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Asus Eee Pad Slider shipping at $400, running Android 3.1

Asus has lifted the lid on their Eee Pad Slider, making it available online for orders and immediate shipping. As previous rumors had it, the 10 inch tablet would feature an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 1 GB RAM and an integrated keyboard. Plus, the SL101 Slider would come in two versions, allowing you to choose between 16GB of storage space and 32 GB. Of course, the price will also vary $400 for a 16GB unit and $550 for a 32Gb one.

Prototype MacBook Pro with 3G reaches $30K on eBay, gets pulled

An eBay auction has been spotted revealing a never before launched MacBook Pro prototype. This MacBook is somewhat sought after, as it a built-in 3G cellular data radio to provide wireless connectivity anywhere, it seems Apple had worked on this 4 years ago as a possible feature upgrade to its MacBook Pro line, but we all know that never came to fruition.

Military grenade launcher shoots wireless camera

Civilians don’t normally get to experience military-class devices, but there are times when such devices inspire civilian enforcement equipment. An Israeli surveillance device has been such inspiration for hackers Vlad Gostom and Joshua Marpet, the duo have come up with a DIY launchable camera that was unveild at this year’s Defcon.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover is built to withstand fire and water

You could sink it in water and leave it there for half an hour, drop it on the ground, burry it in sand and throw it in a fire pit. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover is resistant to almost any disaster you could throw its way, and being the first Android powered device to carry IP67 certification is kinda neat too.

Facebook Messenger For Non-Facebook iPhone And Android Users

750 million users is far from being enough for Facebook. The company has recently launched a smartphone app called Facebook Messenger that allows mobile phone users who don’t necessarily have a profile use it.

Phantom v1610 Camera Shoots At 1 million FPS

Until now, the only high-speed cameras capable of million+ frames per second were the scientific ones. But not everyone is interested in dissected frogs. Enter Vision Research with their recently launched Phantom v1610 high-speed video camera that shoots one million frames per second.

All or nothing, Nokia US puts it all down on Windows...

But what's interest is that Europe is still attracted to low-end devices, but when it comes to the US market, it’s all about the smartphones. And not just any kind of smartphone, but one that it’s worthy to compete with the popular iPhone.

Timberland Radler trail camping shoes zip into themselves

Water repellent, durable, light weighted and easy to pack is all you could possibly want from a pair of shoes, especially when talking about camping shoes that need to be packed light. And if they happen to look good besides having all those qualities, it’s even better.

Nook Back To School Promotion: Free $100 e-Books

More appealing to parents than to their kids, Barnes&Noble’s Nook e-Book back-to-school promotion is hard to resist; if you purchase the new Nook e-reader you’ll have access to $100 worth books and various study tools for free, ideal for starting the new school year in great shape.

BlueLounge MiniDock charges your iPhone on the wall

There are times when you want to play a game or send a text while your phone is charging, and there are times when you just want it to safely charge by not having to leave your iPhone or iPad sitting on the floor for someone to kick.

M-Disc : The “Stone-Like” disc that lasts forever

Squash it, smash it, throw it, hit it, do whatever you want to your M-disc, since nothing could harm this immortal optical disc that is said to last forever. Millenniata and LG are planning to release an optical disc to store data that is said to last forever. The disc can be accessed using a DVD or a BlueRay player and it is also read/write player.

Logitech turning tablets into desktops with Wireless Mouse and Keyboard for...

No matter how much we enjoy our tablets touchscreen interface, there are times when tapping with a finger just doesn't cut it. That's why Logitech has now launched the "first wireless mouse for tablets."

Detachable FlashLight door handle makes absolutely no sense

I’m not sure how easy the handle is attached back to the door and it’s also weird that people in the respective room are left with no way to open it, since there is no longer a door handle.

Elecom Karabiner USB Flash drive clips to anywhere

If you’re looking for the type of USB stick that is easy take with you, even on your rock climbing adventures, then Elecom's latest x nendo Karabiner Type USB flash drive just might suit your needs.

The Dark Night Rises Batmobile tumblers spied in Pittsburgh

If you were hoping for the next Batman film to come any time soon, well, don’t hold your breath. Christopher Nolan’s franchise is still in production. Although, like most Nolan films, production details are usually kept secret, but this time the crew of The Dark Night Rises was recently spotted in Pittsburgh filming some mystery scenes.

The iPhone 4 case for gear heads

We all know about the delicate of the iPhone 4’s glass back is. It's not going to survive a 100' fall and still work, let alone a 10' one, so you might as well go for something funky. Gear heads will appreciate this all aluminum gasket case for iPhone 4, inspired by the looks of a head gasket of an engine, although it only has 3 cylinders, it looks like no other iPhone case we've seen before.

Japanese robot can think, fetches ice for your drink

If you thought that robots are nothing more than humanoid thoughtless piles of iron that are controlled by real humans, well, you're wrong. Future robots could be even smarter than some of us. And who else could create such a robot if its not Skynet? The Japanese!

iPad 2 case transforms your tablet into a Nintendo Gameboy

Sure, it’s fun with all this new technology around us, but don’t you miss the old days of Nintendo? Well, for those of you who want to mix the new and the old, and also combine protection and nostalgia, Lootiful is working on the perfect solution: a retro case for your iPad 2 that looks like the classic Gameboy handheld.

iLuv Art Station Pro iPad dock looks like a G4 cinema

No matter how enjoyable your iPad experience may be, if there is one thing that could be changed about the tablet is that it's not going to compare to your home theatre when watching movies. And who wants to hold it in their hands for a two hour movie? Well, if you have $169.99 kicking around

Vinci tablet for Babies ships with Android Froyo

Well, now times have changed and it seems that the new must for a baby, for a rich baby to be more precise, is something called a Vinci tablet. That $389 in your wallet is surely burning a whole in your pocket, and it's not like your wife is trying to justify any of her own shopping purchases. The tablet for toddlers is now available for pre-orders and you can get your apple sauce stained hands on it really soon.

Intel working on streaming video car alarm systems

Who wants to come back to see their car broken into or worse, no car at all? You may have an alarm installed, but is it doing the job it's intended to? Sometimes not, and Intel is taking owners’ complaints and come up with just the right solution: a Car Security System that connects to your smartphone via an application.

Android-based iPod Nano watch coming from Motorola

A recent Motorola survey unveils a secret future device. The company has been sending out surveys to a small number of selected consumers asking their opinion about an upcoming product, that no, won’t be a smartphone nor a tablet, as you may think. It looks like Motorola is working on a gadget that could make both Apple and Nike jealous.

Researchers use brain signals to brake your car 130ms faster

As reported in the Journal of Neural Engineering, German researchers have measured drivers’ brain signals to predict when a driver is about to hit the brakes and identified the most active parts of the brain when braking. Thus, they have developed a mind-reading system that detects the driver’s intention to break 130 milliseconds before he actually hits the pedal.

SmartCart marries shopping cart with tablet for enhanced shopping experience

Ever come home from the grocery store and realize you’ve forgotten to buy the milk? Or maybe you missed out on some super deal. That could soon be history for some lucky shoppers in China.

Take-away canoe fits in backpack, assembles in under five minutes

For those of you who love spending time on the lake but often have to deal with the inconvenience of a classic canoe, Israeli designer Ori Levin from Tsor Design Studio has recently come up with a handy solution. He created the so called Adhoc Canoe, a take-away canoe which folds into a standard-sized backpack. The Adhoc Folding Canoe weighs about 4.1 kg , is 13 x 23 x 70 centimeters and is really easy to carry.

Lithium Imide batteries are like Lithium Ion on steroids

Some years ago, the creation of Li-Ion batteries lead to a considerable technological progress, thanks to which we can now use laptops for hours and telephones for days without charging them. Still, the Li-Io batteries had their flaws: tendency to explode, susceptibility to heat and degradation, some cells losing up to 50% of capacity within 300-500 charges. The battery juice is limited and in most cases Lithium batteries last less than a couple of years.

Transparent Battery For See-Through Gadgets

Don't hold your breath just yet, but in a few years you might be enjoying your first translucent device. After the invention of different see-through electronic components, a new big step ahead has been recently made by Stanford researcher Yi Cui.

A Cardboard Cooler that you can safely throw away?

If you’re going camping or just want to spend a hot summer day in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing else than pure nature, you would probably need a cooler to keep your food and drinks fresh. Nothing out of the ordinary so far.

Sony patents interactive wireless talking PlayStation Doll, children rejoice everywhere

Patent applications often help us get a clue of what tech giants are up to, even if their ideas may or may not be applied to use and end up being thrown out in the wild to shake competitors. Anyhow, if a recent Sony patent is to be made in to reality, it could reveal what the company is cooking up in its R&D lab; a Play Station controlled interactive doll. Strange for us, sure, but I bet it would be welcomed by many young boys and girls who already don't have enough talking computer controlled toys. It may be the excuse you are looking for to convince your significant other to get that PS3.

Canon’s wireless calculator mouse is an accountants dream come true

We all know Canon for its impressive line-up of imaging products such as cameras and printers, and less for its X Mark I series of business products. Now it seems the company has added two wireless accessories to complement your desktop or laptop computer, the X Mark I Mouse Lite and the X Mark I Keypad.

Mithril Kevlar jacket will even outlast you

The Swedish company Klättermusen has adapted a jacket originally designed to protect motorcyclists in an eventual crash. The jacket is supposed to last forever, even outliving its owner and it is supposed to withstand pretty much anything you could throw at it.

The paper plane cheat with Power Up Electric Motor

Tailor Toys' Power Up electric power module for paper airplanes provides an electric engine to the common paper plane. The Power Up Toy kit consists of a capacitor, a propeller and a carbon fiber shaft that connects the two. The capacitor is on the front of the paper plane, while the propeller is on the back.

Japanese Come up With Air Conditioned Shoes

Japan has developed air conditioned shoes, a must for any blazingly hot Tokyo summer. The hydro-tech shoes have been selling pretty well in a Tokyo shoe shop, advertised under the slogan “My energy saving starts from my feet!" Or to put in differently, “My feet don’t stink anymore" because the CoolBreeze shoes keep them dry.

Touch tech of the future could operate on any glass surface

Designer Jakub Záhoř developed a computer-of-the future concept, beautifully combining the performances of a laptop with the size of a smartphone. The device may be operated on any glass surface, be it a table, a window, a mirror or anything you might think of. If you love the capabilities of your laptop computer but prefer the convenience of your smartphone’s size, this is for you.

IBM Patents A Virtual Keyboard That Matches Finger Anatomy

A recent IBM patent, entitled Morphing Touchscreen Keyboard Interface, seems to be pointing to an on-screen keyboard to match a user’s hand anatomy. No matter how enjoyable a user’s experience when working on an iPad or other similar touchscreen tablet is, when it comes to serious writing or note taking, most of us prefer a laptop or a notebook.

J!NS Moisture Glasses Ease Tired Eyes from PC Strain

J!NS, a Japanese company that produces glasses, has recently announced the introduction of a pair of “monitor” glasses, especially designed for those spending too much time in front of their computers. J!NS Moisture Glasses were especially created to be worn while working at a PC, in order to avoid those situations of squinting and blinking eyes, or to hopefully prevent other serious eye problems.

Zippo Lighter hides a 6mm pistol

A zippo lighter than conceals a gun has been circulating the internet. This apparently normal lighter contains copper-cased 6mm cartridges, that may be fired out of a barrel, as there is no more wick in place. Of course, you won’t find the trigger like in a traditional gun; in order to fire it you would have to roll the flint striking wheel.

Erectile dysfunction gadget works harder than Viagra

Reflexonic, a medical device technology company from U.S. has announced receiving FDA approval for its Viberect device. What this interesting contraption claims to do is help men with erectyle dysfunction and those with spinal cord injuries with a their ejaculatory dysfunction. The company claims it's a real improvement in technology and will bring wellness of society, especially in times where male sexual potency is weakened.

Tron Light Disk Audio Dock Looks Good and Sounds Good

You don’t have to be a Tron mega fan to really dig this LED lighted dock: with a circular design, a 2.1. speaker system and stunning lights, the Tron Light Disk Audio Dock by Monster sure looks good while blasting out your tunes.

Quma Human-like Figure Captures 3D Motion in Real Time

n innovative 3D motion capture figure has been recently developed by the Japanese company SoftEther. Dubbed Quma, the human-like figurine creates 3D computer generated animations and graphics in real time. The virtual doll features a set of sensor-equipped joints in strategic places all over the body, which not only place Quma in the right position, but allow the user to move it freely.

$70,000 Orphiro Electric Motorcycle Cruiser makes green sexy

A new electric wide body cruiser, the Orphiro Electric Motorcycle will be coming out this September. Built from scratch by Alexander Steegh and his team from the Fontys University of Applied Science, the cruiser aims at changing the general perception on electric cruisers for the better. With a battery range of 60 miles and a top speed of 75mph, the Orphiro shapes up pretty nicely for an electric cruiser.

Photograph The Cosmos With Astroclip iPhone Accessory

Astroclip is a Kickstarter project, created by designer matthew Geyster from Base One Labs in Boston, and it is the very first iPhone accessory that actually allows users to take photos of the moon and galaxy. This innovative add-on lets you hook up your iPhone 4 to a telescope and take photos of the cosmos using your smartphone’s camera.

Sony A77 New Leaked Images of Monstrous 24 MP Camera

Leaked images of the Sony A77 show a battery grip with extra buttons. Rumors are the A77 will be capable of HD video recording, probably full HD in 1080p. It’s also rumored to feature a translucent mirror camera, or what Sony calls Translucent Mirror Technology.

Ask Alfred iPhone App Knows Where You’ll Eat Lunch

Ask Alfred is a new iPhone app that uses artificial intelligence to predict what type of restaurant or bar you prefer, before you even know whether you'll like it. It provides iPhone users with personalized recommendations based on their tastes.

Get a Biodegradable Watch for $30

Sprout biodegradable watches replace metal and plastic with an organic cotton band, use corn resin instead of plastic and even feature mercury-free batteries. Some models are water resistant, although, over time, this resistance may decrease. They're easy on the environment, and easy on your wallet too, as you can get one for $30.

Lasers and guitars, who knew they could detect the pitch of...

Germany’s M3i Technologies have recently developed a system that accurately detects the pitch of a string, even before you've plucked it. The system is called Laser Pitch Detection (LPD) Pickup and it runs a beam under the strings and quickly measures and calculates the exact pitch.

Superlative Sun Glasses Feature LCD Screen And Camera

The smart sun glasses created by Eye Dinamic, an American company, are nowhere near the common sunglasses. Instead of lenses, they feature LCD screens and just above the nose, in the bridge of the glasses, there is a camera. Although not very aesthetic, the glasses seem to be highly effective.

Steer a Race Car With Your Android Device

BlueDrone is a Bluetooth-controlled car that is compatible with any Android phone. All you have to do is pair the car to your Android device, launch the free app and ‘hit the road’.

Wall-E Robot Brought To Life With LEGO

Montreal-based maker Marc-André Bazergui has created his own Wall-E robot using a set of motors and a LEGO Mindstorms NXT Kit. It took Bazergui over 250 hours to build the 20cm tall toy, but it’s sure worth the effort, since the robot moves and transforms just like the animated character.

The KDS-POTO2 – a 100% Homemade Camera

A creative project lead by the agency Kit Da Studio in Hong Kong shows you how to make your own camera. With a solid step by step plan, the right tools, some creativity and lots of patience, the team from Kit Da Studio produced an impressive Do-It-Yourself camera and they named it KDS-POTO2.