Clipp: The first Portable CD-R and MP3 Player


Clipp is the new and completely innovative CD-Recorder and MP3 player of Waitec, which establishes a new benchmark in portable products. Its slim-line and amazing dimensions (122 x 97 x 23) make Clipp a product unique in its market. Clipp is capable of both data storage and MP3 audio playback. Its 8cm CD-R media allows Clipp compatible with the standard ...

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Polaroid Introduces Small Instant Camera for Style-Conscious Consumers


Polaroid Corporation will give style-conscious electronics lovers a new reason to embrace instant photography with the new Polaroid mio — a sleek, five-inch camera that takes instant wallet-sized snapshots. “Consumers love instant pictures, but want smaller, lighter instant cameras,” said Terry Carlson, Polaroid vice president and general manager of North America. “Now Polaroid provides a stylish camera for adults that ...

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Panasonic announces a TV that listens


Panasonic is to launch an HDTV (high definition TV) complete with voice-recognition. The 36in Panasonic TH-36DH200 has a microphone built-in to the remote control, that allows the user to control the channel, recording and playback of the built-in video recorder, find program information and more. So instead of 71, there are only 14 buttons to deal with. The digital video ...

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GPS Child Locator To Include Online Aerial Photos


Parents concerned over the whereabouts of children can now get a bird’s-eye view of their exact location, according to GlobeXplorer, a provider of aerial imagery. The images are included with the wristwatch-like GPS Personal Locator for Children developed by Wherify Wireless. Parents, can use the Internet or any phone to quickly identify their children’s whereabouts within several feet of their ...

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COM DEV’s M/ERGY™ Used by SK Telecom to Launch World’s First 3G High Speed Wireless Internet Service


COM DEV International Ltd. today confirmed that its M/ERGY™ wireless infrastructure has been deployed by SK Telecom in the 3G high speed wireless data field service demonstration which it has commenced in Seoul Korea. SK Telecom announced in a press release dated 16 November, that, having completed performance tests of equipment delivered by Contela (COM DEV’s M/ERGY), Samsung and LG, ...

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New Motion Mass Storage-Combo2.5″ Enclosure


Holding 2.5″ Combo(FireWire/USB) Mass Storage is the best way of expanding your storage capacity. It boasts a brilliant solution of data transferring and is expedient through USB or FireWire to your computer. Just add your ATA devices into this enclosure , and connect your USB or FireWire cable . You are all set. Features: Fully compatible with USB 1.1 and ...

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Sony Unveils IT TV, with Wireless LAN Connection


Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. announced Dec. 12 it would sell a next version of Airboard IDT-LF1, the “IDT-LF2.” The Airboard is a touch-panel type liquid crystal TV that is detachable from the tuner, and it can be connected to the Internet. The tuner part of the Airboard called the base station is linked to the LCD screen by a wireless ...

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Olympus Introduces 3D Scantop


Olympus announced today at Internet World 3D ScanTop, an easy-to-use 3D animation system for e-business. Leveraging the recent advances in high-resolution digital cameras and powerful personal computers, 3D ScanTop allows the user to create realistic and accurate 3D animations at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for extensive modeling or costly laser techniques. 3D Scantop speeds up the ...

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New Harmony™ Universal Remote Links Home Entertainment to the Internet


The convergence of home entertainment and the Internet is closer to reality than ever with the November 2001 launch of the Harmony Internet Powered Universal Remote™ from Easy Zapper Inc. With the ability to control all home entertainment devices, the power of Harmony comes from its connectivity to the World Wide Web. Developed in Canada, and with initial exclusive distribution ...

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Motorola Releases 2nd Generation Rugged TETRA Radio- MTM700


Public safety officers across Europe are set to benefit from Motorola’s second generation TETRA (TErrestrial TRrunked Radio) radio. Following extensive global research into the requirements of front-line users in mission-critical and communication-vital environments, Motorola has developed the MTP and MTM700. The rugged style portable MTP700 and its mobile counterpart, the MTM700 offer the following benefits: Size and weight – the ...

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Motorola Introduces The New Small, Stylish And Powerful i90c


Motorola, Inc. unveiled the i90c and i80s mobile phones, two sleek new designs that allow users to customize their handsets with downloadable applications. Users can choose from two new designs – the Motorola i90c model is a compact flip phone, while the Motorola i80s handset has a thin, sculpted style. Both handsets pack a rich set of features including the ...

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Option Approved for Compaq iPAQ Tri-Band GPRS Wireless Pack


Option, the leading innovator in wireless communications, announces that it has completed the formal type approval and certification process for the tri-band iPAQ Pocket PC Wireless Pack for GSM/GPRS Networks that it has developed with Compaq. The type approval enables Compaq to market and sell the product for use on nearly all GSM/GPRS Networks worldwide. Certification includes PTCRB, UL, FCC, ...

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Digital Music Jukebox from E.Digital Holds Over 3000 Songs


Music lovers everywhere have a new option for easily taking their entire music collection with them everywhere they go with the introduction of e.Digital Corporation’s (OTC: EDIG),TreóTM 10, a lightweight, pocket-sized digital music jukebox with the capacity to store approximately 200 CDs worth of music. The Treó 10, one of the smallest digital jukeboxes available, offers superior sound quality and ...

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Scientists Build Tiny Computer of DNA


Israeli scientists have followed Mother Nature’s lead and built a DNA computer so tiny it can perform a billion operations per second. Some scientists think the miniaturization of computers is reaching its limit. They’re turning to DNA molecules which store and process encoded data in living organisms for faster processing. The DNA computer is so small that a trillion of ...

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Sharp Introduces the Zaurus SL-5500 Personal Mobile Tool


Sharp Electronics Corp., a leading distributor of consumer electronics, today redefined the concept of the PDA with the introduction of the Zaurus SL-5500 Personal Mobile Tool, an innovative, handheld communications and multimedia solution for professional consumers and corporate users. The Zaurus SL-5500 features Sharp’s high resolution color reflective LCD screen technology, a cleverly designed integrated QWERTY keyboard with a sliding ...

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