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Eco ATM Dispenses Cash to Recycle Your OId Phone


Do you have a stockpile of old phones in some drawer at home? You’ve always wanted to sell them but no one buys those dinosaur-period devices. HP is having a tough time selling brand new phones as it is. So what is there left to do? Trading them for a few dollars usually requires you prepping it for shipping which often isn't worth the price of the device itself.

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GM Announces All-Electric Chevy Spark EV for 2013


As the market for electric cars grows, General Motors have announced the upcoming 2013 launch of a new electric urban car, cleverly named the Chevy Spark.

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T-Mobile Springboard Springs into existence


Because we needed yet another tablet on the market, especially one of the Android variety, T-Mobile has announced the launch of SpringBoard on its network, and they have also released banned down under Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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Evolve Launching 3 New Electric Scooters


For those of you who want to save the Earth by using electric cars and scooters, new models have been launched by New York’s evolve motorcycles.

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Nissan developing the 10 minute EV charger


Although electric cars are a great idea, limitations in driving range and the length of time it takes to fully charge them has kept drivers hesitant. Until now.

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Qu8k Home-built Rocket Soars 121,000 feet in 92 seconds


In an attempt to win the John Carmack’s 100kft Micro Prize, a home-made rocket launched into the sky and roared beyond their target altitude of 100,000 feet, reaching an impressive 121,000 feet in just 92 seconds.

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India’s $35 Android Tablet Named UbiSlate 7, No Longer Vaporware


The UbiSlate 7 runs on Android 2.2 Froyo and comes with a 7-inch 800x480 multi-touch touchscreen, Wi-Fi, GPRS modem, two USB ports and a 3.5 mm jack. The tablet uses a 366 MHz CPU. HD video processor and 256 MB or DDR2 memory, a proof of the budget cuts that were made to accommodate such a cheap device.

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Flying Wing 7 Is An Airborne Wind Turbine Kite


Makani Power has found a way to use the more tranquil wind found at higher altitudes by creating an innovative flying wing turbine. The machine ascends to a height of around 400 meters (1.300 feet) and flies without aid as it generates up to 20 kilowatts of power in winds of 35 km/h (20mph).

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KickSat to Launch Postage Stamp-sized Satellites into Space for $300


A new project called KickSat aims to launch tiny satellites into space for the price of $300 per satellite. The tiny boxes contain small, self-contained, solar-powered radio transmitters which can later be tracked using the Genso project for amateur radio operators.

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Androids: Minecraft Pocket Edition Launched


For all of you who have at least once imagined how a perfect world would look if you built it, Minecraft is now available for all Android devices.

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DoCoMo Goes Crazy with BMI, UV, Breath Analyzer and Radiation Detection Smartphone ‘Jackets’


Japanese mobile carrier DoCoMo, has launched three smartphone smart jackets which will probably never see the light of day and are so gigantic it would seem to be quite useless in today's compact portable on the go culture and should probably be called smartphone parkas.

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Lightweight Electric Vehicle Sets World Land Speed Record at 155.8 mph


A new lightweight electric car has won over the title of the “fastest car” in their class. Electric Blue, the name of the EV, is the work of 130 students over a 7 year period. The group of BYU engineering students have managed to build an electric car to set the world land speed record, averaging 155.8 mph over the two required qualifying runs, one of which they even reached 175 mph.

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JVC Announces Hybrid Photo HD Video Camera Pegged at $900


If you’ve been looking for a balanced photo and video camera, JVC promises the new GC-PX 10 -- a true hybrid of both video and still -- with an ability to capture 12 megapixel photos and full HD video recording at 36 Mbps will satiate your needs.

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Funf Provides Self-Tracking for Android Sensors


Have you ever wondered what kind of information the sensors in your smartphone can provide? Well, if you have, then you'll appreciate what the Human Dynamics research group from MIT Media Lab have done. They are creating new ways to utilize the information stored in our smartphones with a system called “Funf.”

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HIOD One Bluetooth is the Missing Communications Link For Cyclists


You know how when you go out with your friends on your bicycles you can’t communicate with each other because the traffic is too loud? Well, a Swedish wireless tech company, called Free2Move, designed a Bluetooth communications system specifically for cyclists.

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