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Sony “Infostick” Bluetooth Memory Module


Sony Corporation demonstrated working prototypes of the “Infostick” Bluetooth module at CES 2001 International. This is part of an ongoing effort to develop the Memory Stick Expansion Module, which utilizes the form factor and interface terminals/protocols of the Memory Stick to add various hardware functions to compliant products. The Infostick ...

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Ultra-Pocket credit card sized digital camera


SMaL Camera Technologies, Inc., a developer of low power CMOS imagers and intelligent cameras for a variety of markets, including low cost consumer cameras, handheld electronics, intelligent transportation systems, and surveillance, introduced today at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2001 in Las Vegas, Nevada the Ultra-Pocket™, a digital still camera ...

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Crusoe Processor Powers Philips Net Display


Transmeta Corporation today announced that the Crusoe microprocessor is being implemented in Philips Components’ Net Display Modules to be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Philips’ Net Display Modules are the consumer electronics industry’s only in-panel, system-board integrated touch-screen liquid crystal display (LCD) modules. These displays enable ...

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Qubit Orbit to use AirPrime CDMA Wireless Internet Services


Qubit Technology, a leader in the Internet appliance market, today announced it has signed an agreement making AirPrime Incorporated the provider of CDMA-based wireless access solutions for the Qubit Orbit, the company’s wireless Web Tablet. “We are extremely pleased to be working with AirPrime on this development,” said David Armitage, ...

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The Throne: Microsoft ‘e-cliner’


Call it Couch Potato 2.0. Luxury armchair maker La-Z-Boy Inc. and software giant Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday officially launched a living room throne for the Internet age, complete with computer jacks and equipment for surfing the Web on a television set. The seat comes with a Microsoft WebTV receiver, wireless ...

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Uninterruptible Power Supply Status Delivered to Mobile Phones


In an effort to give IT managers the flexibility and management capabilities they desire to maintain their networks availability, American Power Conversion (APC) today announced a new version of its Web/SNMP Management Card that is compatible with wireless application protocol (WAP) – enabled mobile phones when used with APC’s Smart- ...

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MkiVki, a Visual Music Player


MkiVki, as a visual music player, is the first portable equipment that enables the user to edit the image and music randomly and play them. Unlike MP3 players that can only play music, the user can view music video and, take and edit moving/still pictures so that the user can ...

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ParaFone awarded best of show at CES2001


Arkon Networks Inc., is pleased to announce that the Parafone™ has been named an honoree and the winner of the “Best of Show” telephony product from a competitive field of entries at the prestigious Innovations 2001 Design and Engineering Showcase at the Consumer Electronics Show. Jointly hosted by the Consumer ...

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The new look of shopping at home


Gamut Interactive, Inc. has developed technology that makes all media interactive, including television, print, Internet, direct marketing/messaging and advertising. At the heart of this innovation is the Gamut personal shopping and savings device. The hand-held Gamut will change the way you shop forever. With Gamut’s advanced functionality and convenience, you ...

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Apple Unveils One Inch Thick Titanium PowerBook G4


Apple® today redefined mobile computing with the new Titanium PowerBook® G4 featuring PowerPC G4 processors with Velocity Engine™ running up to 500 MHz, a 15.2-inch (diagonal) mega-wide display, slot-loading DVD drive and 5 hour battery—all in a one inch thick Titanium enclosure weighing just 5.3 pounds. “The all new Titanium ...

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Conversay Speech-Enables the First Linux PDA


Conversay, a global leader in speech technology solutions for both mobile and traditional Internet access devices, announced it will provide the speech interface for the Linux-based YOPY® PDA system, making it the first Linux PDA to employ a speech interface. G.Mate, from Seoul, South Korea, and CenterComm of San Diego, ...

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New Card Promises High-Speed Wireless Networking


Sierra Wireless today announced that is has signed a distribution and supply agreement with Wireless WebConnect! to offer the AirCard 400 for the Ricochet 128 kbps network (“AirCard 400 for Ricochet”). Commercial shipments of the AirCard 400 to Wireless WebConnect! are expected to commence in the first quarter of 2001. ...

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Hitachi to hit market with first DVD-RAM camcorder


Hitachi America, Ltd., Home Electronics Division announced that its revolutionary DVD-RAM camcorder will ship to retailers end of January, 2001. Retailing for $1999.95, the DZ-MV100A records superior-quality video or 1,998 mega-pixel (one million pixels) still photos onto an eight-centimeter DVD-RAM disc that is rewritable up to 100,000 times with no ...

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Palm to beam Visa charges


by Matt Berger If you own a Palm, buying via credit card is about to get easier. This newest application of the Palm introduced Saturday at the Consumer Electronics Show, will allow users to make a Visa credit card purchase by beaming account information from a Palm handheld to a ...

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