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Enzyme Found to Control Memory Retention in the Brain


Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have located a molecule in the brain that can be manipulated to either restore or erase memories, according to a paper published in the journal Science.

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Zioneyez HD Video Sun Glasses Have Style


They'll stand out from other glasses-cams - not by sheer ugliness -- as the tiny camera they're concealing to the right of the lenses records in full 1080p, capable of streaming your field of vision through your smartphone to Qik or LiveStream.

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VeriFone To Bring NFC Payments From Pipe Dream To Mainstream


Payment solutions company VeriFone is announcing it will make the push towards smartphone-based NFC as a widely-accepted method of payment, and that the technology will be incorporated as standard into their next line of point-of-sale devices.

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Rumor: iPhone 5 To Look More Like iPad 2


With the announcement of the iPad 2 behind us, the rumour mill is turning its sights on the upcoming iPhone 5. And I'll say I'm not surprised, but a tad disappointed with their speculations.

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Toyota Customers Most Loyal When Considering EV Purchases


A report released by Zpryme Research and Consulting to shed some light on brand loyalty going into the age of electric vehicles shows that, despite a year of recalls and bad press, Toyota fans remain the most loyal customers of any brand.

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Panasonic LUMIX FX77 Camera Makes You Attractive


We’ve all met a person or two who never wants to be in a photo. No matter what these people look like or how good any photos of them turn out, they indiscriminately hate every picture of their own face. It’s often irrational and baseless in the eyes of those around them, but those people go on with only the default Facebook avatar all the same.

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Apple Seeking Unlimited Downloads of iTunes Music


Apple is in negotiations with major record labels including Vivendi SA, Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music Group and EMI group to allow unlimited iTunes downloads, say sources close to the situation. The change would allow users to download purchased songs to iTunes on the various computers and devices under the same account rather than having to sync up manually, they say, adding a deal could be closed by mid year – conveniently, just in time for Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5.

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Swappable Batteries To Ease EV Charging


As charging times and locations are one of the problems facing electric vehicles, three companies are jumping on board with a way to solve the problem: Swappable batteries.

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Green Refinery Turns Scum into Savings


Imagine having the ability to turn the scum on a nearby pond into usable bio-diesel almost instantly, saving you money you would have been spending on fuelling up your car with only the upfront cost of a tiny refinery device.

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Complex Robots Built Easy With Cubelets


Kids these days are bloody lucky. Sure, kids’ cartoons are getting wimpier and more pathetic. But the toys! Oh man, the toys.

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Amazon To Open App Store for Android


Amazon’s new Android app store has been confirmed, showing the Seattle company truly is looking to take a share of the app pie.

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The Manta Electric Amphibious Concept Vehicle


It’s the Manta, a three-wheeled amphibious electric concept car by David Cardoso Loureiro of Belgium which was entered into the Michelin Challenge Design and won a spot on display at the North American International Auto Show.

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Novel Metals Could Be the 21st Century’s Plastic


Researchers at Yale University have created a new material that they say will be as revolutionary to industry as the introduction of plastics in the 20th century. Stronger than steel, yet as mouldable as plastics, bulk metallic glasses or “novel metals” are the best of both worlds, they say.

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New Facebook App for InPulse Watch Checks in Anywhere


But thanks to inPulse Lead Designer Eric Migicovsky and his new app for InPulse smartwatches, your watch can tell all of your Facebook friends where you are anytime using an Android phone and Facebook's Places service.

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Panasonic’s Jungle Gaming Console Will Never See the Light of Day


Now, Panasonic's new Jungle cloud-based handheld console has achieved an even shorter lifespan: It's been cancelled before ever making its market debut, surviving a total of 4 months as a concept since its announcement in October.

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