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Latest Upcoming Smartphones In 2016

As good as 2015 was to the phone lovers, 2016 is going to be even better. With a few smartphones already released, iPhone 5SE...

Microsoft Releases Massive Update for Skype’s iOS and Android Version

Skype, the popular video calling and IM application, is always up with some new update making the interface a lot better than most other...

New Rumours Suggest Surface Pro 4 might have Intel’s Skylake Processor

With Surface Pro 3, Microsoft unveiled a brand new series of hardware that was a hybrid of a laptop and a tablet. In terms...

Microsoft Releases Beta Version of Cortana for Android

When Microsoft earlier announced that they would launch Cortana, their extremely capable personal assistant, for iOS and Android devices, many people wondered the reason...

Microsoft’s Legendary OS Windows 95 Turned 20

Microsoft recently released their latest computer operating system Windows 10 which can be regarded as one of the best OS built by the company....

6 Best Fitness Applications for Android

Leading a healthy and active life is extremely important and we somewhere deep down inside we all understand that, however, making that happen every...

BLU Win JR And Win HD Affordable Handsets Now Available In...

BLU Win JR and BLU Win HD available now in Canada.

Lumia 930, 830 And 730 Dual-SIM Launched In India

Lumia 930, 830 and 730 dual-SIM launched in India. Microsoft Screen Sharing for Lumia Phones accessory has also been announced.

Minecraft Inventor Celebrating Microsoft Acquisition Of Mojang (Video)

Minecraft inventor celebrating Microsoft acquisition.

Nokia Lumia 730: More Details Of The Superman Phone

Nokia Lumia 730 may not be meant for the US market.

Nokia 130 Could Help You Out When Your Smartphone Dies

Nokia 130 basic cellphone costs just 19 Euro.

Here Is The Nokia Lumia 730 Superman Phone

Nokia Lumia 730 running the new Debian Red.

Surface Pro 3: Microsoft Announces Discounts For Students

Microsoft has announced discounts for students on the Surface Pro 3.

Lumia Android Smartphone Bearing Nokia by Microsoft Branding Coming Soon

According to @evleaks, a Lumia Android handset is in the works and the device will bear the Nokia by Microsoft branding.

Nokia X2 Now Available For €99 (Hands-On Video)

Check out the newly unveiled Nokia X2 Android handset.

Microsoft Kinect-less Xbox One Now Available For $399.99

Microsoft's Kinect-less Xbox One is now available on sale for the same price as that of the Playstation 4.

HTC W8 Windows Phone Handset Coming Soon

An HTC Windows Phone handset has been confirmed by Microsoft.

Sony PlayStation 4 Headed To China

Sony will be launching the PlayStation 4 in China.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Now Available For Pre-Order

Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3 laptop-tablet hybrid is now available for pre-order.

Is Microsoft Finally Going to Kill Windows RT?

Microsoft senior executive Julie Larson-Green has indicated that Windows RT could be on the outs from the company.

Xbox One and PS4 Both Sold One Million Units on Launch...

It's way too early to say who is going to win this generation of console gaming and, looking at their respective launch days, it looks like the race is pretty darn close.

Disc Drive Problems Plague Xbox One Consoles on Day One?

More specifically, it can make a clicking or grinding noise when the disc is inserted, then the disc gets spit back out. For whatever reason, the Xbox One is failing to read the disc at all.

Over 99% of Nokia Shareholders Approve Microsoft Acquisition

We have now received word that Nokia shareholders have indeed approved the deal and the acquisition will go through as planned. And it's not like just a small majority of Nokia shareholders gave the thumbs up

Non-Gaming Microsoft Xbox One on the Way?

Microsoft is planning to release a version of the Xbox One that doesn't have any gaming at all. It will be geared entirely toward entertainment.

AT&T Pre-Orders for Nokia Lumia 1520 Now Accepted

The pricing is right where we would expect it for a flagship-caliber smartphone. If you sign up for a qualifying two-year service agreement with AT&T, the Nokia Lumia 1520 can be yours for a penny shy of $200.

Microsoft to Kill Bing and Xbox Under Stephen Elop Rule?

One of the names in the running is Stephen Elop, formerly of Nokia, and it looks like he may already have many grand schemes in mind should he take over the head honcho role at Microsoft.

Windows 8.1 Now Available for Download

Well, Microsoft heard your cries and your old friend, the Start button, is back with Windows 8.1. And this newest version of Windows is now available for download.

Three Microsoft Shareholders Want Bill Gates To Step Down As Chairman

Three of the top 20 investors in Microsoft reportedly want Bill Gates to step down as chairman of the company.

Surface Mini Rumors: Could Come with a 7.5-Inch Display

The rumored Surface Mini tablet from Microsoft might arrive with a 7.5” 1400×1050 display. Keep reading for more details!

Nokia Lumia 1520 To Be Unveiled In October

The Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone phablet reportedly will only be unveiled in the coming month.

Newkia Android Smartphone Might Arrive Within A Year

Singapore-based Newkia is planning to make the Android phones that Nokia wasn’t interested in making. The company expects to release an Android phone within a year.

Microsoft Announces $7 Billion Deal to Acquire Nokia

It’s the end of an era, my friends! Microsoft has now announced a $7 billion deal to acquire Nokia.

White Xbox One Certainly Looks Nice – But You May Never...

We are hearing a rumor about white Xbox One consoles which will only be available for a few people working at Microsoft.

Microsoft Releases Big Ole’ List of All Announced Xbox One Games

Considering getting your hands on an Xbox One when it launches later this year? If so, you probably would like to know exactly what games will be available to Microsoft’s next console. Microsoft is more than happy to oblige, providing a very lengthy list of every title that has been announced so far.

Microsoft Develops NFC Alternative, Uses Microphone and Speaker

It looks like the researchers over at Microsoft have come up with a pretty cool alternative to NFC, which they call Dhwani. Developed by Microsoft India, the system utilizes sound to transmit data. Even better, there is no special hardware required to make it work.

What Happens When The Xbox One Is Overheated?

Xbox One is capable of regulating its power by itself if it overheated. This might come as a major relief for Xbox 360 owners considering the Xbox One.

Xbox One: You Can Turn Off Kinect Completely

There won’t be any need for the Kinect while using the Xbox One console, but Microsoft still doesn’t have any plans to release a Kinect-free Xbox One package.

Xbox One: Xbox Live Gold Subscription Required For Many Key Features

According to Microsoft, you will be required to get a $59.99 (for a year) Xbox Live Gold subscription to have access to many of the online features for the Xbox One - not that anyone should be too surprised.

80% Of Smartphones Shipped In Q2 2013 Run Android

According to the latest data, 80 percent of smartphones shipped in the second quarter of 2013 were running Android.

Your Next Windows Laptop Will Have Projected 3D Holograms

A new patent has been filed by Microsoft for a laptop computer that would not only have a transparent display, but it would be able to project holograms in three dimensions for the user.

Xbox One Designed to Run Silently While Also Keeping Cool

In a dramatic shift from the Xbox 360, Microsoft promises the Xbox One will not run into overheating issues and yet will run silently. For those that suffered through the "red ring" experience, this certainly is good news - if true.

Windows Phone US Market Share Falls

Sales of devices running Windows Phone on Verizon are at 5%, down from 6.8% in April. This seems to be the major cause for the fall of WP market share in the US.

AquaTop: Add More Fun To Playing In The Water (Video)

A team of Japanese engineers is using water as an interactive display with a projection system called AquaTop.

Xbox One to Offer Unlimited Cloud Storage

Not satisfied with the Xbox One's 500GB internal drive or ability to use USB external drives? Don't worry, Microsoft is also offering up unlimited cloud storage. Best of all, Xbox Gold isn't required to use it!

Xbox One has a 2-3x unit advantage over the PS4, says...

Just in from the world of bold predictions, Baird analyst Colin Sebastian says that the Xbox One will in fact have a 2-3x unit advantage at launch, compared to the PS4.