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Swedish photojournalist’s old Leica sells for $104,000 on eBay

The eBay auction of an old, tattered antique camera closed Friday for $104,000. The 55-year-old Leica MP-36 camera was once the property of famous Swedish photojournalist Leif Engberg, who's covered (among others) the Soviet invasion in Czeckoslovakia 1968, the war in Vietnam, the civil war in Biafra, the war between India and Pakistan over East Pakistan (Bangladesh), conflicts in Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Africa, Central and South America, Balkan regions and the Middle East.

NASA’s futuristic plane program of 2025 reveals artists renderings

Near the end of 2010 NASA chose three companies who would develop three new aircrafts for the year 2025, complying with NASA's guidelines for the futuristic planes. Now, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman have come up with three completely different artist renderings of their proposed aircrafts which are quite inspiring.

That Schiit’ll blow out your eardrums

Schiit has taken two of the best adjectives ever applied to electronics – gorgeous and crystal-clear – and applied them beautifully to their new Lyr headphones amplifier.

Artificial Intelligence set to try its skills at Jeopardy

A high-powered artificial intelligence computer – capable of human logic, linguistics, deciphering puns and instantly searching millions of pages of reference material and encyclopedias for information asked for indirectly – to be tested amongst the smartest contenders in a televised game show. What is Jeopardy? Alex.

PBS app gives 300+ hours of free video

Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it is free. It's got more than 300 hours of free video. It's got free full-length programs. Free news from Frontline and PBS Newshour.

20,000 GPS cell phone units sent to Chinese children to help...

If you thought kidnapping was only a problem in countries like Columbia or Russia, you may be surprised to hear that China has long been facing 200,000 child abductions a year by some estimates – with the most conservative of estimates still sitting around 165 per day.

Satarii motion iPhone dock tracks you, puts an end to the...

Video recorders on cell phones have come a long way, but for anyone who's ever tried using one to record a video of themselves, their children, their buddies or anything else know full well that shaky hands are always the same.

Globe2Go set to release updated iOS app

Readers of Canada's national newspaper, the Globe and Mail, can expect a more sophisticated interface, smoother swiping and all-around better experience with the upcoming update for their iOS app.

Samsung Galaxy S2 to be announced at Mobile World Congress 2011

JK Shin, president of Samsung Mobile, has officially announced a successor to the Galaxy S and the global equivalent of the U.S.-only Infuse 4G.

GM to stimulate electric car market with a handful of new...

If you're an American looking to trade in your car this year and are considering making the switch to electric, you might want to hold off for the time being. According to a statement made by GM's chief executive Daniel F. Akerson, there's going to be a lot more options on the U.S. market in a couple years.

Mercedes’ SLS AMG E-cell Gullwing will be in production for 2013

Mercedes has announced its SLS AMG E-Cell Gullwing all-electric car will enter production for 2013, though they haven't given exact dates; or important details such as the price or even the battery's range or charge time.

Microsoft, get used to selling your apps in the Marketplace

It seems we have a "chicken or egg" scenario playing out in the trade name world. Microsoft has filed a motion with the US Patent and Trademark Office hoping to force Apple to give up its legal grip on the name "App store."

Trypoxy is a futuristic concept phone adding beauty to enhanced browsing

When I first loaded the photo of the Trypoxy concept phone on Firefox, I thought I had stumbled upon the most gorgeous futuristic egg chair ever. But upon closer inspection, I realized Trypoxy is no chair. It is, in fact, the most gorgeous futuristic egg phone ever.

Whale activism? There’s an app for that.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is announcing the release of their new iPhone app aimed at strengthening the community of ocean activists. Or at least that's what they're saying.

Lexar’s factory video tour gives insight to painstaking process of memory...

Possibly motivated by constant complaints about the high price of seemingly cheap memory products, Lexar's factory tour video, released on YouTube last week, details the long, grueling process involved in the manufacturing process of memory chips.

Intel and NVIDIA resolve all outstanding patent disputes

Intel and NVIDIA have reached a $1.5 billion long-term cross-license agreement on a series of patent infringements, according to a joint statement released today.

Mobile Magazine’s 10 Best at CES Awards

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show ended this past weekend, but not without leaving a lasting impression of what is to come. Tablets and smartphones dominated, showing that the future is indeed mobile.

iCade for iPad is the oldschool arcade cabinet we’ve always wanted

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, there was a time when kids would leave their homes if they wanted to play video games. They would gather at gaming cafes, then called "arcades," to drop coins into the large wooden boxes that housed individual games such as Ms. Pacman, Street Fighter or Frogger. Yes, we hope you remember this time, because we sure do and miss it too.

Galaxy Tab gets a 4G upgrade for Verizon

If you've just received one of Samsung's well-priced Galaxy Tabs this Christmas, you'll be pissed to hear that they've made the upgrade to 4G, as well as bumping up the resolution of the rear-facing camera to 5 megapixels and the front camera to 1.3.

Opening day for the Mac app store sees 1 million downloads

The store, which resembles the app stores for the iPhone and iPad, is already home to more than 1000 apps. Some have been retro-fitted from their iOS versions to run smoothly on OS X and use the mouse rather than a touch screen.

Gigantic Lady Gaga Polaroid sunglasses “conceal” camera within

OK, it's a neat idea: Shades with a cellphone-style camera in the bridge for taking photos and video. But give that neat idea to Lady Gaga for design, and the Polaroid GL20 sunglasses are the inevitable end result as seen at the CES.

MSI unveils pair of Android and Windows “WindPad” tablets

The 10.1" tablets both boast 10-point multitouch screens as opposed to the usual two-point, are only half and inch thick at their thinnest point, get eight to 10 hours of battery life and have an assortment of I/O ports, including USB and HDMI.

Cydle M7 MultiPad is an affordable mash-up of tablet technologies

Cydle's M7 MultiPad is a breath of fresh air into the raging waters of the now-fiery tablet market. And also an earth reference.

Toshiba’s Next-Gen Android Honeycomb dual-core tablet

This would have been the perfect way to compare the two side-by-side, too. The XOOM and the Next-Gen pack the same dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, sport the same 10.1" HD screen with 1280x800 resolution and even the same 2MP front and 5MP back camera specs. They both even have HDMI-out.

Huawei’s IDEOS X5 targets lower-end smartphoners

Operating on Android 2.2, the IDEOS X5 gives the option of a "fashionable variety of colours." So, despite having little more than the standard fare of smartphone functions, it's dressed to impress. With a 3.8" multi-touch screen, 5MP camera for 720p video, FM radio and Flash 10.1 support, it's will definitely get you through the day.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is a push for better smartphone photography

Though it's only got one lens, no projector and isn't an all-around mind-blow like some of Sony's other announcements at this year's CES, their cellphone division is following the lead and pushing the envelope of just what in-phone cameras are capable of.

3M’s MP180 sets a new standard for pico pocket projectors

Built for business professionals and "mobile road warriors," its SVGA resolution will make your presentations look better, even in brighter settings. And it won't die on the third slide of your powerpoint: It's good to go for two hours on battery.

BlackBerry superphone plans still distant

Lazaridis says they're aware that they don't have the high-end multimedia superphones on the market to directly compete with the iPhone or the Galaxy S, but is in no rush to change that until such things as dual-core processors and 4G networks align themselves to RIM plans.

OtterBox Reflex series smartphone cases built to take one for the...

Inspired by the crumple zone of a car, OtterBox's new Reflex series iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Curve cases use polycarbonate and TPE rubber and air to keep your phone safe, even in (or falling from) the hands of the worst of butterfingers.

Motorola XOOM enters the market as first Honeycomb tablet

The Motorola XOOM tablet is positioned to hold its own right out of the gate in the newly-mushrooming tablet market. Sporting front- and rear-facing cameras, XOOMers can take advantage of video calling, 5MP photos or 720p video recording.

SanDisk the enabler: 100MBps 128GB CompactFlash cards

Which means it may not be the fastest or the highest in capacity alone, but it's the best combination of the two so far. With a 100MB per second writing speed, you won't have to wait long to fill up the 128GB of storage with full-HD video or burst sequences from your 21MP DSLR.

Sony brings 3D bloggie video camera and HD HandyCam with built-in...

Sony is going all-out at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, revamping their cameras and camcorders with 3D, HD, HD3D, built-in projectors – basically everything you would expect if R2D2 shagged with your Flip and made benderesque little camcorder babies.

The Nike+ sportwatch GPS will nag you into shape

If you're having trouble keeping up with the exercise routine you've suddenly imposed upon yourself for the New Year, you might want to check out the new Nike+ sportwatch. Not only will it add a new layer of technological novelty to something as old-fashioned as jogging, but it will even nag at you when you haven't gone for a run in a few days.

Two new Speck CandyShell iPhone 4 cases hit the market

Speck, makers of the ever-popular CandyShell iPhone case, has released two new models with two new innovations: You can choose either the CandyShell View, which holds your iPhone 4 in a convenient position for viewing photos, using FaceTime or watching videos; or the CandyShell Card, which adds a new level of horror to losing your phone by doubling as a wallet for ID and credit cards. Both at $40 a pop.

Seagate announces ultra-portable Time-Machine hard drives

Seagate, arguably one of the most well-known names in external hard drives announced the release of four new ultra-portable "GoFlex for Mac" external hard drives at CES.

Tablet market to explode to $46 Billion worldwide by 2014

Yankee Group has released the first-ever global tablet forecast, predicting last year's $16-billion tablet market will continue to outpace HDTVs, handheld game consoles and mp3 players in sales of over $46 billion by 2014.

XPAND presents world’s first personalized 3D glasses

XPAND, the company hell-bent on the idea that caps lock and exclamation marks are suitable for every occasion, has announced the world's first set of personalized, universal 3D glasses today at CES. Using LCD active shutter technology, they're fully compatible with every make and model of 3D TV, computer and gaming console – as well as in theatres.

Kingston releases über-fast UltimateXX class of SD cards

Over the last couple of years, photography and filming technologies have outpaced that of the memory cards they rely on, making high-quality sequence shots and HD filming on SLR cameras a bit daunting and laggy at times. That is, until now.

Touch Revolution’s giant multi-touch screens may spark a multi-touch revolution

Touch Revolution has unveiled a set of ultra-large 15-32" multi-touch screens at CES, bringing capacitive screens to the grand scale.

iPad 2 mock-up pops up at CES

Though pre-emptive cases for the yet-unreleased iPad 2 are nothing new, it's the machined aluminum mock-up of the second-generation iPad inside this one's sleek, black leather covers that really demands attention. Though we won't know exactly where the specs came from, it seems absurd Dexim would go through all the trouble of designing a tight-fitting sleeve for it – which, by the way, the original iPad doesn't fit into – if they weren't absolutely certain about its accuracy.

Scooba floor cleaner means you’ll never have to wash the bathroom...

Announced at CES, the Scooba 230 is designed for cleaning bathroom floors such as tile, lino and sealed hardwood. At 3.5" tall and 6.5" in diameter, the robot can fit around toilets and furniture and under vanities. Using a three-stage cleaning system, it washes, scrubs and squeegees floors – and holds enough cleaning solution to scrub up to 150 square feet.

iHealth’s blood pressure system for iOS brings healthcare home

iHealth is bringing iOS devices to the healthcare industry with its new blood pressure monitoring system.

New iPhone app teaches newb tokers to roll like Chong himself

You're just hanging out at a house party, minding your own business, when your grungy friends pass you a baggy and some zigzags as they sit down to a game of Rock Band. Fifteen minutes of cursing and crumpled papers later, you hold up what appears to be a tiny, pale, under-inflated paper football, half-transparent from your attempts to lick it closed. And all your friends laugh at your inferior excuse of a doobie.

Apple’s App store set to pull in $2 billion in 2011

Gartner estimated the app market had hit $4 billion in 2010, and will grow to $27 billion by 2013. With Apple's app store expected to pull in $2 billion this year alone. Add to that the rumor of a February launch of an iPhone that works on Verizon -– the largest network in the U.S. -- greater availability will mean more new users with new phones to fill with new apps.

Eddie Bauer and Airstream create 215 square feet of camping luxury

If you're a serious outdoorsman – or a snob city-dweller who gets dragged out RVing by your serious outdoorsman friends – the new Eddie Bauer Airstream camper is for you.

10,000,000 fps camera captures first X-ray photo of lightning

Students at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne have taken the first X-ray photograph of lightning, confirming the notions that lightning both emits radiation and that most of that radiation is localized to the tip of the bolt.

$3 keychain could be the end of the World’s water crisis

Four students from the University of Washington may be closer than ever to solving the world's clean water shortage after designing a gizmo to aid in the solar purification of water.

Dark Knight movies inspire new wave of defense vehicles

I like to think a lot of people in the defense and security industries took much of their inspiration from comic book heroes when they were kids; the noble idea of defending the innocent against attacks from villains. And that seems to be the case with BAE Systems' new battle-bot concept.

TDK boombox bringing you back to the 80s

It's not exactly Steampunk, but TDK's new 2- and 3-speaker boomboxes sure have a solid 80s vibe integrated into those sleek, shiny black boxes.

Eton’s Raptor a must-stow for your holiday escape

Meet the Raptor. The first thing you'll notice is that one side of this omni-poderoso device is a solar panel. Not only does...