Fujitsu Introduces the New iPad


Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. announced the new Fujitsu iPAD(tm), a powerful, compact, Microsoft Windows CE .NET-based mobile device that funnels multiple technologies into a single solution, placing power in the hands of retailers everywhere. Available mid- 2002, Fujitsu’s iPAD can be seen in Booth No. 503/517 at the National Retail ...

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SONICblue Launches The Rio Riot


New PC and Mac-Ready Rio Riot™ Player Holds 5,000 Songs In an Easy-to-Use, Highly Portable Design Expanding its digital audio leadership into new market categories, SONICblue™ today unveiled its first hard drive-based portable music player – the Rio Riot™. Designed to store an entire music collection, the Rio Riot is ...

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Crimestopper CS2015FM Informer


The CS2015FM Informer by Crimestopper is one of those “Why didn’t they think of this before”: The Informer is a security device on display at CES that can remotely start your car from distances up to half a mile away. The five-button remote utilizes a two-way FM pager signal to ...

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Apple Unveils the New iMac


Apple® has unveiled the all-new iMac®, redesigned from the ground up around a stunning 15-inch LCD flat screen that floats in mid-air—allowing users to effortlessly adjust its height or angle with just a touch. The new iMac also features a powerful 700 MHz or 800 MHz PowerPC G4 processor and ...

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Olympus Announces New Ergonomic Digital Voice Recorders


Olympus America Inc., Consumer Products Group, the #1 manufacturer of digital voice recorders, announced today at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Macworld, the VN-900 and VN-1800 digital voice recorders. Based on the best-selling VN-90 and VN-180, these recorders are the next generation of digital voice recorders from Olympus. The recorders ...

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FM Transmitter Lets you Beam MP3s to Home Stereos


You no longer have to wear headphones to enjoy your music, and you don’t have to sit in front of your computer to hear streaming audio. The FM Transmitter is C. Crane’s newest Wireless Audio Transfer Device (WATD) or “waddie”. It’s not just for MP3s and computers, the C. Crane ...

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Telepong Announces Handset for Generation Text


Swiss-based Telepong Inc announces the successful development of a prototype mobile terminal aimed at the tweens market. It is targeting early adapters who mainly use their phones for non-voice-applications such as text messaging and gaming. It is precisely these consumers who are likely to pioneer new services such as EMS, ...

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Europe’s First i-mode Pone


The KPN Mobile group will commence the first practical i-mode tests with a small group of users on 20 December 2001. This follows the technical co-ordination of the high-speed GPRS network and the new i-mode handsets. i-mode is the success formula for web based mobile data services developed by NTT ...

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QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies-Enabled 3G CDMA2000 1X Handsets Shipping to North American Operators


QUALCOMM Incorporated, pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, today announced that CDMA operators in North America have begun receiving volume shipments of a range of third-generation (3G) CDMA2000 1X products, based on the QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies (QCT) MSM5105™ Mobile Station Modem (MSM™) chipset, ...

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1GB KeyChain USB Drive


Save all your large files on the USBDrive such as PowerPoint™ presentations, websites, music and video files. About the size of a car key, the USBDrive connects to your USB port and allows you to transfer your files up to 1 GB. There is no simpler or more convenient method ...

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New Software can Name that Tune in 3 Seconds


Dutch electronics company has developed software that will automatically identify song titles by sampling the music via a telephone. Royal Philips Electronics NV says it will soon start selling licenses for its so-called “Audio Fingerprinting.” The technology allows you to retrieve, within seconds, not only a track’s title but also ...

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Transmeta Avenue Music System


For audio enthusiasts who work with on a computer, nothing could be worse than a system that generates so much noise it competes with the work you are trying to do. To solve this problem, two companies have joined forces and recently announced a system comprising of a Crusoe-based notebook, ...

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