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$70,000 Orphiro Electric Motorcycle Cruiser makes green sexy


A new electric wide body cruiser, the Orphiro Electric Motorcycle will be coming out this September. Built from scratch by Alexander Steegh and his team from the Fontys University of Applied Science, the cruiser aims at changing the general perception on electric cruisers for the better. With a battery range of 60 miles and a top speed of 75mph, the Orphiro shapes up pretty nicely for an electric cruiser.

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Photograph The Cosmos With Astroclip iPhone Accessory


Astroclip is a Kickstarter project, created by designer matthew Geyster from Base One Labs in Boston, and it is the very first iPhone accessory that actually allows users to take photos of the moon and galaxy. This innovative add-on lets you hook up your iPhone 4 to a telescope and take photos of the cosmos using your smartphone’s camera.

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Sony A77 New Leaked Images of Monstrous 24 MP Camera

Sony A77

Leaked images of the Sony A77 show a battery grip with extra buttons. Rumors are the A77 will be capable of HD video recording, probably full HD in 1080p. It’s also rumored to feature a translucent mirror camera, or what Sony calls Translucent Mirror Technology.

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Ask Alfred iPhone App Knows Where You’ll Eat Lunch

Ask Alfred

Ask Alfred is a new iPhone app that uses artificial intelligence to predict what type of restaurant or bar you prefer, before you even know whether you'll like it. It provides iPhone users with personalized recommendations based on their tastes.

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Get a Biodegradable Watch for $30


Sprout biodegradable watches replace metal and plastic with an organic cotton band, use corn resin instead of plastic and even feature mercury-free batteries. Some models are water resistant, although, over time, this resistance may decrease. They're easy on the environment, and easy on your wallet too, as you can get one for $30.

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Lasers and guitars, who knew they could detect the pitch of a string

LPD pickup

Germany’s M3i Technologies have recently developed a system that accurately detects the pitch of a string, even before you've plucked it. The system is called Laser Pitch Detection (LPD) Pickup and it runs a beam under the strings and quickly measures and calculates the exact pitch.

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Superlative Sun Glasses Feature LCD Screen And Camera


The smart sun glasses created by Eye Dinamic, an American company, are nowhere near the common sunglasses. Instead of lenses, they feature LCD screens and just above the nose, in the bridge of the glasses, there is a camera. Although not very aesthetic, the glasses seem to be highly effective.

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Steer a Race Car With Your Android Device


BlueDrone is a Bluetooth-controlled car that is compatible with any Android phone. All you have to do is pair the car to your Android device, launch the free app and ‘hit the road’.

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Wall-E Robot Brought To Life With LEGO

Wall-E lego robot

Montreal-based maker Marc-André Bazergui has created his own Wall-E robot using a set of motors and a LEGO Mindstorms NXT Kit. It took Bazergui over 250 hours to build the 20cm tall toy, but it’s sure worth the effort, since the robot moves and transforms just like the animated character.

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The KDS-POTO2 – a 100% Homemade Camera

DIY camera photo

A creative project lead by the agency Kit Da Studio in Hong Kong shows you how to make your own camera. With a solid step by step plan, the right tools, some creativity and lots of patience, the team from Kit Da Studio produced an impressive Do-It-Yourself camera and they named it KDS-POTO2.

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Android App Measures Brain Waves Using a Wireless Headset

KDDI neural gaming app

If you want to measure your brain waves or your pulse, there's an Android app that does just that. You would stick a wireless device on your head and start playing a 30 second app game on an Android smartphone that's specially designed for this measurement. While gaming, sensors embedded in the headset would measure your neural activity and at the end, the result of your 30 second brain activity would be displayed on the screen.

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Updated live traffic for 13 European countries with Google Maps


Using the Google Maps in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland, you will be able to access traffic reports and to find out how congested a road is, if there are unexpected incidents or even gridlocks, so that they know exactly what to expect when choosing to go on a certain road. Moreover, they can use the Google Maps in order to find an overland route in case they want to avoid a jammed road or even a blocked one.

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Boring Old Lab Coat Gets Transformed into Wearable TV

transformed lab coat

Dave Forbes decided to do something about boring lab coats. He's got something of a TV wrapped around him. Add a 12 V battery for power and a connection to either an iPod or DVD player and you’ve got the most eye-catching lab coat available to humankind.

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MIT Team Prints Solar Cells on Cloth and PET

solar paper

Researchers at MIT have printed solar cells on cloth and even thin PET (basically plastic bottles). To create an array of photovoltaic cells on the paper, five layers of material need to be deposited onto the same sheet of paper in successive passes, using a mask made of paper to form the patterns of cells on the surface. This takes place in a vacuum chamber, and is similar to the process used to make the silvery lining in a bag of chips

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BMW Develops Motorrad E-scooter Concept


One of the companies you're probably aware of that has been experimenting with different alternatives to fossil fuel powered vehicles is BMW. The latest in its lineup of alternative-powered vehicles is, believe or not, a scooter. They’re calling it the Motorrad E-scooter and it’s got an electric motor, whose batteries can be charged in about 3 hours.

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