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Lithium Imide batteries are like Lithium Ion on steroids


Some years ago, the creation of Li-Ion batteries lead to a considerable technological progress, thanks to which we can now use laptops for hours and telephones for days without charging them. Still, the Li-Io batteries had their flaws: tendency to explode, susceptibility to heat and degradation, some cells losing up to 50% of capacity within 300-500 charges. The battery juice is limited and in most cases Lithium batteries last less than a couple of years.

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Sony patents interactive wireless talking PlayStation Doll, children rejoice everywhere


Patent applications often help us get a clue of what tech giants are up to, even if their ideas may or may not be applied to use and end up being thrown out in the wild to shake competitors. Anyhow, if a recent Sony patent is to be made in to reality, it could reveal what the company is cooking up in its R&D lab; a Play Station controlled interactive doll. Strange for us, sure, but I bet it would be welcomed by many young boys and girls who already don't have enough talking computer controlled toys. It may be the excuse you are looking for to convince your significant other to get that PS3.

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Mithril Kevlar jacket will even outlast you

kevlar jacket

The Swedish company Klättermusen has adapted a jacket originally designed to protect motorcyclists in an eventual crash. The jacket is supposed to last forever, even outliving its owner and it is supposed to withstand pretty much anything you could throw at it.

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The paper plane cheat with Power Up Electric Motor

powerup paper airplanes

Tailor Toys' Power Up electric power module for paper airplanes provides an electric engine to the common paper plane. The Power Up Toy kit consists of a capacitor, a propeller and a carbon fiber shaft that connects the two. The capacitor is on the front of the paper plane, while the propeller is on the back.

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Japanese Come up With Air Conditioned Shoes


Japan has developed air conditioned shoes, a must for any blazingly hot Tokyo summer. The hydro-tech shoes have been selling pretty well in a Tokyo shoe shop, advertised under the slogan “My energy saving starts from my feet!" Or to put in differently, “My feet don’t stink anymore" because the CoolBreeze shoes keep them dry.

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Touch tech of the future could operate on any glass surface


Designer Jakub Záhoř developed a computer-of-the future concept, beautifully combining the performances of a laptop with the size of a smartphone. The device may be operated on any glass surface, be it a table, a window, a mirror or anything you might think of. If you love the capabilities of your laptop computer but prefer the convenience of your smartphone’s size, this is for you.

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IBM Patents A Virtual Keyboard That Matches Finger Anatomy

IBM virtual keyboard

A recent IBM patent, entitled Morphing Touchscreen Keyboard Interface, seems to be pointing to an on-screen keyboard to match a user’s hand anatomy. No matter how enjoyable a user’s experience when working on an iPad or other similar touchscreen tablet is, when it comes to serious writing or note taking, most of us prefer a laptop or a notebook.

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J!NS Moisture Glasses Ease Tired Eyes from PC Strain


J!NS, a Japanese company that produces glasses, has recently announced the introduction of a pair of “monitor” glasses, especially designed for those spending too much time in front of their computers. J!NS Moisture Glasses were especially created to be worn while working at a PC, in order to avoid those situations of squinting and blinking eyes, or to hopefully prevent other serious eye problems.

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Zippo Lighter hides a 6mm pistol

zippo gun

A zippo lighter than conceals a gun has been circulating the internet. This apparently normal lighter contains copper-cased 6mm cartridges, that may be fired out of a barrel, as there is no more wick in place. Of course, you won’t find the trigger like in a traditional gun; in order to fire it you would have to roll the flint striking wheel.

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Erectile dysfunction gadget works harder than Viagra


Reflexonic, a medical device technology company from U.S. has announced receiving FDA approval for its Viberect device. What this interesting contraption claims to do is help men with erectyle dysfunction and those with spinal cord injuries with a their ejaculatory dysfunction. The company claims it's a real improvement in technology and will bring wellness of society, especially in times where male sexual potency is weakened.

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Quma Human-like Figure Captures 3D Motion in Real Time

Quma 3D

n innovative 3D motion capture figure has been recently developed by the Japanese company SoftEther. Dubbed Quma, the human-like figurine creates 3D computer generated animations and graphics in real time. The virtual doll features a set of sensor-equipped joints in strategic places all over the body, which not only place Quma in the right position, but allow the user to move it freely.

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