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The Educationally-Inclined Sharp SP700 PMP

It's not all fun and games, don't you know? Some of these awesome gadgets that get bandied around in Korea are actually meant to...
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Apple working on an iSmartphone?

That's the latest rumor coming out of Think Secret. We're not only going to be treated to a regular musicphone; word is that a...
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Telus Lands Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray Android Smartphone Exclusivity

The Sony Ericsson Xperia ray will be launching exclusively through Telus in Canada starting on November 2. Not surprisingly, it does all the things you'd expect from an Android phone from Sony.
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Is Your Grandmother Lonely? Hasbro’s “Joy for All Companion Pet” Can Keep Her Company

When kids and adults alike hear the word “Hasbro,” it’s clearly a company name that has enchanted generations with their line of Transformers action...
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Robert Downey Jr. Proposes to Become the Voice of Zuckerberg’s AI Butler but There’s...

Facebook boss and founder Mark Zuckerberg is presently searching for someone to become the voice of his new virtual assistant “butler.” So who else...
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Drinking Coffee Just Got More Interesting – Meet Sisyphus, the Coffee Table that Draws...

Sisyphus is basically a kinetic art coffee table that uses a marble that automatically rolls to draw intricate designs on a layer of sand...
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Digital Music Jukebox from E.Digital Holds Over 3000 Songs

Music lovers everywhere have a new option for easily taking their entire music collection with them everywhere they go with the introduction of e.Digital...
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Another Hi-Fi speaker set for the iPod

As with just about every other accessory out there for the glossy white music player, Apple isn't the only Hi-Fi speaker set in town,...
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Feature: What is the Ultimate Smartphone Form Factor?

Go back about twenty years (has it already been that long?) and you'll find that the only cell phone that was widely available to...
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Symbian Mosquitos Trojan was deliberate

The so called Trojan dialer that was recently found in illegal warez copies of the Ojom Mosquito game was deliberately hidden in the code...


World’s Smallest Portable, Easy-To-Use Digital Still Camera with LCD

This non-professional pocket-sized camera, which will retail at the very affordable price of £159.99, offers the latest in multi-functional hi-tech digital photography, and yet,...

Sprint adds to mobile multimedia offerings

Sprint is adding Music Choice audio channels to the Sanyo MM-7400 mobile phone this week. For $5.99 a month, users can select their...
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