Europe’s First i-mode Pone


The KPN Mobile group will commence the first practical i-mode tests with a small group of users on 20 December 2001. This follows the technical co-ordination of the high-speed GPRS network and the new i-mode handsets. i-mode is the success formula for web based mobile data services developed by NTT ...

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QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies-Enabled 3G CDMA2000 1X Handsets Shipping to North American Operators


QUALCOMM Incorporated, pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, today announced that CDMA operators in North America have begun receiving volume shipments of a range of third-generation (3G) CDMA2000 1X products, based on the QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies (QCT) MSM5105™ Mobile Station Modem (MSM™) chipset, ...

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1GB KeyChain USB Drive


Save all your large files on the USBDrive such as PowerPoint™ presentations, websites, music and video files. About the size of a car key, the USBDrive connects to your USB port and allows you to transfer your files up to 1 GB. There is no simpler or more convenient method ...

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New Software can Name that Tune in 3 Seconds


Dutch electronics company has developed software that will automatically identify song titles by sampling the music via a telephone. Royal Philips Electronics NV says it will soon start selling licenses for its so-called “Audio Fingerprinting.” The technology allows you to retrieve, within seconds, not only a track’s title but also ...

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Transmeta Avenue Music System


For audio enthusiasts who work with on a computer, nothing could be worse than a system that generates so much noise it competes with the work you are trying to do. To solve this problem, two companies have joined forces and recently announced a system comprising of a Crusoe-based notebook, ...

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Clipp: The first Portable CD-R and MP3 Player


Clipp is the new and completely innovative CD-Recorder and MP3 player of Waitec, which establishes a new benchmark in portable products. Its slim-line and amazing dimensions (122 x 97 x 23) make Clipp a product unique in its market. Clipp is capable of both data storage and MP3 audio playback. ...

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Panasonic announces a TV that listens


Panasonic is to launch an HDTV (high definition TV) complete with voice-recognition. The 36in Panasonic TH-36DH200 has a microphone built-in to the remote control, that allows the user to control the channel, recording and playback of the built-in video recorder, find program information and more. So instead of 71, there ...

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GPS Child Locator To Include Online Aerial Photos


Parents concerned over the whereabouts of children can now get a bird’s-eye view of their exact location, according to GlobeXplorer, a provider of aerial imagery. The images are included with the wristwatch-like GPS Personal Locator for Children developed by Wherify Wireless. Parents, can use the Internet or any phone to ...

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