iPod: 1,000 Songs in your Pocket


Apple® today introduced iPod™, a breakthrough MP3 music player that packs up to 1,000 CD-quality songs into an ultra-portable, 6.5 ounce design that fits in your pocket. iPod combines a major advance in portable music device design with Apple’s legendary ease of use and Auto-Sync, which automatically downloads all your ...

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NEC Introduces the Versa L320 – Highest Performing Notebook


The Versa L320: NEC’s New Portable Powerhouse Delivers Optimal Performance, Versatility and Full Compliment of Connectivity Options to Mobile Professionals NEC Computers Inc., a leading provider of mobile, desktop and server computing solutions for the enterprise market, today introduced its highest performing and most versatile notebook computer, the NEC Versa(R) ...

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Sensate Inc. Announces Wireless MP3 Server for MacOS


Serve, manage, and stream MP3s to networked consumer devices, including PCs, stereos, car audio systems, headphones, and cell phones from Apple computers. Sensate Inc. is pleased to announce 2nR-Musiker™, a wireless MP3 server and client compatible with MacOS™. 2nR-Musiker lets consumers download, upload, and stream MP3 music to wireless and ...

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e938 Wireless PDA – Personal Digital Office


The day you’ve waited for has arrived – an all-in-one Mobile Phone cum PDA is now available! Today, the e938 Personal Digital Office sets a new benchmark in wireless technology – you’ll find its features exceed all expectations. GSM mobile phone with WAP capability makes all your calls from the ...

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Could you send my car an e-mail about that?


A new hands-free vehicle telecommunication system could let some Honda drivers check and respond to E-mail, just by raising their voice. Japan’s Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. and Honda Research and Development Co. say they’ve combined their technologies to create a voice activated vehicle information system. A key goal of ...

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HinesLab Announces the Light Mouse Concept


HinesLab announces a new technology for cordless computer mice and trackballs, using light rather than electrical signals to communicate with the computer. The HinesLab Light Mouse™ is comfortable to use because it is cordless and lacks the weight of the battery and electronics used in other cordless mice. Unlike all ...

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Sony Ericsson Unveils Wearable Bluetooth Handsfree


Today Sony Ericsson announced the launch of the Ericsson Bluetooth™ Handsfree HBH-20, an appealing and wearable new approach to Bluetooth technology. Packing the electronics into about half the size of a credit card, the Bluetooth Handsfree clips neatly onto clothing and can be worn as naturally as a necklace or ...

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Necoro Robocat, the New Robotic Pet


Omron Corporation will begin selling as a new product a cat type communication robot from November 20. Orders can be placed at Takashimaya (limited to 7 stores) starting October 17, and orders will be accepted by phone or over the Internet from November 3. Available in two colors, gray and ...

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World’s First Palm Protective Cover Keyboard


World’s first Palm Keyboard built-in to the Palm’s protective cover. The all-in-one PDA cover and keyboard designed to help lighten your load while on the move. The PK11 uses a Palm V cover including keyboard. The Input text & special characters can be programed to shortcut keys for quick access ...

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These Boots Are Made for Power


SRI International, a research firm in Menlo Park, Calif., is working with the Defense Department to create a shoe that will convert the mechanical energy of walking into electric power to charge up gadgets, batteries and other devices. At the heart, or rather sole, of the experimental foot-ware is a ...

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