High-Definition LCD Panel for GPS Phones


Seiko Epson Corp. displayed its new high-definition color LCD panel for GPS-enabled mobile phones at the EDEX 2002 Electronic Display Exhibition held at the Tokyo Big Sight. This panel features 200 pixels per inch (ppi), according to Seiko Epson. Most of the high-definition LCD panels of around 200ppi are low-temperature ...

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IBM Makes Data Storage Breakthrough


Using an innovative nanotechnology, IBM scientists have demonstrated a data storage density of a trillion bits per square inch — 20 times higher than the densest magnetic storage available today. IBM achieved this remarkable density — enough to store 25 million printed textbook pages on a surface the size of ...

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Cheap Broadband Could be 802.16


Anyone looking for the next big thing in Silicon Valley should stop here at Layne Holt’s garage. Mr. Holt and his business partner, John Furrier, both software engineers, have started a company with a shoestring budget and an ambitious target: the cable and phone companies that currently hold a near-monopoly ...

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Trimble Integrated GPS GeoXT CE Handheld


Trimble’s GeoXT™ GPS CE handheld, from the GeoExplorer® CE series, combines submeter GPS and a powerful Windows CE operating system into one rugged unit. This synergy between GPS and Windows CE lets you concentrate on what’s important: collecting and maintaining high-quality data for your GIS. For maximum productivity, you can ...

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E-Ink Unveils World’s Thinnest Active Matrix Display


E Ink Corporation, the leading developer and marketer of electronic ink technology for paper-like displays, today announced its demonstration of the world’s thinnest active-matrix displays. Prototypes were first exhibited to industry leaders at last month’s Society for Information Display Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition, in Boston, Massachusetts. E Ink has demonstrated ...

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Pentax Digibino DB-100 Digital Camera Binocular


The new Pentax Digibino DB-100 is the world’s first binocular with an integrated digital camera and LCD monitor. It’s the ultimate digital fun for trendy outdoor events and records what until now has remained hidden to amateur digital photography. The super-chic, small and handy Pentax Digibino DB-100 has the potential ...

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Cardmediaviewer-H Multimedia Device


Card Media Viewer HD 10GB is a new innovative multi-function compact device that allows you to display on any TV monitor digital data (Music, Video, Pictures) stored on your memory cards or its internal 10GB Hard Disk. With the CMV-H, you can now access on your TV a wide range ...

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NTT DoCoMo to Introduce FOMA P2002 Phone


NTT DoCoMo, Inc. announced today that it will begin selling the P2002 3G mobile phone equipped for DoCoMo i-motionTM, sound and video-clip distribution services on June 13, 2002. The i-motion service enables compatible FOMA handsets to download audio/video content at up to 384 Kbps (uplink at 64 Kbps) from sites ...

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