Nextel Unveils Wireless Downloading


Nextel Communications Inc. and Motorola Inc. today unveiled breakthrough technologies and programs that enable Nextel subscribers to easily purchase, manage and wirelessly download powerful applications to their Java(TM)technology-enabled handsets by Motorola. Nextel and Motorola have developed over-the-air application downloading, network-aware application capabilities and a certification program for Java 2 Platform, ...

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Raycom Personal Massager for the Handspring Visor


Raycom Personal Massager is a well-featured yet simple to use massage device that will relax your tense or tired muscles while you read a book, watch TV, work on your Visor handheld or just relax. Compatible with the Handspring Visor handhelds, the module provides stimulating muscles workout previously only possible ...

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BT Unveils Handheld PDA Phone


BT’s wireless division mmO2 has broadened the choice of advanced mobile Internet devices by unveiling a handheld computer with built-in phone functions. The XDA device, to be launched at an unspecified time next year, is unusual because it was commissioned by mmO2 from Taiwanese electronics firm HTC. European telecoms operators ...

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Pocket PC 2002 Devices Land in Stores Everywhere


With over 100 hardware and software vendors waiting in the wings to demonstrate their new Microsoft® Windows® Powered Pocket PC-based solutions, Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer took the stage at The Concourse to announce widespread retail availability of Pocket PC 2002-based devices. Simultaneous events in San Francisco and ...

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Intel Releases Personal Audio Player 3000


Intel has unveiled an MP3 player aimed more at the playground than the techno-phile. The Intel Personal Audio Player 3000 comes with a clear faceplate so that you can i your own favourite pictures making your player a one off – perhaps a rare Pokemon character. It has 64Mb of ...

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Audiovox Enters Pocket PC Arena with the Maestro


Audiovox Corporation today announced that its majority owned subsidiary Audiovox Communications Corp. (ACC), introduced its first Pocket PC, the Maestro. This first in a series of feature-rich Audiovox Pocket PCs combines the ease of use and comprehensive functionality of Microsoft® Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002 software with advanced wireless communications ...

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Sony Demonstrates 13-Inch, Full-Color OEL Display Prototype


Sony Corp. disclosed a prototype of a 13-inch, full-color organic electroluminescent (OEL) display at CEATEC JAPAN 2001, an annual trade show of electronic and telecommunications products that opened on Oct. 2. The display is one of the largest of its kind for an active-matrix organic electroluminescent displays using low-temperature polysilicon ...

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Murata Proposes Bluetooth-Enabled Humanoid Robot


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announced the development of a humanoid robot equipped with a Bluetooth module. Murata proposed the concept of humanoid robots by taking advantage of Bluetooth wireless communication technology, which works well to keep out various outside wireless interference signals. Murata’s Bluetooth-enabled humanoid robot will be applied to: ...

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Ceatec Japan 2001 Draws in More than 20,000 Visitors


CEATEC JAPAN 2001, the largest IT (information technology) exhibition in Japan this fall and harbinger of the full-scale opening of the broadband age, opened under sunny skies on October 2. We take a look inside the dynamic site of this exhibition, gathering place for eager visitors and representatives from a ...

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Canon Announces PowerShot S30 and S40


Canon has capitalised on its lead in advanced technology and miniaturisation with new digital camera’s which can now print photos directly, entirely bypassing a PC. Making full use of core technologies in both digital cameras and Bubble Jet printers, Canon has succeeded in linking two new high-quality digital cameras (the ...

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Acers New Notebook Offers Biometric Protection


Acer America today announced the launch of the TravelMate 740, the newest addition to its award-winning line of TravelMate notebooks. The TravelMate 740 replaces the TravelMate 730 series as Acer’s flagship mobile PC series. The Travelmate 740 receives a powerful performance boost by taking advantage of the latest Mobile Intel® ...

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Sony Cineza Home Entertainment Projector


Movies with widescreen cinematic impact. Sports that put you on the playing field. Games so real, you’ll feel like you’re in the action. But they’re all in your home – in any room, on any wall. That’s the power of Cineza™: Sony’s VPL-HS1 Home Entertainment Projector. Powerful, affordable, stylish, and ...

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Sony’s Portable DVD Walkman


Sony is introducing a DVD Walkman this November in Japan. The inventor of the Walkman is taking DVD portability to the next level with this gadget. The Screen can be disconnected from the player itself. The Headsets are powered by Sony’s virtual surround sound to enjoy the Dolby5.1 sound on ...

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