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Man Taking Selfie During Bull Run In Spain (Video)


This man wanted to be murdered by a bull while taking a selfie.

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Hyundai Empty Car Convoy Ad (Video)


The Hyundai empty car convoy ad is pretty insane, but also cool.

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World’s Tallest Waterslide: Watch What It’s Like To Ride It (Video)


Verrückt, the world's tallest waterslide, will scare the pants off of anyone who rides it.

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Chris Froome Wrooms Through Eurotunnel: First And Probably The Last To Cycle Under the English Channel (Video)


Chris Froome cycling under the English Channel.

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Google Now Will Let You Use Your Voice To Control Media (Video)


Use Google Now to control media playback with your voice.

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Earthlike Planets Circling Gliese 581 Might Not Exist (Video)


Gliese 581g, the first potentially habitable exoplanet, might actually not exist.

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2015 Volkswagen Passat B8 (Euro-Spec) Officially Revealed


Check out the 2015 Volkswagen Passat B8.

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Wanna Cycle In Your Skirt, Try Penny In Your Pants (Video)


Want to ride a cycle in your skirt, but don't want to expose yourself? Try Penny in Your Pants!

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Dogs Chill On Couch As Burglars Leave With Flat Screen TV (Video)

dog in sunglasses

These dogs are OK with burglars walking around in the house.

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Otonaroid And Kodomoroid: Hiroshi Ishiguro’s New Robots For A Tokyo Museum (Video)

Otonaroid-Kodomoroid-Hiroshi Ishiguro

Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro unveiled his latest robots in Tokyo recently. They looked so eerily human.

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How To Put On Your Pants Without Using Hands (Video)


Want to learn how to put on your pants without using your hands?

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Hydrogen Could Become The Fuel Of Choice For Future With STFC Hitting On New Method To Cheaply Produce And Store It


A new technological breakthrough could make Hydrogen the fuel of choice for the future.

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Whistled Back To Life: Wearable Technology Saves A Snake-Bitten Dog


Whistle wearable technology saves a dog's life.

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Google Cardboard Is An Inexpensive VR Headset (Video)


Google Cardboard: a very inexpensive virtual reality viewer.

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Motorola Unveils Moto 360 Android Wear Smartwatch At Google I/O, Brings Haute Couture To Technology (Hands-On Video)


Check out the newly unveiled Moto 360 smartwatch.

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