Sanyo to Offer Unit to Control Air-Conditioner via Mobile Phones


Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. said it will launch in January 2002 an air-conditioner remote-controller called “Telecontroller” that can operate via mobile phones. The controller will be offered as an option for the six new models of the “Clover” series air-conditioners that will be released beginning in October. This remote-controller is priced at $125 USD. The Telecontroller exchanges remote control signals ...

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New Sharp Notebook Redefines Ultra-Mobility


Sharp Systems of America, a U.S. unit of Sharp Corporation, the recognized world leader of LCD technology, today announced a significant new notebook computer, the Sharp PC-UM10, demonstrating an engineering breakthrough in notebook design. Sharp’s PC-UM10 defines “Ultra-Mobile” for the industry, weighing in at under three pounds and only 0.65″ thick. Powered by an Intel® Pentium® III 600 MHz ULV ...

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FujiFilm Brings Advanced Features to Newst FinePix 2800 Zoom Digital Camera


The leader in digital photography innovation and design, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. today debuts the FinePix 2800 Zoom, the company’s latest mid-range digital camera. Incorporating some of the fun and useful features found in Fujifilm’s high-end consumer cameras, the FinePix 2800 Zoom is a user-friendly, point-and-shoot model that can make the novice photographer feel like a professional. Equipped with ...

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Acceleration Sensing Glove aka Virtual Keyboard


Have trouble tearing yourself away from the computer? Good news! Scientists at Berkeley’s Sensor and Actuator Center (BSAC) have invented a way to make hands, things you can take everywhere, the only keyboard geeks will ever need. Berkeley grad student, Seth Hollar, developed a set of prototype gloves that took the place of a keyboard. The gloves hold tiny devices ...

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Motorola Develops New High-Speed Chip Technology


Communications equipment supplier Motorola Inc. unveiled breakthrough technology on Tuesday that blends the low-cost virtues of silicon computer chips with speed-of-light optics to create faster chips. Motorola said its research arm has found a way to combine silicon, the basis of most computer chips, with gallium arsenide, a costlier chip-making material, to create a high-speed optical chip that is durable ...

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First Mouse with a Built-in LCD Display Delivers SMS Messages


The .comMouse is setup to receive information automatically and always updated. The search and retrieval of updated information is the task for an intelligent device. Everything that interests you like auction offer, shopping bargains, stock prices or the latest news – you determine what you want to know. The rest is the job for the internet agent.All relevant information are ...

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Olympus Introduces the D-40 Zoom, World’s Smallest 4 Megapixel Digital Camera


Olympus announced today the D-40 ZOOM, the world’s smallest 4 Megapixel digital camera. Capturing detailed images that will satisfy the most demanding photographer, the D-40 ZOOM measures just 3.4″ (wide) x 2.7″ (high) x 1.7″ (thick). The D-40 ZOOM is not only one of the smallest, but one of the most technologically advanced digital cameras on the market. The D-40 ...

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Ultrahybrid Batteries


When General Motors’ electric buses hit New York City’s streets for a test run a couple of years ago, the company found that the new hybrid vehicles—propelled by a diesel generator and electric motors—burned less than half the fuel of a conventional diesel and created 90 percent less pollution. One hitch: the roughly 5,000 dollars’ worth of batteries that mediated ...

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Netvox PDA uses FLEX, IrDA


Netvox Technology Co. Ltd has developed a PDA that adopts the FLEX code format and IrDA message transmission. The device incorporates a 32-bit CPU, 16M memory, handwriting recognition and touch screen with a stylus. It features six working groups, namely: news covering general news, road reports, weather updates, sports and entertainment; global finance with international stock market, international exchange rates, ...

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Quiet Calls Interaction


The funeral for your spouse’s cousin’s great aunt by marriage is running long and suddenly your cell phone starts to vibrate in your pocket. You discreetly peek at your caller ID – it’s an important call from your partner. You need to know immediately what he’s going to say. Do you whisper into a cell phone during the “ashes to ...

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Cutting Edge Technology to Send Sound Where it Belongs


It’s nice to think of the world as a symphony, but most of the time it’s cacophony — clashing noises coming from all around us. “When you listen to sound over loudspeakers,” says F. Joseph Pompei at the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “you don’t have any control over where the sound goes. Sometimes you don’t want ...

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Handwriting Recognition In Motion


Simply put, the PC is entirely useless without a keyboard and mouse. The same argument could also apply to a personal digital assistant, which lacks both elegant data input and navigation solutions. This is a problem OTM Technologies believes it can solve. Based in Herzliya, Israel, OTM Technologies has created a technology that measures motion. They’ve developed a patented optical ...

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Philips Unveils the New “JackRabbit” External CD-RW Drive


Consumers who want a stylish, easy-to-use portable CD-ReWritable drive will find exactly the right answer in the new ‘JackRabbit’ external drive from Philips. This compact CD-RW burner offers an outstanding combination of performance, design and easy interfacing, which makes it the perfect choice for all those who want a go-anywhere CD Rewriter for data backup or creating personalized CDs of ...

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10Gbps to the Home Over Existing Cable Networks


Rainmaker Technologies, Inc. announces landmark technology capable of delivering 10Gbps of digital capacity to the side of the home over existing cable networks. The company is a fabless developer and marketer of silicon solutions that enable cable operators to deliver carrier-class fiber speeds over existing last mile broadband infrastructure. “Our digital modem technology allows the cable operator to deliver 10 ...

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Access Distributes Free Web Browser for PlayStation2 That Runs on Linux


Access Co., Ltd. announced free distribution of the demo version of its Web browser, “NetFront v3.0 for PS Linux,” which runs on Linux for the “PlayStation2.” Access began download distribution of the demo version of NetFront v3.0 for PS Linux on the company’s Web site for the users of the beta version Linux kit for PlayStation2 “SCPH-10270K,” which was released ...

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