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Handspring goes wireless


Handspring, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAND) announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Bluelark Systems, Inc. of Mountain View Calif., developers of Blazer™ and BlueSky™, a Palm OS™ web browser and proxy server system that enable fast, seamless Internet access from handheld computers. With this acquisition, Handspring ...

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SongPro Gameboy MP3 Module


Pocket game users all over the world can pick up their Game BoyTM, remove the game cartridge, and plug-in a SongProTM Personal Music Device. SongPro.Com has developed a multimedia player plug-in module that turns pocket entertainment systems into powerful multimedia and digital music players. Listen to music, the spoken-word, comedy ...

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Morphing I-Mode Phones to Upstage 3G Debut


By Reed Stevenson TOKYO (Reuters) – Hyper-fast third-generation mobile phones are coming to Japan in mid-2001, at least 18 months ahead of the rest of the world, but their landmark debut will be eclipsed by innovations in existing technology, analysts say. Japan’s second-generation “2G” phones, including NTT DoCoMo (news – ...

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Mobile Phone Firms Face Fresh Suits Over Tumors


By Richard Baum LONDON (Reuters) – Mobile phone companies are facing fresh legal action from brain tumor victims in the United States, a newspaper reported on Thursday. Britain’s Times newspaper said Peter Angelos, a U.S. lawyer who recently helped win $4.2 billion in damages from the tobacco industry, was planning ...

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Palm announces MyPalm Portal


Palm today announced the availability of the MyPalm(TM) portal, a new personal information service accessible via the web or wirelessly through the MyPalm downloadable web clipping application currently in beta. The MyPalm portal gives users the freedom to access and manage their personal data, whether sitting at their desktop or ...

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Nixvue Digital Image Storage Device


Compact flash, smart media or memory sticks are common intermediate storage devices of most digital cameras. Users normally need a computer to download stored images when the media is full. That is no longer necessary with our latest Nixvue Digital Album. When storage media is full, users simply remove them ...

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DataHand Ergonomic Keyboard


The DataHand ergonomic keyboard offers a total of 132 keys (more than even extended flat keyboards) through the use of five keyswitches clustered around the tips of each of the fingers. With four modes, shifted by the thumbs, hand movement is no longer required to perform keyboard work. Hand support ...

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Device could lead to Hack-Proof data transmissions


Scientists have unveiled a miniature device that emits light particles, or photons, one at a time, an accomplishment which could pave the way for impregnable coded messages and electronic commerce in coming decades. In theory, such a single light particle offers benefits to people hoping to create secure communications, including ...

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Microsoft’s Prototype Tablet PC


Chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corp., unveiled a new direction in PC technology during his keynote address when he demonstrated a working prototype of a Tablet PC: a full-function Microsoft® Windows® operating system-based PC incorporating the convenient and intuitive aspects of pencil and paper into the PC experience. ...

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CM Tech’s Pocket Photo Digital Camera


The Pocket Photo CJ-100 is small enough to wear as a necklace. Just over 5″ long, and less than 2″ wide. The “Dual Digital Camera” can store approximately 120 photos at 640×480 resolution. Two AA batteries should last 1000 exposures. This is a remarkable camera for its size, it even ...

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Nintendo Gameboy Advance


Starting with the first generation “Game Boy”, and continuing on with “Game Boy Pocket”, “Game Boy Light”, and the color screen version “Game Boy Color”, with only minor alterations to our specifications, we have managed to top the “100 million units shipped” mark to locations worldwide. This proves how the ...

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Hy-Tek TREO with 6GB MP3 Storage


The TREO, a new high capacity Digital Music Jukebox made and priced for the consumer marketplace was introduced today at COMDEX/Fall, (booth S931H) by Hy-Tek Manufacturing Co. Inc. Hy-Tek’s new TREO stores and plays up to 150 music CDs. It offers numerous advantages over existing players, including storing more than ...

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MachZ all-in-one Linux Chip


ZF Linux Devices, Inc, is announcing its ultra-low power (< 1/2W @ 133MHz) MachZ PC-on-a-Chip with a software suite that includes a fully implemented PhoenixBIOS™ from Phoenix Technology and a choice of a customized Linux implementation or the WindRiver VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS). Every MachZ Integrated Development System includes ...

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Palm sized PennyScanner


The PennyScanner is designed to provide an extremely low cost solution for consumer scanning applications where convenience, simplicity and ease of use are paramount. To activate the scanner, simply press the button. The unit stays active a pre-determined time, 1 the unit will then scan barcodes. Barcodes can be deleted ...

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Bluetooth Headset for Mobile Phone Use


Japan Total Design Communication Co., Ltd. unveiled a new wireless headset designed especially for use with mobile phones. The headset, called “i2me” (pronounced “it’s me”), employs Bluetooth wireless technology. To use it, first a user needs to connect his/her mobile phone to a dedicated adapter unit, and the adapter and ...

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