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Android Phone Trumps Radar Gun in Yolo County, CA


A 21-year-old UC Davis student successfully managed to beat a speeding ticket thanks to the "My Tracks" GPS app on his HTC Evo 4G, which keeps track of your average speed, distance travelled and max speed for any given trip.

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Atari 2600 Portable Gaming System Mod


While Sony and Nintendo continue to make advances, striving to take handheld gaming consoles further, some are just looking for a step back. Sites like nintendo8.com, the iCade arcade dock for iPad, cell-phone Pacman; they all take us back to the good days of 8-bit.

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Long-Exposure Photography Captures the Wi-Fi Landscape


The staff's 80 LED lights blink higher and lower depending on the strength of a given wireless network, giving a look at both the effects of infrastructure on signal strength and just how widespread Wi-Fi has become in the modernized world.

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Micro-NMR Device Uses Smartphone to Diagnose Cancer Faster, More Accurately


It can be the longest and most agonizing three days of a person’s life: You’ve found a suspicious lump, the doctor’s taken samples… And now you wait, unsure of whether or not you have cancer. To make matters worse, when that call finally does come from the pathology lab and you expect your results – positive or negative. Anything. Just ...

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Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 Portable Scanner Review


The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 scanner might just be the ultimate portable scanner. Ultra-mobile, high-quality, easy to use and surprisingly fast; the hardware’s solid, the software is versatile and the bundle is very affordable. In fact, it seems to have achieved all of the benchmarks with little to no sacrifice in any area.

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Wikipedia Information Can Be Accessed With Livescribe Smart Pens


Smartpen manufacturer Livescribe last week announced the release of the new Wikipedia app for their Echo and Pulse pens. Once downloaded to the pen, the app lets you search through offline abstracts of the 100,000 most-visited English-language Wikipedia articles using your pen and pad as the interface: Simply write the name or subject in the "dot paper" notebook and tap the word with the tip of the pen and the information is at your fingertips.

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Full FaceTime for Mac App Arrives


Along with the revamped MacBook Pro line of computers today, Apple has released the first full-version FaceTime app for the Mac App store.

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Mozilla releases Firefox 4 Beta 5 for Android and Maemo


Firefox 4 Beta 5 for Android and Maemo was released yesterday, promising better-than-ever performance and stability.

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Griffin’s Survivor iPhone Case is Very Aptly Named


Imagine taking your iPhone 4 or fourth-gen iPod Touch with you on a trek deep into the rainforests of South America, the deserts of the Middle East, or snowboarding down a mountain face without ever fearing for its safety. While this probably isn’t something you could do with your naked device, Griffin has brutally over-engineered a military-grade case to allow ...

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Sony’s VAIO S Has it All, From Integrated 3G to Blu-ray

Press Release S Image2

Sony Europe's new VAIO S series laptop is the ultimate workaholic's tool: A 128GB Solid State Drive for rapid startups, a dual-battery option for 14 hours of life between charges, 3G connectivity for internet "everywair" and a hybrid graphics system for the perfect balance between performance and stamina.

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Raonhaje EGO Semi-Submarine Drivable by “Anyone”


2011 seems to be not only the year of the tablet, but the year of the new novelty beach-side resort vehicles, too. First we saw the introduction of the water-powered jetpack that gives ocean-goers a bit of a look down to the surface of the ocean. Now, Korea's Raonhaje is following up with the EGO electric semi-submarine for resorts for a view of what lies below.

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It Would Actually Be Smart For Mercedes To Build Forspeed Electric Roadster Concept


Just ahead of the Geneva Auto Show at the beginning of March, Mercedes has unveiled their never-to-be-produced all-electric smart forspeed concept roadster.

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Hands-On Review: The Tunebug Vibe


We’ve gotten our hands on Tunebug’s Vibe portable speaker, a small brushed-zinc triangle which claims its “SurfaceSound” technology turns most surfaces it sits on into a flat-panel speaker.

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Nomad Brush Set for the Digital Canvas Era


The idea of a digital canvas is nothing new, and with the expanse of drawing and painting apps and programs out there, the iPad and other tablets definitely have the 'canvas' side of that equation covered. But, as with a regular canvas, your fingers will only take you so far.

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Kno Hopes to Sell Hardware Division, Focus on OS


Student-aimed tablet startup Kno, who has already raised about $56 million to design and manufacture their textbook- and notebook-replacing clamshell tablets for college students, is reportedly in talks to sell off its entire hardware division to focus on software.

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