iScan Mobile Barcode Scanner


The iScan barcode scanner attaches to an Ericsson cellular handset. Use it for mobile data acquisition and retrieval. The device communicates directly with the handset via the accessory menu. This facilitates the creation of a custom menu substructure within the handset. Specific application menus can now be created using the ...

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The Little Engine That Could Be


The development of a fuel-powered miniature engine, touted as a more efficient and longer lasting alternative for the battery, may push the Energizer Bunny to the unemployment lines. No bigger than a regular shirt button, the micro gas turbine engine uses the same process for producing electricity as its big ...

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RPR kit lets You Time-Shift Radio Programs


One of the features that helped put videocassette recorders in in every American home was its ability to do “time shifting.” With a VCR, you didn’t have to stay up late to watch David Letterman or be home at 7 p.m. every Sunday to see “60 Minutes.” You could set ...

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Sony Exhibits Prototype Wristwatch Video Camera


Sony Corp. exhibited a pilot version of a wristwatch video camera, “Two-way Wrist Communicator” at the Comdex Fall 2001 Exhibition. The exhibition was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kunitake Ando, president and COO of Sony, also introduced the wristwatch video camera in his keynote speech at Comdex on Nov. 12. ...

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Telepong Announces Handset for Generation Text


Swiss-based Telepong Inc announces the successful development of a prototype mobile terminal aimed at the tweens market. It is targeting early adapters who mainly use their phones for non-voice-applications such as text messaging and gaming. It is precisely these consumers who are likely to pioneer new services such as EMS, ...

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Sony unveils CLIE PEG-T600C series


If you liked the CLIE PEG-T400 series, get ready for this: The T600C has a 16-bit display, 16 MB RAM and Palm OS 4.1 – and there are new camera and GPS Memory Sticks too! As time goes by, Sony’s goal seems to get clearer every day; to make sure ...

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Nokia announces 6 new products and strong support for MMS


Nokia today introduced a Multimedia Messaging phone, a new active category phone, a new model for its classic category, as well as three new Bluetooth accessories at the Nokia hosted Mobile Internet Conference in Barcelona, Spain. Speaking at the press conference in Barcelona, Jorma Ollila, Chairman and CEO of Nokia, ...

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Third generation 2GB portable storage disk


Shenzhen Netac Technology Co. Ltd has introduced its third generation moveable storage disk, the Only Disk. The startup functional disk features anti-seismic construction and supports the direct startup of computer systems. The Only Disk enables a USB interface through a built-in virtual circuit on the Flash ROM. It adopts the ...

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Z1 Miniature Radio


Billed as the world’s smallest radio, the Z1 is a cracking piece of engineering and design. It may only be an AM radio, but it’s great for surreptitiously keeping abreast of sports results and news bulletins when stuck in dull meetings. Never miss the footie again – just because you’ve ...

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The To-Do List That Knows Where You Are


In the wired world of the 21st century, it seems impossible to forget anything. A cartoon pops up on your computer screen reminding you that it’s a friend’s birthday. An exclamation mark surfaces on your palmtop alerting you to a looming project deadline. Every once in a while your cellphone ...

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National Semiconductor Introduces Geode Origami Portable Mobile Communicator, Industry’s First Device to Combine Eight Consumer Electronics Products In One Flexible Unit


Innovative conceptual device integrates wireless video communication and phone, digital camera, video camcorder, MP3 audio, PDA, Internet access, email and Microsoft Windows Embedded XP OS in a unique folding design National Semiconductor Corporation, the leading silicon and systems provider for information appliances, today unveiled a new handheld conceptual device that ...

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M-Systems Unveils Mobile DiskOnChip, the World’s Smallest, Most Cost-Effective 16MB Flash Disk


M-Systems, a leader in flash data storage products, today unveiled the world’s smallest 16MB single-chip flash disk, Mobile DiskOnChip. Less than half the size of competing flash products and delivering 10 times the performance, Mobile DiskOnChip brings to the handset high-performance and cost-effective storage architecture. This revolutionary architecture enables mobile ...

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