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MpFit affordable MP3 CD Player with Remote


The MPFit is a stylish new update to the MPTrip MP3 CD Player. With it’s soft touch buttons and clear LCD display, the MPFit will prove to be one of the best and sought-after gifts for your friends and family members! Unlike the MPTrip, the MPFit can display the song ...

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WalkAbout Launches Powerful Tablet Computer That Goes Beyond Tough


WalkAbout Computers, the world leader in ruggedized “Pen Based” mobile computers, announces the HH3, a new feature rich 400 MHz Pentium powered addition to its successful HAMMERHEAD line of computer solutions. Designed for use in extremely demanding environments in-plant, in-vehicle or outdoors, the HH3 combines design simplicity, world class performance, ...

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PhatNoise’ Linux PhatBox lets you play MP3’s in Car


PhatNoise, Inc., developer of the first complete automotive digital media jukebox system, today announced that Visteon Corporation has licensed PhatNoise’s award-winning technology for a new vehicle audio system called the MACH® MP3 Jukebox. Visteon’s MACH MP3 Jukebox, powered by PhatNoise technology, will enable consumers to enjoy MP3 and WMA music ...

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Visteon licenses Phatnoise for new In-Car MP3 CD Player


Imagine one CD with up to 10 hours of personalized, non-stop music playing right in your own vehicle. This is now possible with the new Visteon MACH MP3 Music System introduced by Visteon Corporation. The new Visteon MACH MP3 Music System combines compressed file playback technology and efficient memory storage ...

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Palm Pilots now becoming Robots


By Daniel Sorid Palm Pilot application No. 413: sending it for coffee. Ambitious owners of personal organizer can now move beyond such passe uses such as making phone calls, ordering movie tickets, or snapping photos. Their Palm can now be turned into a robot. With a $300 kit available over ...

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Portable SuperDisk 240 Drive with MP3 decoder


COMPRO™ PDS-AV is a compact and portable MP3 player based on UltraSD technology. It doubles as a digital media storage device for desktop and notebook computers via a wide choice of interface including USB, 1394 or PCMCIA. Take it away as a portable MP3 audio player with your MP3 library ...

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Mikli Vision eyeglass mounted Camera


Mikli Vision connects to a recorder pack to video tape anything in your point of view. A small hand held remote controls all of the vital functions : ON/OFF, recording, speed, White balance, gain,automatic/manual settings. The Camera fits into a special part of the front of the pack when detached ...

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Motorola iRadio System Hits the Road at CES 2001


Motorola today announced its Internet radio prototype called iRadiotm, a revolutionary concept in in-vehicle information and entertainment via wireless Web access. The company will unveil iRadiotm, the latest DigitalDNAtm technology from Motorola, at the Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 6-9, 2000 (booth #19119 in the Sands Expo ...

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ArialPhone Wearable Wireless Communications


ArialPhone Corp., of Vernon Hills, Ill., today announced its company launch as a provider of wearable, wireless earset communications devices and voice-enabling software applications. With the announcement, the company marks the creation of an entirely new category of wireless communications product that provides a more convenient and effective way for ...

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Intel Introduces Portable Audio Player


Intel Corporation today introduced a portable digital audio player that provides up to four hours of music programming and more than 20 hours of spoken-word audio. The new product is equipped with 128 MB of memory for storing digital audio in MP3 and Windows* Media Audio (WMA) formats. The Intel® ...

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SmartData unveils the Architecture of the Pocket Bee


Pascal Bauermeister, head of software development for Smartdata announces the architecture of PocketBee, a small footprint Embedded Linux operating system being developed for use on the company’s new credit-card sized “Chipslice” portable/mobile/wearable computer. Smartdata is developing a modular credit card-sized pocket device, Chipslice, that can serve as the basis of ...

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RoadWriter turns your Palm into a Mobile Office


Revolve Design, a leader in mobile computing solutions, announced today the launch of RoadWriter, the first product that allows users to turn their Palm handheld quickly and easily into a low cost mobile office/ communications solution. RoadWriter utilizes an integrated Touch -Type Keyboard, for fast data entry and access, as ...

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