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The Beacon: Just another universal remote for your iPhone?


The Beacon Universal Remote Control System is a new Wi-Fi AV controller developed by Griffin Technology in collaboration with Dijit Media. Users can connect Beacon to their iOS gadgets and turn them into a universal remote capable of controlling your entire street block.. er, home entertainment system.

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LiveStreamPac is an HD live broadcasting system in a backpack


Reporters can now go to almost any corner of the world and share news. Be in remote areas, crowded streets, or public events, the live stream system will allow journalists the ability delivery high quality video outside broadcasts.

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Skylark UAV would destroy the AR Drone at the park


Israeli defense electronics manufacturer Elbit has recently tested a new Forward Ground Control Station strategy by using the Skylark I LE unmanned aerial system.  What does that mean exactly mean?  The Israeli Defense Department gets one of the coolest remote control aircraft we have ever seen.  

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A4tech V-Track: Wireless, Padless Mouse for All Kind of Surfaces

a4 tech

We all know that mice, the peripheral devices that is, require a mouse pad or atleast a good solid surface to work on smoothly. You will have a hard time trying to move the pointer on the display if you are using the mouse on a surface as smooth as glass or on the the wooly blanket while sitting on the bed.

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PhoneIt-iPad turns the iPad tablet into a 3G phone


Maybe you're one of those crazy kooks who didn't get an iPad because it does not offer the possibility of making phone calls. Sure, there's all kinds of voice apps and Skype apps, but now with PhoneIt, you really turn your iPad into a gigantic iPhone since you can make and receive phone calls or send text messaging using PhoneIt.

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Air Guitar Anyone?


First you need to connect the pick to the 30-pin dock connector of the iPhone or the iPod Touch. Then hold the iPhone in one hand and pretend it is a guitar neck while strumming the pick in the air. It’s as simple as that.

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SWITL will takeover the World one condiment stain at a time


SWITL is a robot arm developed by Furukawa Kikou, capable to pick up materials in a semi-liquid state without changing their shape. The arm incorporates a very thin Teflon sheet which is used pretty much as a high speed shovel. Or maybe a comparison between a chameleon flicking out its tongue and SWITL would be more accurate in terms of speed.

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Bluebird Electric Starts Speed Trials at Pendine Sands


Bluebird Electric is scheduled to start speed trials at Pendine Sands, Carmarthenshire, on July 2 and 3 in order to prepare for the breaking of the 500mph land speed record in 2013.  The current record in the UK for electric cars is 137 mph.

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Magellan RoadMate 2.0 For iPhone Kills The GPS


A new update is now available for the iPhone RoadMate app, informed Magellan, the app’s developer. The RoadMate 2.0 version brings several interesting and useful improvements such as a brand-new user interface, Yelp API or the option to perform local searches in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Free lifetime maps and traffic updates are also available and users can share the points of interest and benefit from highway lane assistance as well.

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Sony’s Playstation Vita (NGP) Roll Out Begins March 2012


Sony is planning to launch its Vita portable game console worldwide by the end of March 2012. Japan could consider itself lucky since the company will first release the console in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Scarpar All-Terrain Power Board To Begin Production


The company is confident that the current battery live time will increase by 10% in the future and they preferred to use electric motors in order to reduce the mechanical challenges and create a pollution-free device since Scarpar is „built for the future”, Fern explained. The batteries the Scarpar uses are based on lithium phosphate, „not quite as dense as lithium polymer, but they don't blow up, either”, the CEO said.

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Logitech Lapdesk N600 Adds Multi-Touch With Trackpad Slider


Most often than not, a laptop ends up resting on your lap. Many laptops become too hot to handle, some researchers are even saying it can reduce the sperm count in men. You could simply use a pillow to support your laptop and create a barrier of separation between the heated computer and the family jewels, or you can buy the Logitech Lapdesk N600.

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Sony NEX-C3: Worlds Smallest and Lightest Interchangeable Lens Camera


Sony’s NEX–C3 camera has a 16.2 MP APS-C sized sensor, shoots 720 HD video,and weighs just 225 grams making it the smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera in the world.

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Nintendo Wii U Brings a Whole New Gaming Experience


Nintendo introduced its new game controller, codenamed "Wii U" at the E3 gaming expo this week. The device has an impressive design with its large 6.2-inch touch screen, dual analog sticks, countless buttons and will utilize a new 25GB proprietary data disc format.

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The ‘Ball of yarn’ Battery Charger


Yes, we have all had this problem – the battery charger was just a couple of inches too short for us to put the phone on the desk so we had to leave it on desk’s corner. And then you know what happend next.

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