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Panasonic LUMIX FX77 Camera Makes You Attractive

We’ve all met a person or two who never wants to be in a photo. No matter what these people look like or how good any photos of them turn out, they indiscriminately hate every picture of their own face. It’s often irrational and baseless in the eyes of those around them, but those people go on with only the default Facebook avatar all the same.

Apple Seeking Unlimited Downloads of iTunes Music

Apple is in negotiations with major record labels including Vivendi SA, Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music Group and EMI group to allow unlimited iTunes downloads, say sources close to the situation. The change would allow users to download purchased songs to iTunes on the various computers and devices under the same account rather than having to sync up manually, they say, adding a deal could be closed by mid year – conveniently, just in time for Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5.

Swappable Batteries To Ease EV Charging

As charging times and locations are one of the problems facing electric vehicles, three companies are jumping on board with a way to solve the problem: Swappable batteries.

Green Refinery Turns Scum into Savings

Imagine having the ability to turn the scum on a nearby pond into usable bio-diesel almost instantly, saving you money you would have been spending on fuelling up your car with only the upfront cost of a tiny refinery device.

Complex Robots Built Easy With Cubelets

Kids these days are bloody lucky. Sure, kids’ cartoons are getting wimpier and more pathetic. But the toys! Oh man, the toys.

Amazon To Open App Store for Android

Amazon’s new Android app store has been confirmed, showing the Seattle company truly is looking to take a share of the app pie.

The Manta Electric Amphibious Concept Vehicle

It’s the Manta, a three-wheeled amphibious electric concept car by David Cardoso Loureiro of Belgium which was entered into the Michelin Challenge Design and won a spot on display at the North American International Auto Show.

Novel Metals Could Be the 21st Century’s Plastic

Researchers at Yale University have created a new material that they say will be as revolutionary to industry as the introduction of plastics in the 20th century. Stronger than steel, yet as mouldable as plastics, bulk metallic glasses or “novel metals” are the best of both worlds, they say.

New Facebook App for InPulse Watch Checks in Anywhere

But thanks to inPulse Lead Designer Eric Migicovsky and his new app for InPulse smartwatches, your watch can tell all of your Facebook friends where you are anytime using an Android phone and Facebook's Places service.

Panasonic’s Jungle Gaming Console Will Never See the Light of Day

Now, Panasonic's new Jungle cloud-based handheld console has achieved an even shorter lifespan: It's been cancelled before ever making its market debut, surviving a total of 4 months as a concept since its announcement in October.

Android Phone Trumps Radar Gun in Yolo County, CA

A 21-year-old UC Davis student successfully managed to beat a speeding ticket thanks to the "My Tracks" GPS app on his HTC Evo 4G, which keeps track of your average speed, distance travelled and max speed for any given trip.

Atari 2600 Portable Gaming System Mod

While Sony and Nintendo continue to make advances, striving to take handheld gaming consoles further, some are just looking for a step back. Sites like, the iCade arcade dock for iPad, cell-phone Pacman; they all take us back to the good days of 8-bit.

Long-Exposure Photography Captures the Wi-Fi Landscape

The staff's 80 LED lights blink higher and lower depending on the strength of a given wireless network, giving a look at both the effects of infrastructure on signal strength and just how widespread Wi-Fi has become in the modernized world.

Micro-NMR Device Uses Smartphone to Diagnose Cancer Faster, More Accurately

It can be the longest and most agonizing three days of a person's life: You've found a suspicious lump, the doctor's taken samples... And now...

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 Portable Scanner Review

The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 scanner might just be the ultimate portable scanner. Ultra-mobile, high-quality, easy to use and surprisingly fast; the hardware’s solid, the software is versatile and the bundle is very affordable. In fact, it seems to have achieved all of the benchmarks with little to no sacrifice in any area.

Wikipedia Information Can Be Accessed With Livescribe Smart Pens

Smartpen manufacturer Livescribe last week announced the release of the new Wikipedia app for their Echo and Pulse pens. Once downloaded to the pen, the app lets you search through offline abstracts of the 100,000 most-visited English-language Wikipedia articles using your pen and pad as the interface: Simply write the name or subject in the "dot paper" notebook and tap the word with the tip of the pen and the information is at your fingertips.

Full FaceTime for Mac App Arrives

Along with the revamped MacBook Pro line of computers today, Apple has released the first full-version FaceTime app for the Mac App store.

Mozilla releases Firefox 4 Beta 5 for Android and Maemo

Firefox 4 Beta 5 for Android and Maemo was released yesterday, promising better-than-ever performance and stability.

Griffin’s Survivor iPhone Case is Very Aptly Named

Imagine taking your iPhone 4 or fourth-gen iPod Touch with you on a trek deep into the rainforests of South America, the deserts of...

Sony’s VAIO S Has it All, From Integrated 3G to Blu-ray

Sony Europe's new VAIO S series laptop is the ultimate workaholic's tool: A 128GB Solid State Drive for rapid startups, a dual-battery option for 14 hours of life between charges, 3G connectivity for internet "everywair" and a hybrid graphics system for the perfect balance between performance and stamina.

Raonhaje EGO Semi-Submarine Drivable by “Anyone”

2011 seems to be not only the year of the tablet, but the year of the new novelty beach-side resort vehicles, too. First we saw the introduction of the water-powered jetpack that gives ocean-goers a bit of a look down to the surface of the ocean. Now, Korea's Raonhaje is following up with the EGO electric semi-submarine for resorts for a view of what lies below.

It Would Actually Be Smart For Mercedes To Build Forspeed Electric...

Just ahead of the Geneva Auto Show at the beginning of March, Mercedes has unveiled their never-to-be-produced all-electric smart forspeed concept roadster.

Hands-On Review: The Tunebug Vibe

We’ve gotten our hands on Tunebug’s Vibe portable speaker, a small brushed-zinc triangle which claims its “SurfaceSound” technology turns most surfaces it sits on into a flat-panel speaker.

Nomad Brush Set for the Digital Canvas Era

The idea of a digital canvas is nothing new, and with the expanse of drawing and painting apps and programs out there, the iPad and other tablets definitely have the 'canvas' side of that equation covered. But, as with a regular canvas, your fingers will only take you so far.

Kno Hopes to Sell Hardware Division, Focus on OS

Student-aimed tablet startup Kno, who has already raised about $56 million to design and manufacture their textbook- and notebook-replacing clamshell tablets for college students, is reportedly in talks to sell off its entire hardware division to focus on software.

Seagate’s Momentus XT Under Fire for Lagging, Freezing

Seagate's newest hybrid SSD/ATA hard drive has been facing issues with speed, freezing and aggressive spin-down/spin-up habits – the very issues solid state drive...

Nano Hummingbird UAVs To Fly The Skies

Mankind has managed to one-up nature once again with a 19g robot hummingbird capable of precision flight, hovering and espionage.

Russian Swamp Raft Mod Propels Skiing Man

Sergei Khvalin of Russia has taken apart half of the things in his garage – a lawnmower, some hand-made propeller, a paraglider – and re-assembled them into a scaled-down backpack hovercraft propeller.

Nikon Planning Embedded Sensor Fan for Cameras

A recent patent filed by Nikon shows they may be looking to an old-fashioned answer to a new-technology problem. The problem? Some of Sony's newer cameras are having trouble with their sensors overheating, causing unexpected limitations to their usage.

LeapPad Tablet for Toddlers Has Video Cam, Accelerometer

Well, stress no more. This summer, Leapfrog's new edutainment tablet for kids 4 years old and up will be hitting the stores, allowing Johnny and Betty to have their own tablet computers to learn and draw on. You'll never have to hand over your iPad or Galaxy Tab again.

Fastest Texter In The U.S. Michael Zhang

U.S. Cellular has announced the five winners from its 2010 Speed Text Tournament, which travelled around the United States throughout the year to pit competitive text-writers against one another by timing their speed while typing random phrases. And at the top of that list is Zhang, who managed to accurately type the given 26 characters in 1.5 seconds.

Rinspeed BamBoo Brings Social Media, Integrated Mobile Tech to the EV

No, the BamBoo was designed with the intention of being a fun, sun and sand delight for the social-media types and tech-savvy beach lovers. From its bread-box dashboard compartments to the throw-switch controls it conceals, it gives oldschool stylings and concepts a place in the world of high-tech transport.

iPhone 4 Battery Explodes

Now, Omar Huartas is claiming his iPhone 4's battery exploded, burning his hand and table after blowing the back panel off of the device. He says the fire expelled enough smoke to set off the fire alarm, leading him to tweet to a fake Steve Jobs twitter account: "my name omar huertas your iphone 4 blew up in my wife hand battery i spoke with apple i need something done loss data kids pic."

EGO-Kit Mountain Bike Electric Motor Kicks Out 2400W, 70 Km/h

It seems retrofit bicycle motors are seeing a resurgence in the market, a point emphasised by the new EGO-Kit motor for mountain bikes.

Ryanair Launches The World’s First Free Mobile Roaming Service

On one side of the Atlantic, Canadians are fighting a new CRTC ruling that bans Internet service providers from offering unlimited internet bundles; on the other, U.K.-based Ryanair and Maxroam have launched the world's first free mobile roaming service, which is live and ready as of Monday, the companies announced at the MWC.

2nd Gen VeriFone PAYware On The Way To Canada, U.K.

VeriFone is announcing the second generation of their PAYware Mobile Service, which will allow merchants around the world to accept smart card, mag-stripe card and contactless-based payments anywhere at any time using their smartphones.

Facebook Embedded SIM Cards FTW

Facebook is now available to anyone with a cell phone that uses SIM cards, thanks to European digital security company Gemalto who has managed to embed the entire Facebook software application onto the tiny chip.

Flash 10.2 Optimized For Mobile – Will The iPad 2 Get...

Adobe Flash 10.2 is coming to Android 3.0 devices including the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and BlackBerry Playbook, says Adobe, with Stage Video GPU acceleration to reduce RAM gobbling, smooth out performance and prolong battery life. Could these performance enhancements allow it Flash on the next-generation iPad?

Research Team Develops Digital Fingerprint To End Electronics Piracy

Fingerprints. Retinas. Snowflakes. No two are the same. Now, in the wake of a multi-million dollar pirated electronics bust in L.A., researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute near Munich have developed a way to give embedded components of electronics their own physically unique properties in a step towards ending electronic counterfeiting.

USB Follow Focus For Canon EOS Cameras A Boon To Smooth...

The Okii Systems USB Follow Focus remote control allows Canon EOS photographers and videographers to make the smoothest photos and videos possible, eliminating shakes from changing settings directly on the camera.

Yahoo Livestand

Yahoo is staking its claim in new-media territory with the launch of Livestand, a digital magazine stand for your tablet or super-phone.

GeoHot Forced To Surrender Contents Of His Computer To Sony

Sony is making both Microsoft and Metallica look downright cool as their lawsuit against GeoHot continues to unfold.

Google Accounts Get Security Upgrade

Google will be adding an extra layer of security -- Google Authenticator -- to their accounts in order to combat the growing threat of hackers and raise confidence in services such as Docs and Gmail.

Fido Fetches Sony Ericsson Cedar GreenHeart Phone

Sony Ericsson is expanding their GreenHeart collection of environmentally-friendly phones with an exclusive Canadian release of the Cedar. With post-consumer recycled plastics, a low-consumption charger and waterborne paint, the phone is being sold exclusively by Fido in Canada, aimed at consumers and businesses looking at a low-impact mobile solution.

Monopoly goes 21st century

Monopoly is getting a techno overhaul this fall, trading paper money for bank cards and exchanging guess-work and simple arithmetic for a computer tower that rolls the dice, manages the money and demands the rent.

Nissan electric Z concept heading to Geneva

Nissan is following up their Leaf EV with something a little more showy, turning their sights to a 370Z concept sports car to turn some heads at next months Geneva auto show.

INQ’s Cloud Touch is a Facebook phone at heart

NQ Mobile is showing off the prototype of their "Facebook phone," an Android-based smartphone with deep Facebook integration called the Cloud Touch. It's got Facebook chat, the news feed on the home screen, and FB events integrated into the Google calendar.

Slow motion: cute kittens and speeding bullets

In the 1920s, a fat, shirtless man in dress shoes somehow discovered the ability to survive being shot at close range by a cannon – and did so with a smile. To better display the feat to viewers, a videographer intentionally cranked his camera faster than usual while filming the cannon man so that when the reel was played back, the footage appeared to be slower; viewers could better take in what has happening on screen.

Emergency pagers for college students: Will it fly?

In an effort to combat parents' lack of trust in college crisis management systems, IntelliGuard is offering a work-around for post-secondary institutions to bypass mobile networks with emergency alerts.

Retro Fujifilm FinePix X100 release date, price confirmed

It is official. The long-awaited, highly-anticipated Fujifilm FinePix X100 camera is set to hit U.S. stores in March.