Acer Launches the Acer s10 HandHeld for the English Market


Acer has launched its slim and sophisticated Acer s10 handheld to the English market, sporting handy features such as audio recording, MP3 playback, and dual expandability through a Memory Stick expansion slot and Acer’s Versatile Connector, all powered by the super-supportive Palm OSa. With the Acer s10 handheld, your life ...

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Hitachi Introduces PIN Secure MultiMediaCard™, the Industry’s First Flash Card with a User Authentication Capability


Hitachi Semiconductor (America) today announced the PIN Secure MultiMediaCard *1 (PIN SecureMMC™), the industry’s first flash card with a user authentication function. The secure memory card provides a new level of security for protecting personal and corporation data on mobile handheld devices without hardware changes. The Hitachi PIN SecureMMC, available ...

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Vibrating Phones Can Add Emphasis to Calls


Vibrating rubber cellphones could be the next big thing in mobile communications, allowing people to communicate by squishing the phone to transmit vibrations along with their spoken words. According to a research team at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the idea will make phoning more fun. Many mobile ...

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DieCorp Announces Musit, Handheld Pen-Based Audio Player


DieCorp (TM) Ltd, an international company announces the Musit(TM), a portable handheld music device targeted at music consumers who use distributed filesharing networks like Napster, Gnutella and Freenet. The Musit (TM) will revolutionize the way music lovers acquire and store their favorite songs by eliminating the need for a computer, ...

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Forget Laptops, the Folding Screen Lands in Korea


A new paperback-sized computer screen that folds like a book will be ideal for Internet users reading online novels, its South Korean inventor said on Tuesday. The 6.7 inch by 5 inch flat LCD screen folds along a central hinge and is much clearer than existing devices, display maker Samsung ...

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Intel Shows Legend PC Equipped with 3GHz Pentium 4


Intel Corp. demonstrated a personal computer equipped with a Pentium 4 microprocessor running at 3GHz on April 17 at the Intel Developer Forum 2002 Spring Japan held in Chiba. William Siu, vice president and general manager of Intel’s desktop platform group, made the demonstration in his keynote lecture. The current ...

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Speak Freely with Jabra’s New Headset


Jabra’s new FreeSpeak Bluetooth headset is one of the smallest and most elegant to be announced to date – and fortunately, it comes with a price that matches the size. 2002 is truly becoming the year that Bluetooth finally arrived, with products of all kinds suddenly appearing making use of ...

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Review: Kyocera Thinkoutside


When the QCP-6035 became available I was the very first one in line to get my hands on the Palm/Phone combo. Love that phone as I do though, Graffiti has just never been a workable solution for any decent amount of data input. So I suffered for a bit and ...

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OQO Announces First Ultra-Personal Computer


Today at the Microsoft Corp. Windows Hardware Engineering Conference 2002 (WinHEC 2002) announced the world’s first ultra-personal computer, representing a new PC category that could transform personal computing the same way the cell phone has revolutionized telecommunications. OQO’s first product is a highly functional and versatile handheld wireless computer that ...

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Intel Introduces World’s Highest Performance Flash Memory


Intel Corporation today introduced the world’s highest performance flash memory for cell phones and detailed innovative flash memory packaging techniques. The Intel® 1.8 Volt Wireless Flash memory is built on Intel’s industry-leading 0.13 micron process technology and is up to four times faster than existing flash solutions. This increased performance ...

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DoCoMo Unveils The new F2611 Mobile Office Hub


NTT DoCoMo, Inc. announced today that the company will begin marketing the new F2611 terminal equipped with hub and router functions on April 22, 2002. The terminal, designed for SOHOs and temporary offices, can be used to local area network (LAN) and connect PCs for wireless web access. – The ...

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AT&T Wireless Introduces mMode Service


AT&T Wireless today formally introduced its new mobile consumer service, mMode, giving people wireless access to information and entertainment. The new offer is available in more than a dozen U.S. with more to be added, the company said. “We have created mMode to show consumers they can do a lot ...

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