Kanakaris Wireless Debuts Wireless Television


All things old are new again with the introduction today of AK.TV from Kanakaris Wireless. One of the first companies to deliver movies and books digitally over the Internet has a new business being launched today — a television channel, AK.TV! However, the new product from Kanakaris Wireless and Digital ...

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Samsung and Sony Announce Memory Stick Collaboration


Samsung Electronics and Sony Corporation today announced that the two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen their cooperative ties, initially exploring the possibility of the adoption by Samsung of Memory Stick in consumer products such as digital audio products, digital camcorders, DVDs, mobile phones, PCs, PDAs, TVs, ...

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FlyJacket Mobile Presentation Solution For iPAQ


Animation Technologies Inc. plans to unveil its new multimedia product – the FlyJacket for iPAQ at CeBIT Shanghai on 11th of August. The FlyJacket is a full-featured multimedia expansion pack for the iPAQ Pocket PC developed by Animation Technologies. “In developing the FlyJacket for iPAQ, what we are really achieving ...

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Slim Devices SliMP3 Ethernet MP3 player


The SliMP3 (Slim-‘pE-‘thrE) is an MP3 player that streams music over Ethernet from your Linux PC. It features a powerful, easy-to-use, heirarcical browser interface, allowing you to quickly browse through your music collection from the convenience of a remote control. Its large vacuum fluorescent display is bright and readable, and ...

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Mood6100 PDA With Wireless Internet Capabilities


Beijing Tsinghua Tongfang Stock Co. Ltd has released the True Mood6100, a PDA that features wireless Internet function. A GSM mobile phone may be used to access the Internet. The True Mood6100 adopts a 131MHz CPU and WinCE OS. It features a supporting CF modem card. The model adopts a ...

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100 Gig Multi-Connection External Hard Drive


Looking to add some serious storage to you PC, Laptop or Mac? These portable external hard drives offer huge capacities and flexible connectivity options at an affordable price. And with capacities ranging up to 100GB, you can store anything. This is the simplest, most effective way to add a fast, ...

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Kodak Expands EasyShare System with 3 New Digital Cameras


Eastman Kodak Company today announces the expansion of the Kodak EasyShare digital photography system with three new digital cameras – the Kodak EasyShare DX3900 Zoom, DX3700 and DX3215 Zoom – plus two new Kodak inkjet papers, EasyShare accessories and enhanced Kodak Picture Software. These products in combination offer consumers more ...

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Zydant Announces Patent Pending Wireless Technology for the PDA


Zydant Corporation, announces new patent pending application deployment technology, code named ZAD. ZAD offers a unique infrastructure solution for application deployment. ZAD serves as a bridge that links corporate or consumer applications to end user remote devices, such as WPDAs (Wireless Personal Digital Assistants), via the Internet. While corporations realize ...

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‘Smart’ Fabrics Work like Appliances


Novelist John Jurek published a mystery, “KaeLF Skin,” last fall featuring “smart fabric” underwear that can pleasure, addict, injure and even kill the wearer. As it happens, the fiction isn’t all that far from the truth. The first generation of garments that couple nanotechnology — the science of making electronics ...

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Your Cellphone is you?


Before we let cellphones handle everything from opening our medical records to buying a house, Duncan Graham-Rowe reckons we’ll need to make sure people Can’t steal our identities. IT’S getting hard to be anonymous. To do just about anything in this world you have to prove who you are. Want ...

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Microsoft Portrait Enables Wireless Video


” Once in a while, a cool handheld computing innovation emerges. That’s the case today as I introduce Microsoft Portrait, a program in development at Microsoft Research, the computer science research arm of the Redmond, Wash., software giant. Portrait lets desktop PCs and Pocket PC handhelds exchange voice and video ...

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Aiptek PenCam VR ) 5-in-1 Camera


The Aiptek PenCam has the unique ability of being able to be used as a web camera, digital still camera, and digital camcorder, all in one compact device that can hide in the palm of your hand. If you need to get in touch with your business associate on the ...

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