MiTAC Launches World’s First Pentium 4 Notebook PC


MiTAC Technology Corporation has launched the world’s first portable PC based on the Intel’s most advanced x86 microprocessor, the Pentium 4. With its superb performance and feature set, the MiNote 8170 truly lives up to the name “desktop replacement,” with capabilities the equal of a high-end desktop system but in ...

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iRiver SlimX MP3 Player


iMP-350 (Slim X) is the newest CD MP3 player on the market. Technologically superior with many features, and a slim 16.7mm thickness, makes it easy to carry around. You will be surprised to learn how many functions it has. Slim X is available in North America, Europe, Australia and all ...

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Aiwa MM-RX400 MP3 with AM/FM Tuner


In an aggressive expansion of its MP3 player lineup, AIWA introduced a new product line that offers MP3 playback in portable, car audio and home products. The new products, to become available beginning this spring, include dedicated portable MP3 players plus car audio, portable CD and home audio products that ...

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Sony Playstation 2 – The Next Linux Box


Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced that it is set to release “Linux (for PlayStation 2)” Release 1.0, targeted toward the Linux development community in North America. Designed as a hobbyist development environment, users can not only run the wide variety of computer applications written for the Linux operating system, ...

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Fujitsu Siemens Unveils LOOX Pocket PC 2002 Device


As the mobile revolution gains momentum, Fujitsu Siemens Computers prepares to introduce its new high end PDA, the Pocket LOOX, a powerful enabler of mobility for business users. This marks the latest advance in Fujitsu Siemens Computers’ strategic drive to allow companies to exploit the mobile business opportunity to the ...

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Wireless RF Electronic Locater


If your home telephone’s “PAGER” button is its most used and valued feature — helping locate a misplaced cordless handset — you’ll wonder how you ever lived without Sharper Image Design’s new, universal locater system, “Now You Can Find It!” Attach one of the system’s four RF receiver beeper discs ...

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Zoopad Digital Audio Broadcasting Product


Zoopad Inc. has unveiled “Squish”, the first in a line of revolutionary new portable DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) products. This hand-held, battery operated unit is designed to have a unique appeal to consumers of all ages, with particular emphasis on teens. “Squish” delivers CD quality sound on the go plus ...

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TDK Systems’ Bluetooth Adaptor lets laptops loose


TDK Systems Europe has released a Bluetooth USB Adaptor device that gives laptop users cable-free access to emails and the Internet. The unit is also suitable for desktop PCs, bringing low cost wireless printing and Personal Area Networking (PAN), with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, to the home and small office environment. ...

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Orban Sountainer Portable MP3 Recorder


Sountainer is a professional-quality portable real time MP3 player/recorder designed and engineered by DIALOG4/ORBAN as the next step in industrial-strength, ultra-compact audio field recorders using solid-state media with no moving parts. Its dimensions make Sountainer the perfect recorder for broadcasters, journalists, sound recordists both professional and enthusiast, and also for ...

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Fujifilm FinePix S2 Pro D-SLR


Fujifilm today announced the FinePix S2 Pro digital camera, the widely anticipated successor to the acclaimed FinePix S1 Pro. The new digital SLR builds upon its predecessor’s reputation for outstanding picture colour and detail while giving professional photographers even greater control over the taking, editing, storing and transferring of high-resolution ...

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Kenwood Unveils Music Keg 10 Gig Car/Portable MP3 Player


Kenwood USA Corporation unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show, the Kenwood Excelon™ Music Keg™, a high capacity digital music storage and playback mobile audio system, that builds a bridge between desktop and vehicle music environments. The Music Keg comes with 10GB of storage capacity to record, organize, store and ...

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Pocket PDA with internal LAN card


Sei Yang Network Communication Co. Ltd has released a palm-sized PDA, the Vovid PDA. With a built-in wireless LAN card, the PDA supports voice communication. An external battery pack can be plugged into it to provide extended use without recharging. The Vovid PDA is bundled with Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, ...

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MPIO-DMK The AAA Sized MP3 Player


Digitalway Co.,Ltd, the company behind the popular MPIO digital audio products, showed at the CES2002 new portable digital audio players and other new products that underscore the trend of digital music hard ware. The company exhibited MPIO-DMK, one of the smallest MP3 player yet to be introduced to the market. ...

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