The i705 Palm’s First Wireless Handheld


Executing on its commitment to deliver wireless solutions to mobile professionals and businesses, Palm, Inc. today launched the Palm(TM) i705 handheld. It is the only wireless solution in the marketplace that delivers all of the following benefits: — always-on(1) “push” email from up to eight email accounts; — secure, end-to-end, ...

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Motorola V101 Personal Communicator Now in Canada


Motorola Canada today launched the new V101 personal communicator, a 2-in-1 device available exclusively from Rogers™ AT&T® Wireless that combines voice and data communications through its phone and text messaging capabilities. The Motorola V101 is the first device in Canada that converges the ease of a QWERTY keyboard with the ...

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Plantronics M1500 Brings Bluetooth for existing Mobile Phones


Plantronics Inc., the world leader in communications headsets, has announced the new Plantronics M1500 Cordless Headset Solution with Bluetooth™ wireless technology at the Winter 2002 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first complete Bluetooth solution for existing cellular phones, the M1500 includes a cordless headset and an ...

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Scott eVEST Version 2.0


Announcing the SCOTT eVEST™ Version 2.0, Version 1.0 of the SCOTT eVEST™ achieved tremendous success in a very short period of time and has completely sold out…and just in time for the debut of Version 2.0. Version 1.0 of the SCOTT eVEST™ has been featured in the NY Times, Parade, ...

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A Step Closer to Digital Secretaries


Researchers at Accenture Technology Labs in Silicon Valley wanted to build a device that could collect everyday information. They came up with the Personal Awareness Assistant. The Assistant could become a new way of communicating and “in the very near future wearable computing may allow people to work together in ...

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The Vertu Collection – World’s Most Exclusive Instrument for Personal Communication


Vertu, a new company committed to unparalleled communication solutions, has pioneered an entirely new category in mobile communication with its signature first introduction: the world’s most exclusive personal communication instrument. More than a mobile telephone, it fuses the best in craftsmanship, precision engineering, proven technology, high performance and a unique ...

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Worlds First SWE-DISH Satellite System in a Suitcase


Richardson Electronics, a global provider of engineered solutions for RF and wireless communications and broadcast products, announced today the introduction of the SWE-DISH ® IPT Suitcase. The product will be available through Broadcast Richardson, a division of Richardson Electronics. Broadcast Richardson is an authorized distributor in the Western Hemisphere for ...

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Worlds First FireWire KeyChain Storage


WiebeTech LLC, announces FireWire Keychain, its keychain sized, high speed, portable FireWire (IEEE1394) storage device. This product is designed to provide a FireWire storage device that can be readily carried absolutely anywhere. FireWire Keychain was designed to provide nonvolatile storage to FireWire users,” said James Wiebe, president of WiebeTech. “Because ...

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Pub-Detecting Watch Set to Change the World


Scientists have finally found a worthwhile use for technology and placed a pub-detecting global positioning system inside a wristwatch. The watch provides the wearer with the location of the nearest four pubs and his/her distance from each one. The beer-loving boffins of Bristol University developing the HandPC have also included ...

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Lapvantage Notebook Desktop Stand


The Plasticsmith, Inc. has announced a product line designed to enhance the functionality and ergonomics of laptop computers. Lapvantage™ responds to the growing number of laptop users who prefer a choice in viewing modes. At the same time, Lapvantage™ can make notebook computers compliant with ergonomics guidelines at a fraction ...

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Asus Introduces the S1 Series Ultra-Portable Notebook PC


ASUSTeK Computer Inc., a world leading technology solution manufacturer, today released the latest in a series of innovative notebooks, the ASUS S1 Series. The ASUS S1 ultra-portable, 1-spindle notebook delivers balanced performance, portability, and style for today’s mobile professionals. The ASUS S1 embodies the spirit of technology innovation with a ...

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