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BMW paves way with Megacity EV made of CFRP

BMW's Megacity Vehicle (MCV) announced this week claims to aim a radical shift in urban transportation. The MCV is based on a new vehicle architecture dubbed “LifeDrive”, this concept is part of BMW's small but evolving zero emissions motoring division. MCV is made up of two separate modules, the Drive module, which contains the drive system and battery, and the Life module, which is home to a lightweight passenger cell built from carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP).

2011 Ford Explorer first to debut Curve Control technology

The 2011 Ford Explorer is taking one step closer to the future of precision handling by implementing Curve Control, a new technology that is anticipated to be available in over 90 percent of Ford vehicles within 5 years. Swinging too quickly while taking a ramp is something we’ve all done at one time or another, but what we may not be aware of is how likely it is to result in more than a close call. Within the United States alone, this common mistake is responsible for over 50,000 accidents a year. Curve Control is designed to sense when a turn is being taken too quickly and compensates by reducing vehicle speed anywhere from 1-10mph within only a second.

Verizon announces Twitter photo sharing app

Verizon Wireless announced this week a new service that will allow customers to share photos via Twitter. The software, dubbed TweetToGo created by TweetPhoto and Pelago, offers such features as Tweeting, replying, email link and direct messages. Picture features give users the ability to take, preview and send photos taken with their phones to TweetPhoto and swap them with friends.

Microsoft scraps Kin after 2 months

After just under two months on the US market, Microsoft will discontinue production of their Kin One and Two mobile phones. Contributing factors are presumed to be poor sales and a shifting of focus towards the company’s Windows Mobile 7 operating system. The Redmond-based computer software giant, confirmed the remaining stock in the US will continue to be sold until the channel runs dry, although the planned fall release for the two Kin devices has officially been halted.

Nokia phones can be held any which way you like

Freedom. Something we take for granted even with the simplest of things. The privilege of being able to grasp your mobile phone any way you like without having to worry about things like signal loss should be one of those freedoms. And it was, until the iPhone 4 came.

AT&T slams hacker group responsible for “malicious” attack

The group replied last week saying it exposed the security flaw to inform and protect consumers, and refused to make public their discoveries until AT&T repaired the issue. In response to the FBI’s claim that they’ve begun investigating the incident, the hacker organization said simply, “We did not try to hack your iPads, your iPads are safer now because of us”. They also noted that all findings have been destroyed by both the hackers and Gawker Media’s Valleywag website who received the data from them.

More details leaked on RIM touch-based slider hybrid

Research in Motion is rumored to be working on a touch screen phone hybrid that also includes a slider style keyboard, according to sources cited by the Wall Street Journal and our previous reports dubbing the device the BlackBerry Storm 3. Those familiar with the new hardware claim it is not unlike Apple’s iPhone and boasts many similar technical feats, possibly similar to RIM's patents from 2008.

Nintendo expected to announce 3DS app store at E3

The Nintendo 3DS may not be on store shelves for long, or at all, when the company launches an app store to go along with it. With portable gaming on the iPod, iPhone and iPad growing in popularity by the day, the Kyoto-based video game giant appears poised to combat their newest threat by taking a page from Apple’s book and using it against them.