NEC to Introduce Crusoe Desktop with No Cooling Fans


NEC Corp. introduced a desktop PC that is, as advertised, to be as quiet as the sound of “the leaves rustling.” Named as “Mate,” the PC-MA80W/F model has the microprocessor’s operating frequency of 800MHz (price: from 215,000 yen) and the PC-MA90W/F model has that of 900MHz (from 230,000 yen). It ...

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Defossé Guillaume Systems 25FPS Video


The company MILLENNIUM GATE N.V. is proud to present a new strong technological performance of the Belgian electronic wizard Guillaume Defossé: a standard NOKIA 9210 adapted with his DGS-Operating System able to play a full feature movie @ 25 frames per second. The test movie is 108 minutes. The movie ...

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Samsung Unveils the 1xEV-DO CDMA2000 Phone


Samsung Electronics, the first to introduce CDMA2000 1X, is now paving the way for CDMA2000 1xEV-DO, a synchronous IMT-2000 format. The company has completed development of an EV-DO mobile phone (model: SCH-V300) with high-quality TFT-LCD that can reproduce 260,000 different color shades. The product can also send and receive data ...

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The BMW iDrive Controller


The secret of iDrive’s remarkable convenience lies in a unique combination of ergonomic design and state-of-the-art technology. The electronics that co-ordinate the comfort functions in the new BMW 7 Series are truly brilliant: fibre optics transmit data, using the cutting-edge Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) application. This fibre optic technology ...

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The Targus PDA Convenient “Stick On” Mouse


The Targus PDA Mouse is a convenient “stick on” mouse that allows full cursor control for your Palm OS PDA and is the ultimate convenience tool for navigating around the Palm OS PDA screen. Utilizing built in hot key functions and a control bar, the Targus PDA mouse eliminates the ...

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VIA Debuts Tablet PC Design


VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today demonstrated its new VIA Tablet PC design at the WinHEC 2002 event in Taipei, Taiwan. The VIA Tablet PC design is an attractive slate-style ultra portable PC, combining an innovative ‘digital ink’ system ...

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T-Touch Touch Screen Watch


The best way of predicting the future,” futurists and scientists often say, “is to invent it.” With the T-Touch, Tissot throws a definite bridge toward the future. For the first time, touching the crystal activates the functions of a watch. As sensuous as it is functional, the T-Touch is a ...

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Good Technology G100 Wireless Handheld


Introducing the Good™ G100 wireless handheld from Good Technology. G100 is a powerful, compact and sophisticated handheld that pioneers a new category of Synchronized Messaging Devices. Small enough to be carried or belted at all times, G100 provides mobile professionals with a highly-portable handheld for robust wireless access to a ...

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Fossil Debuts Wrist Watch PDA


Fossil, Inc., one of America’s leading watch and accessories companies, today announced the introduction of two new products: the Wrist PDA™ and Wrist PDA/PC™ – the ultimate companions for PALM Powered™ or PocketPC handheld devices. These products are the first high-tech devices in the FOSSIL line providing the convenience and ...

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