Amazing Street Artist Painting Bruce Lee (Video)


A street artist with superb skills paints Bruce Lee.

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Finding Rover Uses Facial Recognition Technology To Find Missing Dogs


Finding Rover finds lost dogs using facial recognition tech.

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Nokia Lumia 730: More Details Of The Superman Phone


Nokia Lumia 730 may not be meant for the US market.

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Tesla Model S-Based Saleen FourSixteen Officially Unveiled; Looks Sporty With Upgrades Meant For The Track


Saleen FourSixteen

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Robots On Song As Waiters And Cooks In A Restaurant In China


In this Chinese restaurant, robots do the greeting, cooking and serving.

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Apple iPhone 6 Will Probably Look Like This


Take a look at the Apple iPhone 6.

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Famous Quotes Attributed To The Wrong People


Famous quotes get a whole new meaning when paired with the wrong person.

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Nokia Lumia 930 Available On Vodacom South Africa


Lumia 930 now available from Vodacom in South Africa.

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Honest Alcohol Labels


If alcohol bottles were honest.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A Might Get Announced At IFA


Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A headed to Europe.

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha Now Official (Video)


Samsung Galaxy Alpha is finally here.

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Amazon Deal Of The Day: Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone (AT&T) For $39.99


AT&T GoPhone Nokia Lumia 520 available for $39.99 at Amazon.

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Spectacular Tornadoes Of Light (Photos)


Tornadoes of light by British photographer Martin Kimbell.

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Tributes To Robin Williams From Celebrities

35th Annual People's Choice Awards - Portraits

RIP Robin Williams!

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Apple iPhone 6 Backplate Leaked?


Apple iPhone 6 leak.

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