Cybernet Zero-Footprint PC


Cybernet Manufacturing, Inc has announced the release of its newest product, the Zero-Footprint-PC model Elite-II. This revolutionary product contains a complete PENTIUM-III class PC in a standard size keyboard casing and offers all the functionality of a standard desktop system box without sacrificing desktop space. The Elite-II standard features include: Two Serial Ports, One Parallel Port, PS/2 Port, Four USB ...

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Segway, The World’s First Dynamic Self-Balancing Human Transporter


Segway LLC, the business founded by inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen to transform the way people work and live, today announced the much-anticipated debut of the SegwayTM Human Transporter (HT), the first self-balancing, electric-powered transportation machine. With dimensions no larger than the average adult body and the ability to emulate human balance, the Segway HT uses the same space as ...

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Toshiba to Launch Low-Priced Digital Camera with 2M Pixel CCD, 3x Optical Zoom


Toshiba Corp. will market in early December a new digital camera, the “Allegretto M25,” which has a 3x optical zoom and a charge-coupled device of 2.16 million pixels. Allegretto M25 comes with video cable, USB cable for PC connection, 8MB SmartMedia and image processing software. It is open-priced, but the expected market price is 29,800 yen. (123.46 yen = US$1) ...

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New Linux Yopy to hit stores soon!


G.Mate’s Yopy, originally to be sold under the Samsung brand, has been around for a good while without making it to store shelves. The latest evidence is that its launch date has slipped yet again, but the device has at least made it into the form of a prototype, which G.Mate is showing off at Comdex Fall 2001. The device ...

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Senseboard Virtual Keyboard


Senseboard Virtual Keyboard (VK) is an exciting new product, designed for the millions of mobile computer users, struggling with their tiny or nonexistent keyboards when trying to communicate or type. Senseboard VK is perfect for businessmen typing e-mails and other documents away from the office. The technology is completely silent allowing e.g. journalists typing articles during a press conference or ...

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Electric Fuel Announces INSTANT POWER Batteries for Digital Cameras


Electric Fuel Corporation announced today that it has introduced a line of long-lasting, ready-to-use batteries for popular models of digital cameras under its INSTANT POWER™ brand name. The new batteries will last up to 12 hours and allow users to take up to 4,000 digital photos without changing or recharging the power source, providing capacity that is three to five ...

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Microsoft Rolls Out ‘Embedded’ Windows for Devices


Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday unveiled a version of its Windows XP operating system that will extend the software giant’s flagship product to cash registers, ATMs and other such devices. Windows XP Embedded, the successor to Windows NT 4.0 Embedded, is a version of the operating system that has been ”componentized”, or broken into thousands of pieces that hardware makers can ...

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The First Ready-for-Delivery 16-Million-Pixel Back


Sinar expands the successful line of Sinarback digital backs with the new flagship Sinarback 44. With a resolution of 16 million pixels and thanks to active sensor cooling, patented double piezo plate for 1-, 4- and 16-shot exposures and Hardware Anti-Moiré, the Sinarback 44 pro-duces the best possible image data. In combination with the professional Sinar view format cameras and ...

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Minolta Develops Small Zoom Lens Unit for Mobile Phones, PDAs


Minolta Co., Ltd. developed the Micro Zoom Camera (MZC), a new small zoom lens unit that can be used for mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). The company has realized an optical zooming system with a maximum magnification of 3x. Two out of the three lens blocks are driven by a microactuator using a piezoid, which is called Smooth ...

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Sony Announces GPS Module in Japan


Almost lost in yesterday’s hubbub over the T600C was Sony’s announcement of a GPS Memory Stick module. In order to save space it has a folding antenna. It will work with the new T series and the N series, not the S series. The PEGA-MSG1 will be available in Japan on December 8 for 20,000 Yen, or $165. According to ...

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New Cybiko Extreme Wireless Handheld Computer Platform


Cybiko, Inc., a leading developer of handheld electronic devices for the youth market with funding from AOL Time Warner, is launching a second platform to its popular wireless handheld computer offerings. Cybiko XtremeTM, the company’s second generation wireless handheld computer for teens, features a faster processor enabling real-time multi-player wireless game playing, an upgraded operating system with entertainment software and ...

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The World’s 2nd Smallest Pocket-Size Radio-Controlled Micro Car


Introducing the world’s 2nd smallest pocket-size radio-controlled micro car from Japan – Bit Char-G (pronounced as ‘bit charge’). Adaptation of mobile phone ‘vibrator’ technology into the development of this cutting-edge ultra-miniaturized motor allows the Bit Char-G to have an overall length of only 60 mm (2.25”); so small that you can maneuver it on your desk around coffee mugs, keyboard ...

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Copytalk named “Best of the Best” at DEMOmobile


Copytalk announced today that its CEO, Norman Worthington, and VP, Marketing, Robert Lincoln, were named “DEMO Gods” at the close of the prestigious DEMOmobile 2001 conference last Friday. The two launched the company and its new services, also called Copytalk, at a live session on Thursday. During the demonstration, the two showed how Copytalk turns simple phone calls into emails ...

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iScan Mobile Barcode Scanner


The iScan barcode scanner attaches to an Ericsson cellular handset. Use it for mobile data acquisition and retrieval. The device communicates directly with the handset via the accessory menu. This facilitates the creation of a custom menu substructure within the handset. Specific application menus can now be created using the iScan Application Designer. The iScan barcode scanner is powered by ...

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The Little Engine That Could Be


The development of a fuel-powered miniature engine, touted as a more efficient and longer lasting alternative for the battery, may push the Energizer Bunny to the unemployment lines. No bigger than a regular shirt button, the micro gas turbine engine uses the same process for producing electricity as its big brother electricity stations — burning fuel and running it through ...

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