Evolution Technologies and MTV® Unveil the MTV DataPlay™ Enabled Music Player CES


Evolution Technologies, MTV® and DataPlay™ announce the world’s first DataPlay-enabled digital audio player that utilizes the new innovative DataPlay technology. The DataPlay-enabled device, considered to be the next generation of portable devices, operates as a music player, a recorder, an external storage drive and an optical media burner. The device is much smaller than CD players and many solid-state digital ...

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Sprint and Sanyo Unveil 3G Phone for 2003


For the first time, Sprint, which operates the largest all-digital, all-PCS nationwide network and is the fastest-growing wireless carrier, and Sanyo Fisher Company (NYSE: SANYY) are giving a sneak peak at what futuristic Third-Generation (3G) Sprint PCS Phones hold for customers. A futuristic 3G Sprint PCS Phone by Sanyo featuring a 2.5-inch OLED display will be showcased this week at ...

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Sony to Sell VAIO Desktop with LCD, TV Tuner, Stowaway Keyboard in Spring 2002


Sony Corp. said it will add its latest all-in-one “VAIO W” desktop with an LCD in the spring of 2002 to its VAIO series, which also can be used as a television. It has the built-in LCD and keyboard. The keyboard is linked with the lower part of the display. It can be folded for easy storage and to save ...

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Nokia 6340 Handset to Enable Roaming Across TDMA, GSM Networks


Nokia announced the new Nokia 6340 (GSM 1900MHz/TDMA 800/1900MHz/AMPS) wireless phone, the world’s first GAIT (GSM ANSI Interoperability Team) compliant handset, allowing users to roam between GSM, TDMA and analog networks. Along with the multiple network compatibility afforded by the Nokia 6340 phone, other new features include a wallet that enables quick wireless transactions. Shipments are expected to begin during ...

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Motient Announces Availability of the MobileModem for Palm V Series PDAs


Motient Corporation, the owner and operator of America’s largest two-way wireless data network, today announced the commercial availability of the MobileModem by MotientTM. The award-winning MobileModem liberates the estimated six million devoted Palm™ V/Vx series and IBM® WorkPad® c3 PC Companion users with the availability of always-on wireless email access directly to their handheld. The MobileModem is a compact device ...

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RipDrive 20GB Portable Recording Studio


20GB MP3/WMA Player (holds over 500 CDs) and MP3 RECORDER. Record from external microphone or from any audio source though Line In for capturing audio tracks. RipDrive is also a portable hard drive. When attached to a PC using USB, RipDrive appears as a new hard drive letter for easy drag and drop of MP3, WMA (for audio playback) and ...

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Garmin Charges into the Two-Way Radio Market with ‘Rino’ GPS Devices


Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd., today introduced its first two GPS-enabled handheld devices for the Family Radio Service (FRS) and high-performance General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) markets — the Rino 110 and Rino 120. These GPS devices integrate radio functionality to provide two-way voice communications up to two miles using FRS channels and up to five miles ...

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Luce LCD TV Folds Away for Storage


Sometimes a product’s design far outweighs its function. Just take a stroll through a Bang & Olufsen showroom and you’ll see audio products that dazzle the eye more than the ear. This is not to say that B&O products aren’t excellent, but it takes something extra to make the most of both form and function. At CES 2002 home entertainment ...

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Royal Unveils $299 Linux/Microwindows Based PDA at CES


Royal Consumer Information Products unveiled a new Linux-powered PDA Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. Royal’s new “Lin@x” PDA sports a full-color graphic LCD display and is based on a 206MHz Intel StrongARM processor with 16MB of Flash ROM and 32MB of system RAM. This latest Linux-based PDA is expected to hit store shelves by ...

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First Look: Sony’s DCR-1P5 and DCR-1P7BT Camcorders


Sony has two MicroMV-based camcorders coming out this month. The first, the DCR-1P5, retails for $1,299 and weighs in at only 12 ounces. The tiny size — it’s only slightly larger than a deck of cards — means it’s much more portable than any previous video camera. It includes a 10x optical zoom, Carl Zeiss lens, image stabilization, and a ...

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Samsung SCH-V200 Mobile Phone that Doubles as a Camera


Samsung’s SCH-V200 mobile phone/digital camera unit was shown at CES Las Vegas today. It represents the convergence of mobile phone, digital camera and sophisticated display technology. Samsung has developed a flip-top mobile handset that is equipped with a 1.5-inch TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor-Liquid Crystal Display) with digital camera functions. Features Standard accessories of the SCH-V200 include a CD-ROM for picture ...

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Motorola Introduces Its First CDMA 1X Phone For The Americas


Motorola today introduced its first Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) 1X mobile phone for the Americas, marking the company’s fourth 1X product offering globally. Leveraging the existing and successful design of the Motorola V120c that was released in mid-2001, Motorola has equipped its 120x mobile phone with the latest in high-tech features. The device is capable of supporting high-speed packet ...

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Fujitsu Introduces the New iPad


Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. announced the new Fujitsu iPAD(tm), a powerful, compact, Microsoft Windows CE .NET-based mobile device that funnels multiple technologies into a single solution, placing power in the hands of retailers everywhere. Available mid- 2002, Fujitsu’s iPAD can be seen in Booth No. 503/517 at the National Retail Federation’s 91st Annual Convention & Expo, Jan. 13-16, 2001, in ...

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SONICblue Launches The Rio Riot


New PC and Mac-Ready Rio Riot™ Player Holds 5,000 Songs In an Easy-to-Use, Highly Portable Design Expanding its digital audio leadership into new market categories, SONICblue™ today unveiled its first hard drive-based portable music player – the Rio Riot™. Designed to store an entire music collection, the Rio Riot is built around a 20GB hard-drive that holds more than 5,000 ...

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Crimestopper CS2015FM Informer


The CS2015FM Informer by Crimestopper is one of those “Why didn’t they think of this before”: The Informer is a security device on display at CES that can remotely start your car from distances up to half a mile away. The five-button remote utilizes a two-way FM pager signal to achieve that distance. A car icon moves across the dot-matrix ...

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