Worlds First FireWire KeyChain Storage


WiebeTech LLC, announces FireWire Keychain, its keychain sized, high speed, portable FireWire (IEEE1394) storage device. This product is designed to provide a FireWire storage device that can be readily carried absolutely anywhere. FireWire Keychain was designed to provide nonvolatile storage to FireWire users,” said James Wiebe, president of WiebeTech. “Because ...

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Pub-Detecting Watch Set to Change the World


Scientists have finally found a worthwhile use for technology and placed a pub-detecting global positioning system inside a wristwatch. The watch provides the wearer with the location of the nearest four pubs and his/her distance from each one. The beer-loving boffins of Bristol University developing the HandPC have also included ...

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Lapvantage Notebook Desktop Stand


The Plasticsmith, Inc. has announced a product line designed to enhance the functionality and ergonomics of laptop computers. Lapvantage™ responds to the growing number of laptop users who prefer a choice in viewing modes. At the same time, Lapvantage™ can make notebook computers compliant with ergonomics guidelines at a fraction ...

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Asus Introduces the S1 Series Ultra-Portable Notebook PC


ASUSTeK Computer Inc., a world leading technology solution manufacturer, today released the latest in a series of innovative notebooks, the ASUS S1 Series. The ASUS S1 ultra-portable, 1-spindle notebook delivers balanced performance, portability, and style for today’s mobile professionals. The ASUS S1 embodies the spirit of technology innovation with a ...

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Sony Spotlights Entertainment with Two Clie Handheld Models


With a new color model featuring an ultra-slim design and double the internal memory of previous entertainment organizers, Sony Electronics today added more prestige to its standout handheld line with the CLIÉ PEG-T615C and PEG-S360 handhelds. Measuring a mere half-inch thin, the CLIÉ PEG-T615C handheld is now ranked as the ...

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First PDA Designed For One-Handed Use


INVAIR presents the future of the PDA at CeBIT 2002 The secret of the success of a PDA lies in the simplicity of its operation, the extent of its functionality, and also in its dimensions (small size and weight). All PDAs available on the market today use a stylus or ...

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Avistar Unveils Matchbook-Sized Camera For Desktop Videoconferencing


Avistar Communications Corporation, the leading provider of enterprise video communication solutions, today announced its new Avistar Personal Camera (the APC200) for use with Avistar’s desktop videoconferencing system. The APC200 is 75% smaller than conventional PC cameras, and attaches to any monitor – including the thin flat panels popular on financial ...

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Sprint and Sanyo Unveil 3G Phone for 2003


For the first time, Sprint, which operates the largest all-digital, all-PCS nationwide network and is the fastest-growing wireless carrier, and Sanyo Fisher Company (NYSE: SANYY) are giving a sneak peak at what futuristic Third-Generation (3G) Sprint PCS Phones hold for customers. A futuristic 3G Sprint PCS Phone by Sanyo featuring ...

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Nokia 6340 Handset to Enable Roaming Across TDMA, GSM Networks


Nokia announced the new Nokia 6340 (GSM 1900MHz/TDMA 800/1900MHz/AMPS) wireless phone, the world’s first GAIT (GSM ANSI Interoperability Team) compliant handset, allowing users to roam between GSM, TDMA and analog networks. Along with the multiple network compatibility afforded by the Nokia 6340 phone, other new features include a wallet that ...

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