Panasonic KX-TG2720 2.4GHz GigaRange Expandable Telephone


For the convenience associated with a multi-handset telephone without the complicated wiring required by standard small telephone systems, Panasonic offers the new KX-TG2700, KX-TG2720, KX-TG2730 and KX-TG2740. These new Multi-Talk 2.4GHz GigaRange Expandable telephone systems are loaded with features and, unlike many current expandable systems, MultiTalk offers users four different ...

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Intel Introduces 400 Mhz XScale Microprocessor for Mobile Devices


Intel Corporation today introduced a new family of microprocessors specifically designed to bring high performance and long battery life to wireless communications devices. The new processors are based on the Intel® XScale™ technology and will power multimedia cell phones, handheld computers, in-vehicle (telematics) systems and other wireless Internet products. The ...

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BlueSpoon – Smallest Bluetooth Headset in the World


The Bluetooth™ headset is designed to fit any right ear. The light and durable material has been designed for military standards and allows the user to wear the headset for very long periods of time. Still in development, the BT headset, named BlueSpoon, is exceptionally small and doesn’t make use ...

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Fujifilm Announces Three New Super CCD FinePix Models


Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. continues its FinePix reputation for delivering exceptional image quality and performance with its new Super CCD models, the FinePix F601 Zoom, FinePix S602 Zoom and FinePix S2 Pro. Offering a wider choice of advanced features and a new generation of Super CCD image sensors, Fujifilm’s ...

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Futuristic Portability From IBM


IBM Research has invented a prototype 9-ounce portable computing device that could pave the way for a new set of functionality in the handheld space. Codenamed “Meta Pad”, the device is about the size of a ¾ inch thick stack of 3-by-5 index cards, and is part of IBM’s research ...

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Sony SRX7 Ultimate Sub 3 Pound Wireless Bluetooth Notebook


Sony’s SRX7 is the most technically sophisticated ultralight notebook to date. Sony has pulled out all the stops to design a lightning quick platform with every integrated feature and impressive ease-of-use. The 2.78 pound Sony SRX7 features integrated Bluetooth wireless communications. This is an ideal wireless protocol for sharing information ...

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ZigBee to Introduce Low-cost, Low-power Wireless


A standard for low-voltage, low-power chips for wireless devices will push the concept of ubiquitous computing from theory to reality in homes, offices, and even cars, an executive from Koninklijke Philips Electronics said here Monday. One of the emerging standards in the move toward a wireless world is an approach ...

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Amstrad E-M@iler Plus State-of-The-Art Digital Telephone


Amstrad plc launches today its second generation e-m@iler phone, the ‘e-mailerplus’, a £99.99 unit that allows users to access the internet in addition to incorporating a number of other new and existing key features. As well as e-mail, SMS and the other functions included in the first generation phone, the ...

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Ultra-Compact Cassius All-In-One Entertainment


Catching the TV or radio news, relaxing with a DVD, or using a PC to check e-mails, work, even access navigation software, can all be simply and easily achieved with the new, space saving Cassius Intertainment Centre, a must have for any yacht or cabin cruiser. Cassius is the world’s ...

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In Tokyo, Street Fashion Goes High-Tech


A Pioneer Corp employee shows the latest in Japanese streetwear–a hybrid of fashion and technology that has its roots in ‘wearable PCs.’ With the white jacket under development, Japanese electronics maker Pioneer Corp aims to showcase more functions to the heat-proof, fabric-like display embedded on the sleeve. Twenty-five-year-old Mari Taniuchi ...

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IBM to Unveil Index Card-Size Computer Prototype


International Business Machines Corp.’s research division says it has developed a prototype of a portable computer module that is the size of a small pad of paper and has the computing power of a typical notebook or desktop computer. The portable computing device, which IBM Research will unveil on Feb. ...

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ViewSonic Announces the AirPanel 150 Wireless Monitor


ViewSonic Corporation, a worldwide Visual Technologies leader, displayed the first Mira-enabled wireless monitor that will enable users to experience always-on, anytime mobile connectivity to a PC from anywhere in the home, at the recent 2002 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) A prototype of the ViewSonic airpanel 150 — a 15-inch, wireless ...

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