First Portable MP3 Player, Voice Recorder, and Digital Camera Device Now Available in North America


Digital Global Network today launched the first portable MP3 player, voice recorder, and digital camera device to the US market. The MPIO-DMG was introduced to the Asian market in April 2001 and quickly became the number one selling MP3 Player in Japan. In addition to its enormous success in Japan, Digital Global Network was presented with the “Millennium Award” from ...

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Intel Introduces New Intel StrataFlash Memory to Enhance Performance Wireless Devices


Intel Corporation today introduced a new flash memory chip designed to enhance the performance of cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other wireless devices. The 3 Volt Synchronous Intel StrataFlash® Memory is up to four times faster than traditional flash memory, making it the best value for executing code and storing data in handheld devices. Manufactured on the cost-effective ...

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Emergence of HDD Radio Cassette May Make MD Obsolete


More than 50 companies displayed products related to the Memory Stick, a memory card developed by Sony Corp., at the Memory Stick pavilion at the World PC Expo 2001. The World PC Expo 2001 ended on Sept. 22. Particularly noteworthy is a sample audio system developed by Sony and Pioneer Corp. Although it is clearly an audio system with speakers, ...

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Addonics New Pocket DigiDrive Allows Users to Copy Digital AV Files to PCs From Anywhere


Addonics Technologies today announced its multi-format Pocket DigiDrive – a pocket-size storage device that reads/writes digital audio/video files from seven different formats. The Addonics Pocket DigiDrive is the perfect device for transferring data to your PC from digital cameras, digital camcorders, PDAs, MP3 players, digital voice recorders, and more. With so many options available for storing music and video files ...

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Panasonic Gets “Tough” with Handhelds


Panasonic is extending the concept of rugged computing to handhelds. Panasonic announced on Monday its first handheld computer, the Toughbook 01, which is designed to complement its notebook line of the same name. The consumer electronics maker has been selling into a niche in the notebook market by focusing on durable laptops that can withstand the shock of a fall ...

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Empower Technologies Inc. Introduces First Palm Compatible PDA Embedded with Linux DA Operating System


Empower Technologies Inc. announced today the release of “PowerPlay III”, the first Palm IIIxe compatible PDA embedded with Linux DA O/S, for sale in North America. Empower Technologies also announced today the opening of the company’s e-commerce site, where, in addition to PowerPlay III, the full version of Linux DA O/S for Palm IIIx, IIIxe, and Vx is available for ...

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Seiko SmartPad2 – The Connected Notepad


Imagine writing anything. In any language. Drawing whatever you like. Writing with ink on paper. And capturing everything on your handheld organizer*. The Seiko Instruments SmartPad2™ is the first product that lets you instantly capture every-thing you write or draw using the SmartPad pen on ordinary paper. You can handwrite notes and store them in your Date Book or draw ...

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Ericsson Launches The T66 and R600 Mobile Phones


Ericsson has launched three new mobile phones, making a total of six in the fourth quarter. They include the smallest and lightest phone that has yet come from Ericsson. “The industry is in the midst of a technology shift now, when we’re changing to GPRS and we can demonstrate our strongest product assortment ever,” says Peter Bodor, Public Relations manager ...

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Ericsson Introduces The New R380e


Today, in conjunction with the Volvo Ocean Race in South Hampton, Ericsson presented the Smartphone R380e, the improved version of its widely acclaimed Smartphone R380. R380e has new functionality, increased performance and extended talk and standby times as well as a new color, Denim Blue. It will be available during October 2001. Ericsson was first out with a Smartphone when ...

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Sanyo Exhibits Mobile Phone with OEL Display Screen


Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. is exhibiting a prototype mobile phone equipped with an organic electroluminescent display panel. The phone’s screen is capable of showing video and animated images in vivid color tones. With an organic EL screen, each individual liquid crystal element that makes up the panel can emit light on its own. This makes them completely different than conventional ...

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Palm m125 Handheld Expansion Provides Many Options for Customers


Palm, Inc. today introduced the Palm(TM) m125 handheld computer, ideal for first-time buyers, educators, students, and customers upgrading from earlier handhelds. The newest addition to Palm’s m100 series features an elegant dual-expansion architecture that allows people to carry and share office-productivity and education software, eBooks, photos, short videos, extensive reference materials and extra memory, as well as attach add-on modules, ...

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Sony Unveils Worlds Smallest Network Camcorder


Sony has unveiled what it claims is the world’s smallest network digital camcorder, measuring the length of a handheld computer and weighing less than 11 ounces. Called the DCR-IP7E Network Handycam IP (Image Portal), the camcorder will be available in stores across Asia by November for $1,720 (2,999 Singapore dollars). The unit allows video buffs to surf the Web and ...

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Nokia to Introduce a Mobile Wallet Application with the Nokia 6310


Nokia has today introduced a wallet application with the Nokia 6310 in conjunction with the Mobile Commerce World Europe 2001 Conference in London. The Nokia 6310 will be the first Nokia mobile phone to incorporate a wallet application feature that facilitates online payments. The development of the mobile wallet application offers access to a new variety of services on mobile ...

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FrogPad Introduces New Single-Handed Keyboard


FrogPad L.L.C. of Houston, Texas has announced availability of an ultra-portable keyboard and data entry method, the FrogPad mobile keypad. Designed to give users a practical way to enter data with portable communication tools such as cell phones, handheld PC’s and PDA’s, the FrogPadTM mobile keypad sets a new standard in mobile information access and entry. The FrogPad has been ...

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MP3 Server for Wireless 802.11b and Bluetooth Networks – Free Beta Online


Sensate Inc. today announced the launch of 2nR-Musiker for RealNetworks’ RealJukebox. 2nR-Musiker for RealJukebox allows consumers to download, upload, and stream MP3 music to wireless and wired network devices running Windows or PocketPC. 2nR-Musiker™ supports popular existing wired IP networks, and wireless networks that are based on the HomeRF, IrDA, Bluetooth, or 802.11b standards offered by Intel, Proxim Agere, Linksys, ...

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