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Technology still most trusted industry


Technology has defended its title as the most trusted industry in the public's eyes according to the recently-released 2011 Edelman Trust Barometer.

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GM to cut Chevy Volt prices for second generation


Those planning to by the next generation of Chevy Volt will be pleased to hear the car will be about 17 percent cheaper than the original

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$20,000 and a CR-48 laptop for first to hack Chrome


Google is offering $20,000 and a CR-48 Chrome OS laptop to anyone who can hack their Chrome browser.

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Shell drops out of the algae biofuel race


Shell is out of the Algae biofuel game after Cellana, a joint venture formed by Shell and HR Biopetroleum, bought out the petro giant's shares.

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Institute: Red light cameras really do save lives


Red light cameras saved 159 lives in the U.S. between 2004 and 2008 and would have led to the prevention of 815 deaths had every large city — defined as those with more than 200,000 people — been using the technology.

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UR-110 watch blends astronomy and time-telling


URWERK's new UR-110 watch is a solar system behind a sapphire crystal viewing glass, using orbiting "hour satellites" running along a minute track and a steampunk tenor to tell time.

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New method extracts fingerprints from fabric


Researchers may soon be able to lift fingerprints from clothes worn by the victims of crimes, according to the University of Abertay Dundee and the Scottish Police Services Authority.

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British watchdog agency wants to ban cell phones for kids


Powerwatch, an independent watchdog agency in the U.K., wants to impose an age limit on cell phone use, saying children are up to five times as likely do develop brain tumors from using mobiles.

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Breakthrough solar technology a step towards cheap full-spectrum panels


The solar age is now a day closer thanks to Wladek Walukiewicz and Kin Man Yu at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, who have developed a new full-spectrum solar cell that uses common production methods.

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Google sting finds Bing copying Google’s search results


The results tell all: Microsoft uses Internet Explorer to monitor what users search for on Google, the results they choose, and uses that data to refine Bing's searches.

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International Space Station to get a bouncy-castle addition


Inflatable furniture may have gone out of style after the 70s, but NASA isn't looking to Boeing or Bechtel to build an addition to the International Space Station; they're looking to Bigelow Aerospace to design and manufacture a 330 cubic metre inflatable expansion

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Patched Froyo security flaw resurfaces in Gingerbread


The notorious security flaw in Android 2.2's stock Internet browser, which allows remote access of files on your SD card to rogue websites, hackers and attackers who know the file path, has been patched on Android's new Gingerbread version of the OS.

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The Jetlev water-powered jetpack


To the excitement of tourists and gimmick-lovers everywhere, the Jetlev-Flyer water-powered jetpack will be hitting beach resorts the world over this March.

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Teen genius’ solar-powered death ray vaporises anything (evil not included)


The result is somewhat of an environmentally-friendly inverted disco ball of doom, designed to focus the sun’s rays to a single point capable of almost instantly vaporising metal

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Toshiba Dynabook is a moody chameleon


Toshiba's new Dynabook is the mood ring of laptops, its lid coated in a nano-technology-based metallic film lamination that changes colours on the go. Toshiba boasts the computer's low environmental impact as the lid – and the rest of the laptop's casing – contain no metals. But this also means the base looks and feels a bit cheap and plasticky.

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