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LG G3 Teaser Video


LG G3: A new teaser video is allowing us to take a peek at the device just ahead of its announcement.

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Robot Fixing Itself On The ISS (Video)


The Canadian robotic arm of the ISS, Canadarm2, repairing itself with help from a robot called Dextre.

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FIFA World Cup 2014 To Be Kicked Off By Paralyzed Teen (Video)


The FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil will be kicked off by a paralyzed teen wearing a motorized exoskeleton.

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Why Morgan Freeman’s Voice Sounds Funny After He Inhales Helium (Video)


Why does sucking in Helium make us sound like Donald Duck?

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Multipod Studio’s Pop-Up House (Video)


Check out Multipod Studio's Pop-Up House, an affordable little prefab home.

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Drone Delivers Pizza In India (Video)


A drone being used to deliver pizzas in India.

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Bad Parenting: 11-Month-Old Girl Sent on Solo Parasailing (Video)


Very bad parenting.

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Infinadeck: The Omni-Directional Treadmill (Video)


Check out Infinadeck - the treadmill that allows you to walk in any direction.

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Theremin Mini Kit For $39.99 (Video)


Get the Theremin Mini Kit available at ThinkGeek for just $39.99.

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Rubik’s Cube: Check Out The Interactive Google Doodle


Google is celebrating the 40th birthday of the Rubik's Cube with an interactive doodle.

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Motorola Moto E Drop, Water Resistance And Scratch Test (Video)


Motorola Moto E put to the test.

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HTC One Mini 2: Specs, Price And Release Date (Hands-On Video)


HTC One Mini 2: The details you all want to know.

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This Bike Seems To Belong To The future: The Foldable, Electric Gi-Bike (Video)


The feature-packed foldable, electric Gi-Bike.

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BMW Reveals Vision Gran Turismo For PS3 GT6 (Video)


BMW reveals Vision Gran Turismo virtual car for PS3's GT6 game.

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Blind Dog Kellar Plays Fetch Using Smell And Sound (Video)


Although he is a blind dog, Kellar loves playing fetch with his owner.

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