged which provides a low cost, rapidly deployable, local access solution for broadband telecommunications and other applications by overcoming the last-mile barriers facing conventional approaches. Through funding support from NASA, AeroVironment has developed an unmanned, solar-electric airplane called Helios which will be capable of continuous ...

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The New HP Jornada 560 Series


As the launch of Microsoft’s new Pocket PC 2002 OS for handhelds is coming closer by the day, so do rumors of the devices that will run the operating system. Until now we’ve only been able to share technical details with you – but now you’ll also get to see ...

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Canon Introduces The 4 MegaPixel PowerShot G2


Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon, Inc. (NYSE: CAJ), continues to strengthen its position in the highly competitive consumer digital camera market with the introduction of its most advanced product to date: the new Canon PowerShot G2, the company’s first 4-megapixel model. The Canon PowerShot G2 Kit will be ...

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Sony Launches New Cyber-Shot DSC-F707


Now all digital photographers can achieve professional results with the introduction of Sony’s Cyber-shot DSC-F707 digital still camera, featuring new technologies that make previously difficult pictures a whole lot easier to shoot. Priced at about $1000, the five-megapixel (MP) camera is the first of its kind to be aimed at, ...

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World’s Most Advanced Interactive TV Remote Control


Guide Remote, the world’s most advanced Internet-based interactive universal remote control, was launched here today by Evolve Communications, Inc. The new Guide Remote interactive television remote control is the first device of its kind to use the Internet as its content platform. The Guide Remote provides users with detailed television ...

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‘Wearable Motherboards’ Could Save Lives


You’ve seen those joggers running in place at traffic lights as they check their pulse and stare at their wrist watch? That scene may fade into history if the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves new technologies that combine medical science with the latest innovations in Internet and data ...

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Wireless Audio Visual Email aka W.A.V.E. Link


Passing notes in class has already been passé for a few years, and it’s not because kids are getting more attentive and well behaved. Zipping text between handhelds is just so much more discreet than the old tear, fold, and scribble way of doing things. And the sender doesn’t have ...

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SCOTT eVEST Technology Enabled Clothing


Every day millions of mobile professionals are missing calls on ringing cell phones, fumbling for beeping PDAs, getting tangled in headset wires from phones and MP3 players. Furthermore, they don’t have enough hands to juggle portable keyboards, beepers, keys, wallets, plane tickets, water bottles and other mundane stuff. The answer? ...

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Clickmarks Adds Multilingual Capabilities Enabling Mobile Users to Access Content from Any Device in 65 Languages


Clickmarks, a leading provider of wireless software infrastructure and products, today announced the addition of universal multilingual support to its mobile data products. End users of the Clickmarks Habitat ™ technology will now be able to access content from the Internet, corporate Intranets and enterprise applications in 65 languages, even ...

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New Multimedia PocketPC from LifeView


The LifeView eMMA is a multimedia pocket pc that combines a genuine Intel processor and new hardware into a sleek industrial design that fits comfortably in your hand that is powerful and stylish enough to take anywhere. It offers 32 MB of RAM and 16 MB of ROM– ample memory ...

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