RIM Introduces Java-Based BlackBerry Handheld With Integrated Phone for GSM/GPRS Networks in North America


Research In Motion Limited (RIM) today introduced the first wireless handheld ready to support GSM/GPRS networks in North America. The new Java-based handheld, named the BlackBerry 5810™, allows corporate customers to manage their important information and communications from a single integrated device. The BlackBerry 5810 integrates the award-winning features of the secure BlackBerry™ wireless email solution with the convenience of ...

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Palm Unveils the m130 and m515 Handhelds


In a move to bring vivid color to handheld users worldwide, Palm, Inc. today unveiled the Palm(TM) m130 and m515 handhelds. Both feature bright color screens that support more than 65,000 colors, Palm’s dual-expansion technology, and access to more than 13,000 commercial software applications in addition to the popular Personal Information Manager (PIM) and intuitive user interface that have made ...

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Kenwood Develops Bluetooth Headphone System


Kenwood Corp. developed a Bluetooth-enabled headphone system and exhibited it as a prototype at the “Bluetooth & PAN” exhibition that ended on March 1. At this exhibition the company demonstrated the product by transferring music data from notebook PCs, PDAs, and music servers to the headphone system via the Bluetooth module. The company is aiming to put it on the ...

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Nixvue Announces the Vista Digital Photo Album with USB 2.0 and 30GB Capacity


Nixvue has recently announced their latest generation “Digital Album” product with the new Vista. The Vista improves on the Digital Album design by having a built in 1.8″ colour LCD screen which can be used to review and manipulate images transferred and stored on the unit. Other improvments include direct connection ports along the side of the unit (no need ...

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Seiko Instruments Introduces New Smartpad For Pocket PCs


Seiko Instruments USA Inc., a developer and marketer of advanced business and home/office products, today announced the introduction of SmartPad2e for Pocket PCs. This addition to the SmartPad2e family, makes it easy to transfer handwritten notes and drawings from paper to the Compaq iPAQäand HP Jornadaä, as well as Casio, Toshiba and NEC PDA’s that utilize the Pocket PC Operating ...

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Samsung Unveils New Digital Music Player


Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. unveiled at the CeBIT trade show this week an upgraded version of its Photo Yepp digital music player that sports built-in memory and a better display than the original. Like the original, the new player can also display still images while music or other audio is played. The Photo Yepp II comes with 64M bytes of ...

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Timex Watch to Incorporate Speedpass Technology


They say time is money. Soon, a quick wave of your watch may be as good as cash. Middlebury-based Timex is developing a new wristwatch that incorporates Speedpass technology, allowing the wearer to purchase everything from gas at the pump to fries at McDonald’s simply by waving an arm. The Speedpass Timex watch is equipped with a radio frequency transponder ...

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Kodak EasyShare DX4900 Digital Camera Named Best in Class


Eastman Kodak Company announced that the new Kodak EasyShare DX4900 Zoom Digital Camera was named best point-and-shoot digital camera in its price range at the 2002 Photo Marketing Association (PMA) Annual International Convention & Trade Show, the largest annual industry event. This new 4.0 Megapixel (MP) digital camera will be available in stores in March at a suggested retail price ...

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ConnectedTV Software Turns a Palm Organizer a Next-generation Interactive TV Guide and Remote Control


ConnectedMedia Corporation today announced ConnectedTV (TM), a new consumer service and companion software application that lets TV viewers see lists of TV shows on a Palm (TM) organizer screen and tune a show simply by tapping its name. The service will be available for a $30 per year subscription fee, or $99 for a lifetime subscription. ConnectedMedia is demonstrating ConnectedTV ...

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Panasonic C3003P Mobile Phone with Electronic Compass Function


KDDI Corp. and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Co. said they will release a new cdmaOne mobile phone equipped with an electronic compass function. Named “C3003P,” and produced by Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd., it will be released some time in mid-March. The KDDI Group will provide the mobile phone service under the brand name of “au.” Users can find their position ...

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Olympus Introduces Camedia TruePrint Digital Imaging and Printing Kiosks


Olympus America announced today at PMA the Olympus CAMEDIA® TruePrintTM digital printing kiosk. Designed for photo specialty and consumer electronics stores, mass merchants and high photo output locations such as hotels, resorts, and cruise ships, etc., the TruePrint kiosk is a cost-effective way for businesses to enhance existing photo finishing services, or generate a new business customer base. TruePrint requires ...

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Nikon Introduces a New Twist on Photography – The Coolpix 2500


Nikon, the world leader in photography, has introduced a digital camera with a revolutionary twist, the Coolpix(R) 2500, a stylish pocket-sized 2.0 million effective pixel digital camera featuring the world’s first inner-swivel lens design. This inner-swivel lens makes shooting from various angles — including a 180-degree flip for self-portraits — easy and fun, while providing protection for the lens when ...

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Hitachi to Launch New Broadband Mobile Multimedia Communicator


Hitachi, Ltd. has announced it is launching a new category of mobile multimedia communicator, the NPD-10JWL, based on the new Microsoft® operating system (OS), Windows CE .NET, Japanese Version, and the new Intel® Central Processing Unit (CPU), Intel® PXA250 applications processor based on the Intel® XscaleTM microarchitecture. Hitachi will begin selling the new device at the end of April 2002 ...

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IBM Builds 110 GHZ – Fastest Communications Microchip


IBM has created the world’s fastest semiconductor circuit — operating at speeds of more than 110 GigaHertz (GHz) and processing an electrical signal in 4.3 trillionths of a second. The circuit was built using IBM’s latest silicon germanium (SiGe) chip-making technology, extending basic silicon to speeds never thought possible. IBM is now making the technology, called “SiGe 8HP,” available to ...

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Mazingo Boosts Consumers’ “Get-It-And-Go” Power With Casio E200 Pocket PC And IBM Microdrive Package


Mazingo Network today announced a new hardware and service package that will allow consumers to significantly increase the number of news feeds, movies, and TV and radio shows they can download and carry on their personal digital devices. The package combines a Casio CASSIOPEIA E-200 Pocket PC, IBM’s 340 MB Microdrive removable storage, and one year of Mazingo mobile service. ...

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