SnapNType with The iPAQ 3800 Series Handheld


TT Tech Limited, creator of the thumb-typing Blackberry-like SnapNType mini-keyboard for PDAs, has released a new edition, the Model T302, for Compaq iPAQ 3800 series Pocket PC. According to the company, key features and benefits of the SnapNType keyboard include: – Thumb-type anywhere, no need for a flat surface – ...

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Mobile Phone Made of Paper


“Brainy student Stephen Forshaw has invented a mobile phone made from PAPER. The inventor has scooped a top award with his creation, interested electronics giant Sony — and now he hopes it will ring up a fortune. His invention is named PS Call Me, and aims to get mobile phone ...

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XSVoice Launches Mobile Broadcast Network


XSVoice, Inc., a wireless platform and application developer, announces the launch of the Mobile Broadcast Network, a subscription service providing wireless users with mobile access to live and on-demand audio content in categories such as music, news, sports, entertainment, business and financial information, international and religious programming. The MBN offers ...

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3Com Delivers Industry’s First Bluetooth Wireless Printing Kit


3Com Corporation announced today the availability of the 3Com® Wireless Bluetooth™ Printing Kit in the United States. This new 3Com Business Connectivity Company solution is an innovative package that allows users to quickly enable wireless connectivity to existing printers and PCs — all with Bluetooth wireless ease. “3Com’s Universal Connectivity ...

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Alps Electric Develops Neck-Strap Controller


Alps Electric Co., Ltd. exhibited the “strap controller,” a neck-strap controller, at the ALPS SHOW 2002, its exhibition event. A film-type switch is built in the strap, and the device is operated by pinching it. When it is connected to mobile music players, for example, volume tuning, power on/off, and ...

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CASA – Consumer All-Purpose Storage Appliance


Many media are either already in digital formats (CD, DVD, digital camera, etc.) or can be converted into digital formats cheaply and easily (scanner, audio/video digitizer, etc.). The hard disk drive (HDD) areal density improvement starts to make it economically feasible to store these media in digital formats on HDD. ...

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MobileWise Promises Wireless Power


MobileWise, a Silcion Valley start-up led by former Palm CTO Bill Maggs, has announced that it is working on a revolutionary new wireless power technology. Few details have been released, but MobileWise claims it will enable users to ‘experience true wire-free connectivity’. A statement on the company’s web-site reads: ‘Our ...

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Fonix VoiceAlert now available for Microsoft PocketPC Devices


Fonix® Corporation, a leading provider of natural-user interface technology and voice solutions for wireless and mobile devices, Internet and telephony systems, and vehicle telematics, today released Fonix VoiceAlertTM , a program that intelligently manages and organizes all upcoming appointments in a Microsoft® Pocket PC®-operated device, and reads appointments aloud using ...

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DSI Unveils a New Dimension in 3D Animation and Design


“We haven’t re-invented the mouse,” said Robert Egery, President of Montreal-based technology company, DSI Datotech Systems Inc. “But what we’ve developed could well replace it in 3-D applications, taking the human/computer interface to a whole new level.” DSI’s revolutionary, multi-point, HandGear touchpad, released on schedule, uses a hand-gesture interface and ...

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Preview of the Hitachi NPD-10JWL


The new Hitachi PDA is one of the smallest on the market. But the NPD-10JWL (this is its name) has many other battle steeds. This device is surprising because of the absence of keys on the front part, which is completely smooth and entirely occupied by the TFT 3.5” display ...

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MSI Unveils First MotherBoard with Bluetooth Technology


“First ever mainboard embedded with Bluetooth function has successfully developed and implemented through our strong and innovated MSI™ R&D team. When industry is focusing on the Wireless LAN, IEEE 802.11 implementation, Bluetooth technology gradually outburst from a conceptual design into a next generation Personal Area Network (PAN) core technology, MSI™’s ...

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Cellon International Begins high volume production of GPRS Phones Based on Philips’ System Solution


Royal Philips Electronics, has announced the endorsement of its leading-edge wireless semiconductor system solution by Cellon International, the world’s largest independent design house for wireless terminals and module designs. Building on the companies’ existing wireless handset development partnership, Cellon – including CEC Wireless, the company’s operating unit in China – ...

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NEC to Introduce Crusoe Desktop with No Cooling Fans


NEC Corp. introduced a desktop PC that is, as advertised, to be as quiet as the sound of “the leaves rustling.” Named as “Mate,” the PC-MA80W/F model has the microprocessor’s operating frequency of 800MHz (price: from 215,000 yen) and the PC-MA90W/F model has that of 900MHz (from 230,000 yen). It ...

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