New Micro-Camera for Wireless Phones and PDAs


Fujitsu Limited has announced that it has developed and is making commercially available today a CMOS color image sensor module, the MB86S02A micro-camera module, for mobile phone and PDA applications. The 110,000-pixel unit offers high sensitivity and low noise, Common Intermediate Format (CIF) compatibility, and a built-in lens in the ...

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WideRay Delivers on Integrated Wireless Platform Strategy


WideRay, an equipment and integrated platform provider focused on the high-speed, on-location wireless data services market, today announced the availability of Windows Powered Pocket PC support for the Jack mobile caching server, supplementing existing support for Palm OS devices. WideRay has also developed a new Pocket PC version of its ...

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Review: Panasonics e-Wear SV-AV10 Digital 4-in-1


Given the pace in new tech that we see every day, getting something surpising is a bit rare. Thankfully, the folks at Panasonic provided me with a pleasent surprise with the new e-Wear SV-AV10. Half the size of my wallet, the SV-AV10 packs a digital comcorder, voice recorder, digital camera, ...

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Digital Square Bio Watch


Digital Squares Bio Watch is a future product slated for phased commercial release starting with the release of a simple functioning model in 2002, and moving on to the release of more complex models in 2003, and 2004. Digital Squares Bio Watch has been conceived as a means for individuals ...

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Fujifilm Announces The FinePix F401 Zoom


Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc. continues its tradition of exceptional photo quality and distinctive styling with the new FinePix F401 digital camera. The FinePix F401’s ultra-slim, trend-setting metallic body is sure to turn heads. It is one of the smallest 2.1-effective-megapixel zoom digital cameras in its category and features Fujifilm’s ...

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Enteos and PurpleLabs Team Up for Wireless Email SmartPhone


Enteos signs a manufacturing license agreement with Purple Labs for a wireless email smartphone (Chambery (France), Trieste (Italy), March 12th 2002), Enteos srl, Italy, has recently signed a manufacturing license agreement with Purple Labs SA of France to license Purple Labs smartphone design for 2.5G. Enteos will be the first ...

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Sony Brings The New CLIE PEG-T650C to Japan


A new model has been introduced to Sony’s CLIE PEG-T600 series, the PEG-T650C. Main features of the new model include MP3 and ATRAC3 audio playback, as well as a 66 MHz processor. Sony is keen on bringing new CLIE models to market should no longer come as a surprise to ...

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Handspring Adds Color Treo 90 PDA and Treo 270 Communicator


Handspring, Inc., a leading innovator in personal communications and handheld computing, today introduced Treo 270, a compact, full-color wireless communicator that integrates a mobile phone, wireless applications like email and Internet browsing, and a Palm OS organizer all in one. Treo 270 also has a built-in, backlit QWERTY keyboard and ...

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Nikon Announces the Coolpix 5700


The battle for image quality may still be contested by pixel count, but the winner in the race for photographic perfection has learnt to look deeper than the numbers on the front page of the brochure. Even so the 8 times zoom ratio offered by the Coolpix 5700 appears impressive. ...

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Marine Corps Use Rolling Robo-Spy


The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory’s Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition Technology section conducted a Limited Technical Assessment of the first complete prototype “Dragon Runner” Mobile Ground Sensor system April 11. Dragon Runner, with a system weight of 16 pounds and sized to fit inside a Marine’s Modular Lightweight, Load-carrying Equipment ...

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