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Nuclear-Powered UAV Drones Not Happening Anytime Soon

Reconnaissance saves lives and in modern day war, going into an engagement without the intelligence from UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) drones, which are armed with sophisticated electronics for imagery and sensing, is like walking in blindfolded.

Radiation Watch $46 Pocket Geiger Counter for iPhone

Japan is still recovering from the meltdown, earthquake, and tsunami in Fukushima, so it makes sense that public fears over radiation are at an...

Gates-Backed TerraPower Working Towards Next-Gen Nuclear Power Reactors

Last week, Gates revealed that his nuclear power startup is in talks with the government officials in China regarding their fourth-generation nuclear power technology.

Scosche RDTX portable radiation detector for iPod and iPhone

Wouldn't it be useful if you could measure radiation without some super expensive industrial equipment? Scosche thinks so and that's why it has announced the RDTX portable radiation detector.