Knowing the Right Wattage for Your Nintendo Switch will Produce More Juice than Using the “Shortcut”

Gaming has evolved in a million ways never deemed possible. There has been so much developments in the gaming industry that companies invest much on it these days. From the basic concept plots, refillable tapes for the vintage gaming devices, we now have wireless control connectivity and unlimited selection of games to try out. One giant brand that has evolved with time and has contributed a lot in the evolution of gaming is the company, Nintendo. Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company whose headquarters is in Kyoto, Japan. Nintendo is one of the world’s largest video game companies by market capitalization.

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Today, the latest development announced by the company is the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is 4 inches high, 9.4 inches long, and 0.55 inches deep. It is composed of a touch screen device with a slide on controller for gaming. This is the company’s most powerful console yet. With its portability features, what we all wanted when we engage ourselves into gaming is its lifespan, right? To have a better experience with gaming, backup batteries are essential so as to not cut the fever short. The Switch has an internal, 4,310 mAh lithium ion battery.

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The free battery lasts between 2.5 hours to 6 hours of game time. You might not feel the need for extra juice if you’re not constantly on the move. If you are, however, this tip might come in handy for you. Battery packs that theoretically should have charged the Switch more efficiently often worked at near identical or even lower performance. With all the trial and errors of almost all the market has produced to address this need, a lot of difference has come to our conclusion. Battery pack efficiency is measured by voltage and amperage. Voltage is the amount of electrical force that a pack produces. Amperage, or amps, measures the strength at which the electrical force travels to the device.

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Multiply voltage and amperage, and you find the wattage, or power, of the battery pack. If you try and see the back portion of the console, the indicated power supply for the device is 15V/2.6A. This equals to 39 watts. On the dock, the value indicated pertained to the input power; the output power is at 15V/1.2A, or 18 watts. Every Time you connect the console to, let’s say, the television, it releases 18 watts during that period. Let’s not get fooled of the quick charge features some products claim in the market today.

The Switch is not “quick-charge compatible” so it does more damage than good. We recommend battery packs that output at least 5V/2.1A (10.5 watts). Below 10.5 watts, the device doesn’t charge well; above it will damage the battery itself. If you use that recommended wattage during play time or when you’re on the go, it was found that the battery still gains 1 to 2 percent of charge per 10 minutes. So if ever you feel the need to charge, let your Switch take a nap. It loads better and may last longer.


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will Launch Along with Nintendo Switch

Patient fans who have been waiting a long time for the new Legend of Zelda game as being advertised in the past can now breathe a sigh of relief. Nintendo has officially announced during the Nintendo Switch presentation event that the new “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” will be released together with the release of the Nintendo Switch. During the Switch presentation, Nintendo showcased a gallery of information and games on the forthcoming hybrid console that allows players to play “on the go” or in the comfort of their homes. Obviously, Nintendo saved what it saw as the best news for last when it announced the update for the new Legend of Zelda game. The game, along with the Nintendo Switch, will be released on March 3 of this year. The game is actually the official launch title for the new console. During the presentation event Nintendo even showcased a big trailer of the game that everyone thought was really super hot. Also, old users of the Wii U will also have the game released on the same day for Nintendo’s older systems.

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Ever since the official announcement in 2013 that a new Legend of Zelda game was being developed for Wii U, the game has gone through many significant changes throughout its development process. It has become an open-world game with fantastic visuals and gaming mechanics that has drawn praise from even the most avid and serious gamers on the planet. Fans were getting doubts while waiting for the new game (more than 3 years is a long wait) to be released, and after many significant delays, many started to wonder on the game’s status. The Nintendo trailer for Legend of Zelda clearly showed that there will be an epic journey and return to the world of Hyrule as an amnesia-struck Link awakens after a slumber of 100 years to find a new adventure awaiting, and to save the day, of course.

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It has even been discussed and talked about in other interviews that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will have at least two alternative endings (emphasis on “least” so there could be more endings. This is because the conclusion to the game will greatly reflect your journey. This difference in endings was confirmed by series producer Eiji Aonuma, though he refused to give further details. Since the journey needs to meet certain criteria from the adventures, some specific things need to be done in order to see different endings. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild actually won’t be the first Zelda game to have multiple endings. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening had different endings as well, hinting at the future of a certain world and a specific character’s fate if the game is completed without dying even just once. This is what rakes in the followers of the game, with both the adventures and endings giving a really big impact on the players.

Mario’s Shigeru Miyamoto on Nintendo and Apple Having Similar Philosophies

For the first time in technology’s history, it’s becoming common to see stories on the news about two tech companies collaborating on projects, whether both are competitors or not. One example of this is the recent news of Nintendo and Apple working closely together to launch a new game called “Super Mario Run” that’s coming out for the iPhone later this week.

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Because of this, Nintendo’s senior executive Shigeru Miyamoto, and the creator of the Super Mario Bros. franchise, has been doing a lot of publicity for Mario’s first mobile game.  In a recent interview with Glixel, he gives an outsider’s perspective on Apple, and admits what everyone suspected all along, and that the genius Japanese game maker and the secretive Californian computer maker actually have a lot in common.

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Miyamoto talks about what Apple and Nintendo have in common:

“Probably the easiest thing to point to is the fact that Apple, like Nintendo, is a company that thinks about how people will use their products. We design things to be usable by a very broad range of people. They put a lot of effort into the interface and making the product simple to use, and that’s very consistent with Nintendo. I think Apple also likes to do things differently and take a different approach.”

And if people think that the Macintosh and the Super NES have nothing in common:

“In the early days when computers were very complicated things, computer companies were purposely presenting them in ways that made them seem very complicated. Then you had Apple who came along with their very simple and colorful logo and it all had more of a fun feel to it… this reminds me that with the Super NES controller we put the multicolored buttons on the face of the controller, and then the US office decided not to keep that. I told that story to Apple, and how I liked the use of color in their old logo. That was like a bridge that had been built between us.”

Miyamoto talks about why it partnered with Apple first and how eventually “Super Mario Run” will also be on Android:

“Part of the reason we took it to Apple was that in order for us to have the performance we wanted we needed some development support to ensure that the game would run the way we expected. Because Nintendo is always trying to do something unique we also wanted to try and do something different on the business side too. We really didn’t want to do something in the free to play space, but in order to make sure we had the opportunity to do what we wanted [offer a taste of the game for free, and charge $9.99 to unlock the whole thing], we had to talk to the people who are actually running the shop. Naturally the people on the App Store initially told us that the free-to-play approach is a good one, but I’ve always had this image that Apple and Nintendo have very similar philosophies. As we started working together, I found that to be true and they became very welcoming of trying something new.”

In the interview, Miyamoto also talked about himself and why he won’t be retiring anytime soon in spite of the rumors:

“I’m a designer. I don’t think of myself as creating works, I really think of myself as creating products for people to enjoy. That’s why I’ve always called my games products rather than works of art. It’s not about coming up with an idea and trying to make that idea, the work of a planner is to work within the constraints of what you’re given and make the best possible thing you can.”

Nintendo Just Brought Back the Original NES and It’s not Even Expensive

30 years ago, Nintendo released its groundbreaking NES or Nintendo Entertainment System, and indoor home gaming was never the same again. Now, it is releasing the same NES Classic Edition console but in a digitalized version. The little console box will still look like the original 1985 NES but it will be noticeably smaller and will fit into the palm of your hand.

nintendo-nes-classic-300x213 Nintendo Just Brought Back the Original NES and It’s not Even Expensive

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And just to keep the suspense away, the NES Classic Edition was just released in November 11 and will only be priced at $60. Unfortunately, if you still have those old NES cartridges, you can’t use them on the new NES Classic Edition console. Instead, it already comes with a selection of 30 built-in games, all in digital format, and still playing in the original video format that made Nintendo the leader of video arcade-type games back in the 1985 when it launched the NES.

The games you’ll find in the new console are:

  • Balloon Fight
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Castlevania
  • Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
  • Donkey Kong
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Double Dragon II: The Revenge
  • Mario
  • Excitebike
  • Final Fantasy
  • Galaga
  • Ghosts ‘n Goblins
  • Gradius
  • Ice Climber
  • Kid Icarus
  • Kirby’s Adventure
  • Mario Bros.
  • Mega Man 2
  • Metroid
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • Pac-Man
  • Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream”
  • StarTropics
  • Super C
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Tecmo Bowl
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

The new NES Classic Edition has a new digitalized classic gamepad and it feels and looks the same as the original. If you do need a second gamepad for two-player games, Nintendo is selling separate gamepads for $10 each. Famous two-player games just like in the 1985 console include Tecmo Bowl, Dr. Mario, and Pac-Man. For those who want to go wireless and don’t want to be limited in their movements, Nyko, a third-party hardware maker, is selling a wireless solution for just $20.

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Since you will be enjoying playing those classic Nintendo games again, the new console now include a “suspend points” setting. Instead of the old way of leaving the game running on a pause screen while you need to do something else, you simply suspend the game until you come back. This means you can just save the game on four slots allotted per game and you can access the game again by pushing the reset button. As mentioned earlier, all these classic game recreations can be played in Nintendo’s original 4:3 resolution or you can choose the “CRT Mode” that emulates the screens used in arcade games. So far when the NES Classic Edition was launched, a very long line was waiting at the Nintendo flagship store at the Rockefeller Center in New York City. And resale is going bonkers on e-Bay alone.

5 Fun Games that Made the Switch and Can Now be Played on New Nintendo Console

Well, bad news for Gen X’ers because Nintendo just announced that its Wii U console will no longer be sold. Face it though, Gen X’ers, that the Wii U was a failure, so Nintendo just came out with its new generation console called “The Switch.” Technically and financially a flop, the Wii U was an underpowered hardware that couldn’t compete with the likes of Xbox and Playstation.

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However, it did have a great lineup of exclusive games. With the entry of the new Nintendo Switch, some of these games get to live a second life for the ultimate opportunity for users to play them again, or as new games. Some of these games will even be given sequels on the new Switch, but not all. All games will have bonus features due to the re-release.

Super Mario Maker

Unlike the Super Mario Bros. series, Super Mario Maker is a different story, as the outstanding Mario creation tool was made possible entirely because of the Wii U’s touch screen. Since the Switch will obviously have one, then it makes sense to have this game.

Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 is an enthusiastically flurried game of combo-based action, which puts players in control of a witch who has guns in her shoes and summons demons using her hair. It’s a niche game that Nintendo funded, and it didn’t sell well, so they put it in Wii U. It deserves a little more exposure on the new and more promising Switch console. Take this as an example: there’s a level near the end of the game where you just play “Star Fox” for a few minutes. This game is really amazing so it deserves another shot on a better console.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

If you like big and sprawling role-playing games like “Fallout,” you were probably disappointed by what the Wii U had to offer. Xenoblade Chronicles X isn’t in exactly the same class as those other games, but it proved to be pretty impressive in its own right. It’s a gigantic RPG set on an alien world, where you are tasked with helping refugee humans build a new life after the destruction of Earth. You’ll have to fight aggressive alien armies as well as local wildlife across five breathtaking continents. The sheer size of this game is staggering, as its massive open world is entirely seamless, with no loading screens. It’s extremely dense with different systems and menus you have to manage, but if you want to lose yourself in one game for 80 hours, this game is a go for you.

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

This turn-based RPG is pop music-themed, which means it exists for either 50 people or for the girls only, but it’s also really good. In this game, you and your teenage Japanese friends juggle time to become pop idols and using the power of pop music to defeat horrific monsters. It’s goofy and extremely anime.

Pokken Tournament

Instead of searching for Pokemons, this is a better game that puts you in direct control of a bunch of the coolest Pokémon in existence in a one-on-one competitive fighting game. It’s deep with satisfying moves to pull off in unique 3D gameplay. But the most important thing about this game is that you can play as Pikachu wearing a little luchador outfit.