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Sheridan College shows new 3D tourism game using BlackBerry smartphones at Vancouver 2010

Sheridan College arrived in Vancouver and setup shop at the Ontario House to display their latest glasses-free 3D technology. With Spacial View, RIM, and experts from Sheridan, they have created a puzzle game called IC3D featuring 20 of the most interesting landmark locations in Ontario.
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Charge All Your Gadgets, Keep Them Organized

Trying to keep your gadgets organized when you are on the road can be quite the challenge, especially since you have so many chargers...
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IBM’s RFID tag features range clipping security

IBM is wading into the RFID (radio frequency identification tag) fray this week and is expected to show off a new design with a...
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Hydrogen Vehicles are Far Better than Electric, But There’s a Big Catch to It

A Utah-based startup car maker is attempting to make waves by revolutionizing the car – and trucking – industry by using hydrogen power.  The...
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Don’t Get Ripped Off by These So-Called Android Antivirus Apps

If you’re worried about security for your Android phone or tablet, then you need not concern yourself with these Android antivirus apps, well, at...
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Nokia is Making like Douglas McArthur by Pulling an “I Shall Return” with Smartphones...

Nokia… wait, what brand? Nokia, oh that brand from Finland? This is a brand, like the iconic Blackberry, that got swamped simply because it...
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FCC Approves CDMA-ized HTC Touch Pro Smartphone

On Monday, there were rumors that the HTC Touch Diamond and Raphael would be going to Sprint and Verizon. In order for this to...
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LightSurf Announces Next Generation Embeddable Visual Communications Solutions For Wireless Devices

LightSurf Technologies, Inc., the visual communications company founded by Philippe Kahn, today announced that it is developing a series of miniaturized, embeddable digital imaging...
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Turnstile power harvested by Japan Railway

Remember late last week when we reported on vibration harvesters that could take everyday foot traffic and translate it into usable energy, providing enough...
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6th gen iPod Nano has multitouch, $149 for 8GB and $179...

Apple’s new 6th-generation iPod Nano is basically an overgrown stamp with multitouch. No click wheel on this one, the screen is 46% smaller and 42% lighter than its predecessor.


Apple to use Intel chips in all Macs by 2007

The official announcement came today from Apple, their plans to use Intel microprocessors beginning in 2006 and eventually all of their Macs by the...

MacBooks with Core 2 Duo by Thanksgiving?

The bad news is that we have yet another Apple rumor. The good news is that it isn’t about the video iPod or iPhone....
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