Palm Unveils New Web Browser Optimized for Handhelds


In a move that provides a powerful, web-browsing option for Palm(TM) handheld computers, Palm, Inc., a leading provider of handhelds, today unveiled the Palm Web Browser. This full-featured HTML browser gives users of Internet-enabled Palm m125, m130, m500, m505, m515 and i705 handhelds the ability to access any URL on the Internet, bookmark and categorize favorite sites, easily save information ...

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Nokia 3510 brings GPRS and Polyphonic Sounds to the Consumer Market


Nokia today introduced the Nokia 3510, its first expression category phone with GPRS, polyphonic (MIDI) sounds and Value Added Services (VAS) over Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) capability. VAS over MMS brings new dimensions to personal communications with the possibility to receive rich value added services like screen savers and polyphonic ring tones. Shipments are expected to begin in the second ...

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Toshiba Unveils 30GB Optical Disc Technology Featuring Blue-Violet Laser


Toshiba Corp. revealed details of the technology for its 30GB-capacity optical disc with a diameter of 12cm that uses blue-violet laser light as the light source. This is the technology used in optical disc devices exhibited at the “2002 International CES,” held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in mid-January 2002. (photo: Toshiba’s trial model exhibited in 2002 International CES) As for ...

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Nokia 7210 Fashionable Tri-Band Phone


The latest member in Nokia’s line of fashion phones, the Nokia 7210, exudes urban trendiness with a daring design, including a new keypad layout with 4-way scroll. Unveiled today, the Nokia 7210 features a high-resolution color screen, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) capability, support for downloading Java applications, and a stereo FM radio. Nokia’s newest fashion phone is also a globetrotter, ...

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Pogo! Launches Flash Memory Based Mp3 Player With Direct Mp3 Recording


Pogo! Products launched their first product to the consumer market today, the DataQuake™ Springboard™ module. Available in 8MB and 16MB versions, the DataQuake provides memory expansion with silent alarm functionality for the Handspring™ Visor™. It also includes vibration and a flashing LED to add the illusion of rumbles, thuds and explosions to games. The DataQuake allows people to safely and ...

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Sony Releases The Clie PEG-NR70V and PEG-NR70 Flip


Sony released on Monday two new additions to its Clie line of handhelds. Both devices, the Clie PEG-NR70V and PEG-NR70, run on the Palm operating system, and flip open to reveal a 320-pixel-by-480-pixel color screen and a keyboard. They also come with an integrated digital audio player, 16MB of memory and a 66MHz Motorola Dragonball SuperVZ processor. The NR70V is ...

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MSI Unveils New MS-2500 Windows CE PDA


MSI™, one of the worlds leading motherboard, graphics card, and computer peripheral manufacturers in the world, unveiled its new Windows® CE PDA —the MS-2500 —offering unsurpassed performance and expandability to meet the widest range of handheld computing needs. The new MS-2500 gives customers the ultimate blend of performance, connectivity and expandability and offers standard CF, SD slots for integrated memory ...

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Universal Electronics Introduces Midas


UEI’s new remote-control watch, MIDAS, with its sleek and stylish design, allows businesses to uniquely communicate their branding message and create awareness. Utilizing UEI’s world-class database of infrared codes, the watch doubles as a universal remote control that operates basic cable and television functions. A version operating Latin American televisions and cable and satellite boxes is available as well. A ...

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Dell Unveils the Inspiron 8200 Notebooks With Advanced Mobile Technology


Dell today introduced two new notebook computers powered by Intel’s Mobile Pentium® 4 processors-M, bringing desktop-like performance to consumers and business mobile users alike. The wireless-ready InspironTM 8200 and LatitudeTM C840 notebooks come with Intel’s new Mobile Pentium 4 processors-M, NVIDIA’s new GeForce4 440 Go graphics controllers, large 15-inch high-resolution displays and multiple high-speed optical drives. The combination delivers performance ...

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Magnavox MobilePal + GPS – Personal Assistance at the Touch of a Button


All the convenient features of MobilePal are included in Magnavox MobilePal + GPS, including advanced location finding technology* so if you are away from home, we’ll know exactly where to send roadside or emergency assistance-even if you don’t. Magnavox MobilePal + GPS works by using the military’s global positioning satellites to determine your exact latitude and longitude, then sends those ...

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Intel Pentium 4 Processor Technology Comes To Mobile PCs


Intel Corporation today announced it is bringing its flagship Pentium® 4 processor technology to mobile PCs for the first time. With the introduction of the mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 processor-M, designed specifically for mobile computers, PC makers are delivering full-size and thin-and-light systems with outstanding performance, long battery life and wireless capabilities. Intel also announced the mobile Intel® 845chipset family, ...

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Sharp’s New Zaurus SL-5500 PDA With Communication and Multimedia Capabilities


Sharp Electronics Corp., today announced that its mobile communications and multimedia device, the Zaurus™ SL-5500 Personal Mobile Tool, will be available to consumers nationwide in the first quarter of 2002. The Zaurus SL-5500 offers consumers everything they need to be truly mobile, from business-critical wireless e-mail to view-anywhere movies and video. Combining the power of a PC with the fun ...

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Philips Unveils The Fisio 820 Bluetooth Enabled GPRS Mobile Phone


Mobile phone users who demand today’s most advanced communication and messaging features in a high-end phone that radiates state-of-the-art technology and stylish design, will find exactly what they are looking for in Philips’ Fisio 820. The new Fisio 820 is one of the first mobile phones on the market today that incorporates a large, full-color LCD display, Bluetooth connectivity, advanced ...

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Sony Ericsson Unveils New Mobile Colour Imaging Solution – The T68i and New CommuniCam


Sony Ericsson today unveiled the T68i mobile phone and the CommuniCam MCA-20 digital camera accessory. With the camera snapped on to the phone, it is easy to take pictures and send them as an MMS-message to another phone, e-mail them to a PC, or store them in the phone’s extensive photo album. Sony Ericsson confirms its leadership in mobile imaging, ...

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Sony Ericsson Unveils the Z700, a Mobile Gaming Phone with Colour Screen


Sony Ericsson today unveiled the Z700 gaming phone. The phone combines a color screen, Java, Bluetooth, polyphonic ringtones and fast GPRS connection to form an ideal tool for playing games when mobile. The Z700 comes pre-loaded with Men in Black and Charlie’s Angels games, and will be on the market during Q3. Mobile gaming is one of the most popular ...

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