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President Obama Plays Football with Japanese Robot (VIDEO)


President Obama Plays Football With Japanese Robot Asimo U.S. President Barack Obama President had a great time playing soccer with a Japanese robot ASIMO. ASIMO, the Honda Robot, looked like a 10 year old dressed in an astronaut suit having a lot of fun showing multiple things he could do to impress the President, including challenging him to kick the football with him. ...

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This Is Not A Photo Of Morgan Freeman (Video)

morgan freeman 1

A painting of Morgan Freeman

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Camera Issue (Video)


iPhone 6 Plus' camera has an issue

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This GoPro Video Will Show You How Hard Downhill Mountain Biking Is


Downhill mountain biking from the perspective of the rider

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Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge Concepts (Video)


Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge concepts

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Apple iPhone 6 Getting Drilled (Video)


iPhone 6 vs drill

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Young Elephant vs 14 Lions (Video)


Young elephant fighting off 14 lions in Zambia

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Strange Corner Kick Routine Fails (Video)


An unusual corner kick routine.

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Hans Zimmer’s Music Makes Everything More Epic In Interstellar (Video)


Hans Zimmer's music makes a dog's stunt feel more dramatic.

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Giant Texas Katydid Breathing, Grooming And Chirping (Video)


Take a close look at the Giant Texas Katydid.

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HTC One M8 On Rogers, Telus And Bell In Canada Will Receive Eye Experience Update Tomorrow


Eye Experience software for HTC One M8 in Canada.

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ISS Astronauts Playing Around With Water And A GoPro (Video)


What happens when ISS astronauts get a GoPro to play around with? They drown it.

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Bald Eagle Stealing Fish Off a Fisherman’s Line (Video)


The clever bald eagle

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Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Review By Conan O’Brien (Video)


Conan O'Brien reviews Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

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Apple iPhone 6 vs Steam Iron (Video)


This iPhone 6 won't have any wrinkles on it.

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