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Double USB concept means you’ll never have to stab twice


Based on the idea that having to flip the USB plug every now and again to take a second stab at plugging in your USB-powered heated coaster is genuinely a problem

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E-books overtake paperback sales on Amazon.com


Last year, for every 100 paperback books sold on Amazon.com, the company sold 115 e-books, according to Amazon's Q4 earnings report. What's more, Amazon saw three times as many sales of e-books than of hardcovers during the same period.

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Thumbs up for the 80s iPhone Brick case


Thumbs Up's new Brick iPhone case, complete with mock antenna, gives the technological miracle that is your iPhone all the nostalgic stylings of 80s Wall Street yuppiedom, bringing us back to an age where the size of your phone – not the size of your truck – was the tell-tale indicator of overcompensation.

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Volkswagen XL1 is not only sexy, it achieves 235 mpg


Volkswagen has unveiled the prototype of a 1Litre/100km car that's been in progress for the past decade. With a dolphin-inspired streamlined body, dual electric/petrol engines and none of the unnecessary, the XL1 is set to steal the show at Qatar's auto show.

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JVC joining the “Boombox Not Dead” movement with RD-R1 and RD-R2


We may be the generation to witness the return of the boombox: We've seen iPod boombox docks – including the recent TDK boombox. Before that was Sanyo's retro boombox in 2007, complete with tape-playing glory.

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Econut biodegradable iPad case concept


From designers Cho Youg-jo & Jeoung Jun-tae comes the Econut, an iPad case made entirely of materials sourced from the Coconut tree.

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Inflatable snowshoes for those unexpected walks through deep powder


Snowshoes have followed more or less the same design for years: Little more than tennis rackets strapped to boots. That may be about to change with the release of the "Small Foot."

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Ricoh CX5 couples traditional and digital methods for 0.2 second AF


If you know the Ricoh CX4, you'll recognize the CX5. The appearance and most of the features are almost identical, including the 10MP, 28-300mm (35mm equivalent) backlit sensor and 3" high-res screen. But Ricoh has added two important features to the 5: Hybrid autofocus and Super-resolution.

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Synthetic micro-beads could create emissions-free, $1.50 per gallon gasoline


Imagine gasoline that costs only $1.50 per gallon, releases no carbon emissions and works in any and every existing gasoline engine without modification. That's exactly what UK-based Cella Energy has been working on for four years during a top-secret programme – and they're now announcing the achievement.

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Monowalker’s hiking trailer: Wheelbarrow meets U-Haul


The Monowalker is a backwards hip-strap-mounted luggage wheelbarrow perfect for "scientists in nature" who need to hike their gear out on narrow trails. Hunters, to bloody up the steam-bent, varnished ashwood frame whilst dragging dead animals out of the woods. And they haven't forgotten you, dads; the hiking trailer is fully compatible with "Billy the Kid" child carrier backpacks.

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$1,270 iPhone 4 case ready for pre-order


Just in time to become obsolete in five months with the release of the iPhone 5 – and presumably more expensive – is Franck Muller's set of $1,270 limited edition iPhone 4 cases.

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Hindsight is 20/20 with upcoming rear-view cycle cams


Evan Solida, founder of Cerevellum, was a long-time road-bike rider and racer before an accident in 2007 prompted him to stop competing. Throughout several cosmetic surgeries to restructure his facial features after being hit by the car, his focus instead turned to inventing devices to make road sharing safer.

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Dermatologists may soon be scanning your freckles with iPhones


iOS is taking another step into the medical world with the handyscope case/app combo, which effectively turns the iPhone into a dermoscope for checking potential spots of skin cancer.

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Nexus S random reboot bug taking its toll on Android fans


Samsung and Google's Nexus S Android smartphone seem to be losing popularity quickly amongst its users, that's all because some phones are randomly rebooting in the middle of calls.

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All-in-one computer concept comes complete with tablet


In another show of unbridled innovation, the aptly named InOne all-in-one desktop computer concept blends several already-available technologies into a single package that leaves us aching for cooler things to come.

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