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10,000,000 fps camera captures first X-ray photo of lightning


Students at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne have taken the first X-ray photograph of lightning, confirming the notions that lightning both emits radiation and that most of that radiation is localized to the tip of the bolt.

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$3 keychain could be the end of the World’s water crisis


Four students from the University of Washington may be closer than ever to solving the world's clean water shortage after designing a gizmo to aid in the solar purification of water.

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Dark Knight movies inspire new wave of defense vehicles


I like to think a lot of people in the defense and security industries took much of their inspiration from comic book heroes when they were kids; the noble idea of defending the innocent against attacks from villains. And that seems to be the case with BAE Systems' new battle-bot concept.

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TDK boombox bringing you back to the 80s


It's not exactly Steampunk, but TDK's new 2- and 3-speaker boomboxes sure have a solid 80s vibe integrated into those sleek, shiny black boxes.

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Eton’s Raptor a must-stow for your holiday escape


Meet the Raptor. The first thing you’ll notice is that one side of this omni-poderoso device is a solar panel. Not only does this panel charge the gadget’s own li-ion battery, but anything you plug into its mini USB charger, too. It’s got everything you need to for hiking, trekking, camping in the furthest reaches of nowhere and predicting the ...

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Jimmy Lin reveals 7-inch iPad 2 “prototype”


By now, most of us may have caught a glimpse of Taiwanese pop-star Jimmy Lin holding an iPad in one hand, and what appears to be a 7-inch iPad prototype in the other. As convincing as this "prototype" appears, I have serious doubts. It's nothing more than a Chinese knock-off, the W11, who seem to refer to their product as the W11 iPad. This post translated from a blog in China on Oct. 5 talks about the product's head start in production before the "legendary 7-inch iPad 2."

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New hydrogen technology shrouded in mist of secrecy


Energy Technologies CZ a.s., small, independent research and development company in the Czech Republic announced a breakthrough in hydrogen fuel generation. According to a company press release, they've found a way to produce hydrogen fuel from water "cheaper" than any fossil fuels we use today; 790% cheaper than the current cost of gasoline or diesel in the U.S., and 1400% cheaper than in the Czech Republic.

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Vicon “Peer” Revue


The idea is simple enough. Wear a small, square camera as a necklace all of the time, and allow it to take up to eight photos per minute of everything you do.

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The Vostok Cabin

Vostok Cabin by Atelier Van Lieshout

Atelier van Lieshout (literally "workshop of Lieshout"), the same highly disturbed Dutchmen who gave the world SlaveCity, the Wombhouse, and mounted a 57mm Canon on the company car, have finished their newest project: The Vostok Cabin.

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The sweet taste of vision for the blind


Four years ago, the University of Montreal made ABC headlines while testing the “BrainPort vision” device. In the study, a blind volunteer strapped what appeared to be a webcam mounted on safety glasses to his forehead and slipped a small electrical grid on a wide, flat orange tether into his mouth – and used his tongue to see. Though only ...

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E Mobile’s new pocket WiFi/smartphone combo is a traveller’s dream


The $235 "Pocket WiFi" combines a mobile WiFi router with an android smartphone, and with plans starting at about $50 per month, combines and cuts down on a traveller's communication expenses in a huge way.

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Electric car market set for rapid acceleration


Automakers in China and Taiwan are expecting the electric and hybrid car industry to reach $100.5 billion by the 2014-2015 fiscal years.

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Honda announces Fit and Accord pilot program for California


Honda this week kicked off their Electric Vehicle Demonstration Program, with the first public tests of the Fit EV and Accord plug-in hybrids.

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Dynamic Eye working on intelligent LCD sunglasses


If all goes well for one team of American scientists, you may soon have to free up another USB port to charge – this may sound absurd – your sunglasses.

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Volt: A Chevy facade


What ever happened to the maximum range of 80–100 miles (130-160 kms) per charge on GM's EV1 in the mid 90s? I mean, that was the 90s. There's no way technology has gotten 65 per cent worse over the last 15 years. Come to think of it, wasn't that right about the same time Microsoft decided they should add internet capabilities to their products?

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