Clipp: The first Portable CD-R and MP3 Player


Clipp is the new and completely innovative CD-Recorder and MP3 player of Waitec, which establishes a new benchmark in portable products. Its slim-line and amazing dimensions (122 x 97 x 23) make Clipp a product unique in its market. Clipp is capable of both data storage and MP3 audio playback. ...

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Panasonic announces a TV that listens


Panasonic is to launch an HDTV (high definition TV) complete with voice-recognition. The 36in Panasonic TH-36DH200 has a microphone built-in to the remote control, that allows the user to control the channel, recording and playback of the built-in video recorder, find program information and more. So instead of 71, there ...

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GPS Child Locator To Include Online Aerial Photos


Parents concerned over the whereabouts of children can now get a bird’s-eye view of their exact location, according to GlobeXplorer, a provider of aerial imagery. The images are included with the wristwatch-like GPS Personal Locator for Children developed by Wherify Wireless. Parents, can use the Internet or any phone to ...

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New Motion Mass Storage-Combo2.5″ Enclosure


Holding 2.5″ Combo(FireWire/USB) Mass Storage is the best way of expanding your storage capacity. It boasts a brilliant solution of data transferring and is expedient through USB or FireWire to your computer. Just add your ATA devices into this enclosure , and connect your USB or FireWire cable . You ...

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Sony Unveils IT TV, with Wireless LAN Connection


Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. announced Dec. 12 it would sell a next version of Airboard IDT-LF1, the “IDT-LF2.” The Airboard is a touch-panel type liquid crystal TV that is detachable from the tuner, and it can be connected to the Internet. The tuner part of the Airboard called the base ...

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Olympus Introduces 3D Scantop


Olympus announced today at Internet World 3D ScanTop, an easy-to-use 3D animation system for e-business. Leveraging the recent advances in high-resolution digital cameras and powerful personal computers, 3D ScanTop allows the user to create realistic and accurate 3D animations at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for extensive ...

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Motorola Releases 2nd Generation Rugged TETRA Radio- MTM700


Public safety officers across Europe are set to benefit from Motorola’s second generation TETRA (TErrestrial TRrunked Radio) radio. Following extensive global research into the requirements of front-line users in mission-critical and communication-vital environments, Motorola has developed the MTP and MTM700. The rugged style portable MTP700 and its mobile counterpart, the ...

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