Sprint and LG Infocomm Introduce the Sprint PCS Phone TP5200, ‘Smartshell’


Sprint and LG InfoComm today announced the availability of the dual-band Sprint PCS Phone TP5200 handset. It weighs only 3.5 ounces with its standard Lithium Ion battery attached. Available exclusively through Sprint PCS, the TP5200 has been designed for ease of use, offering an external Caller ID screen, menu-driven navigation, voice memo, voice-activated dialing and convenient headset jack. It’s available ...

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Handspring Goes Wireless


Rumors have been circulating for long now (as they usually do), talking about an imminent announcement from Handspring regarding the release of two new models – code name Ace and Columbia. As it turns out, it wasn’t Ace and Columbia that was about to be announced – it was the Manhattan and Shea instead, whose real names will be Treo ...

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Palm’s Next Wireless Device on the Way


Palm’s upcoming wireless handheld has moved closer to launch after the company received regulatory approval Monday for the device, which Palm is calling the i705. According to documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission, the i705 will have a built-in antenna, a universal connector for add-ons and syncing, and a postage stamp-size Secure Digital expansion slot. There will also be ...

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Handspring Giving Mobile Phone Add-on Away for Free


Personal digital assistant maker Handspring Inc. began giving away its expansion cellular phone module for free on Tuesday, only weeks after slashing the price to $49 from $249. The free offer only applies when the phone is purchased along with a handheld through Handspring’s Web site, and then immediately activated through a compatible carrier. Customers in California and Massachusetts will ...

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Retinex Image Enhancement Algorithm Image Enhancement Software


The Retinex Image Enhancement Algorithm (RetIEnA) is a method of improving the dynamic range compression, color constancy and color rendition for a digital image. When compared to the direct observation of scenes, color images in general have two major limitations due to scene lighting conditions. First, the images captured and displayed by photographic and electronic cameras suffer from a comparative ...

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Synchroscan Launches First Retail Wireless Auto-Dialer for Palm Powered Handhelds


Synchroscan, a provider of wireless peripherals for handheld computers, announced today the introduction of Parlay Dialer. The Parlay Dialer will provide Palm Powered(tm) handheld users with the enhanced productivity of a wireless automatic phone dialer. The official unveiling will occur Sept 4-7 at RetailVision, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The Parlay Dialer is the first auto-dialer accessory for Palm Powered ...

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Sony to Launch Digital Camcorder with Innovative Recording Media


Sony Corp. announced the development of its small digital recording cassette with a new format called “MICROMV,” and the introduction of a digital camcorder called “DCR-IP7,” using the new cassette. Sony said this is “the world’s smallest and lightest camcorder.” The company employed its new MICROMV format for developing the camcorder and realized the smallest camcorder size of 47mm wide ...

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Nokia Releases the MediaMaster 9470 S Satellite Receiver


Nokia Home Communications has launched a new product in its digital satellite receiver product range, making access to digital television for the consumer easier than ever before. The Nokia Mediamaster 9470 S is the first Nokia receiver to be based on an new product platform, adding to the Nokia Home Communications’ offering of high performance digital television products. The Mediamaster ...

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Zydant Announces Patent Pending Wireless Technology for the PDA


Zydant Corporation, announces new patent pending application deployment technology, code named ZAD. ZAD offers a unique infrastructure solution for application deployment. ZAD serves as a bridge that links corporate or consumer applications to end user remote devices, such as WPDAs (Wireless Personal Digital Assistants), via the Internet. While corporations realize the need and competitive advantage of providing their mobile workforce ...

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Crystals Could Revolutionize Memory


Silicon devices can be squeezed only so small, but scientists, eager to keep Moore’s Law on track, are always searching for alternatives that may squeeze them smaller still. One of the most fascinating is a class of crystals known as perovskites, named after a 19th-century Russian mineralogist. Perovskites form three-dimensional atomic arrays made of alkaline metals, like magnesium and strontium; ...

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QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies and Nortel Networks Conduct Industry’s First Mobile Internet Protocol Call


QUALCOMM Incorporated, pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, and Nortel Networks, a global leader in networking and communications solutions for service providers and corporations, today announced the industry’s first successful end-to-end live third-generation (3G) CDMA2000 1X Mobile Internet Protocol (IP) call. Mobile IP is a solution that allows data to be transferred across ...

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New Computer Phone Makes your Wishes its Commands


One of the things I really like about my Sprint PCS cell phone is the voice dialing feature, which allows me to use voice commands like, “Call Pat at the office” to place calls. This is a network-based (as opposed to handset-based) service, and I can load numbers into the dialing directory from the Sprint PCS Web site. The feature ...

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LumiLeds Lighting Announces a Breakthrough LED Backlight Solution for LCD Monitors, Notebooks, and LCD Televisions


LumiLeds Lighting, the leader in high flux, high powered LED (light emitting diode) technology, today announced a new solution for LCD display backlights that will quickly and dramatically change the LCD backlight industry. This LED backlight solution has been optimized around LumiLeds’ new high flux LuxeonTM light sources and will enable a whole host of new features that are currently ...

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Personal Behavioral Assistant


The PBA (Personal Behavioral Assistant) is a fully interactive electronic device, in a smaller, more accessible format than a handheld PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). The PBA microcomputer, built into a wristwatch, provides a dedicated platform for custom software applications written to meet our clients’ specific needs. It facilitates patient participation in compliance training and monitoring, and provides the counselor with ...

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Nikon’s New Coolpix 885 Combines High Image Quality With Easy-To-Use Features for Digital Photography


Nikon, the world leader in photography, today introduced the Coolpix(R) 885, the newest digital camera in the Coolpix line to include a Transfer button on the camera for directly uploading digital photos quickly and easily to the desktop or the Internet. The Coolpix 885’s One-Touch Upload to the Web(TM) feature takes the guesswork out of digital photography for creating personalized ...

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