Realnetworks Introduces Realsystem Mobile


RealNetworks®, Inc. the global leader in Internet media delivery, today announced RealSystem® Mobile, a breakthrough platform for creation, delivery, and playback of RealAudio®/RealVideo® and Third Generation Partnership Program (3GPP) standards-compliant multimedia content in the mobile environment. By working with RealSystem Mobile and RealNetworks, mobile operators can now rapidly deploy media delivery and content subscription services. Built on the 8th generation ...

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BlueKite to Speed Web Browsing on Compaq Wireless Devices


BlueKite, a leading mobile internet software provider, today announced that it has been selected by Compaq to facilitate high speed mobile Web browsing on Compaq wireless devices, such as the iPAQ Pocket PC. As an initial part of the agreement, Compaq customers can now sign up for a free trial of the BlueKite. Using a combination of wireless caching and ...

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Sharp to Launch Portable Video Player


Sharp Corp. is expected to launch on Feb. 23 the “MT-VA1,” a portable AV player designed to record and reproduce video and music data. The player has been developed in the hopes that it would spur viewing of dramas and movies as well as music clips during time spent commuting to work and school, lunch breaks, and time spent waiting ...

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Sony W101 Slimtop Portable Desktop System


Sony’s W101 is the most innovative slimtop since the NEC Simplem first hit the market in 1999. The W101 debuted in Tokyo on February 9th, 2002 and sold out the same day. The W101 owes much of its overwhelming popularity to its clean, forward, attractive design. Despite its thin profile, the entire computer is integrated into the display. A fold-up ...

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Toshiba to Offer Enhanced PDA with New Intel Processor and Wireless Connectivity


Empowering the mobile customer with a powerful and lightweight productivity device with integrated wireless connectivity, the Computer Systems Group (CSG) of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. (TAIS) today announced its plans to introduce a robust, Pocket PC PDA powered by the Intel® PXA250 Applications Processor. The new handheld device will be available in Q’2, 2002. Featuring the new processor based ...

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Matsushita’s New Network Camera Comes with Domain Name


Kyushu Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd. launched a monitoring service employing a network camera with a domain name. With this system, users can view images on their browser via the Internet. The company also introduced the network camera, “KX-HCM2,” dedicated for this service, onto the market. Called the “Miemasu Net Service,” the system eliminates the need for a user to obtain ...

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Sigma SD9 Digital SLR with Foveon X3 CCD


This high-definition digital SLR camera has is powered by FOVEON® X3TM image sensor, which can capture all RGB colors at each and every pixel. SIGMA SD9 will be introduced at booth No.1635 at PMA 2002 in Orlando, Florida, USA Feb 24-27, 2002. The breakthrough Sigma SD9 camera with FOVEON® X3TM image sensor is the world’s first image-sensor that features three ...

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Archos Jukebox Multi-Media Portable Entertainment Center


The ARCHOS Jukebox Multi-Media provides a revolutionary, hand-held entertainment center, which combines an MP3 music player and recorder, plus built-in microphone, photo album and carousel, still camera and camcorder, plus video player and recorder. The base unit of the Jukebox Multi-Media provides an MP3 player, a photo and video viewing capability, and a 10GB Hard, plus an Expansion Connector that ...

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Microvision Prototype Display Aimed At 3G Wireless


In its drive to commercialize a miniature display that can meet the demanding mix of high performance and low cost, Microvision, Inc. today announced it has demonstrated a fully-functional miniature display that uses just three light emitting diodes (LEDs) coupled with a vibrating mirror on a tiny micromechanical chip. As the user holds a cell-phone-like device near one eye, the ...

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The New Soul II is here – Super Slim Mp3 CD, CD-R, CD-RW Player


The NEW generation of AVC Technology is now here. Introducing the Soul II. With enhanced features such as 480 second antishock skip protection for MP3s. Playlist support for 999 songs. Multi-Session CD-R and CD-RW capability. This is the MP3 Digital CD Player that will blow your mind. Compared to its predecessor, this player features a 4-line LCD Display with bright ...

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Foveon Introduces World’s First Full-Color Image Sensor


Foveon Inc., a technology leader in high quality digital photography has announced the introduction and immediate availability of its new Foveon® X3™ image sensor. The Foveon X3 represents a true breakthrough in digital photography, bringing significant advantages over all other CCD and CMOS image sensors. Foveon X3 image sensors dramatically improve photographs from digital cameras by capturing three times the ...

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Panasonic KX-TG2720 2.4GHz GigaRange Expandable Telephone


For the convenience associated with a multi-handset telephone without the complicated wiring required by standard small telephone systems, Panasonic offers the new KX-TG2700, KX-TG2720, KX-TG2730 and KX-TG2740. These new Multi-Talk 2.4GHz GigaRange Expandable telephone systems are loaded with features and, unlike many current expandable systems, MultiTalk offers users four different types of expandable handsets that can be added instead of ...

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Intel Introduces 400 Mhz XScale Microprocessor for Mobile Devices


Intel Corporation today introduced a new family of microprocessors specifically designed to bring high performance and long battery life to wireless communications devices. The new processors are based on the Intel® XScale™ technology and will power multimedia cell phones, handheld computers, in-vehicle (telematics) systems and other wireless Internet products. The added performance and power savings from the new Intel processors ...

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TDK Unveils bluePAQ – First Bluetooth Module for the iPaq


After being the first company to Bluetooth-enable Palm’s V and m500 series, TDK Systems is now launching its Bluetooth jacket for Compaq’s iPAQ H3000 series Pocket PCs. TDK Systems has always been in front when it comes to connectivity, and has a broad range of accessory products for both mobile and stationary products adding all kinds of connectivity. Bluetooth is ...

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BlueSpoon – Smallest Bluetooth Headset in the World


The Bluetooth™ headset is designed to fit any right ear. The light and durable material has been designed for military standards and allows the user to wear the headset for very long periods of time. Still in development, the BT headset, named BlueSpoon, is exceptionally small and doesn’t make use of a boom solution like many other headsets. Instead, the ...

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