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mRobo Dancing Robot Looks Innocent Now, But in 2020?


The robot, which is mainly white in color, starts off looking like an average inanimate speaker until it catches you off guard and begins transforming into a fully-fledged humanoid. The Michael Jackson wannabe then starts grooving its body parts to the music as it plays sound through its rumbling stomach.

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Infrared Wireless Capable of Delivering 1Gbps Data Transfer Rates


1Gbps; that is the data transfer speed Researchers at Fraunhofer say they are capable of achieving by using a new infrared wireless communication module. It sounds a bit far-fetched, especially when infrared was mainly regarded as an ineffective data transfer method back when Bluetooth and wireless came into play. But Fraunhofer researchers believe they can transfer data 46 times faster than Wifi and an outstanding 1,430 times faster than Bluetooth.

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Live TV for UK: FilmOnX for Android


If you’re in the UK and are looking for an all-in-one freeview experience for your Android, FilmOnX provides all the popular channels straight to your device with no sign-up fees and no other equipment. There are premium options to unlock more channels, but the bulk of the TV features are offered for free.

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Future Batteries to Run on Sugar


Most kids these days use sugar as a source of super-efficient fuel, over-clocking their supercharged bodies into a short burst of uncontrollable hyperactive brain power. It doesn't last long, but whilst it’s there, the kids feel almost impenetrable.

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The James Bond 007 iPhone 5 Case


A new product by a start-up business on Indigogo is reshaping the way cases interact with our smart phones. This case isn't just about protecting your iPhone; it’s also about turning it into something that makes the extra thickness do more than just add an extra layer of padding.

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Game Review: Swing Shot


Com2us is one of my favorite developers, simply because they have a keen ability to create innovative new games for the Android platform, and Swing Shot is a clear example of their talent. This review is for the Android version, but there is an iOS version available as well. Gameplay ...

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Daily Deal: Pyro 120GB Solid State Drive for Under $75


The trade space for SSD’s is becoming a tight competition, and we’re seeing price drops and sales all over the place as a result. Hopefully in the next few years we’ll see prices for Solid state drives going for around the same price as hard disc drives are selling for today. But for now, this is one of the best deals you’re going to find on the net.

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Flying Robots Play Catch


A group of Swiss researchers have created a new video putting their high-tech quadrocopter’s flying efficiency to the test. The three flying robots fly back and forth in recognition with each other, whilst each being attached to a three sided net. The intuitive copters can catch incoming balls by flying in formation to move the net accordingly. Once the ball is in the net, they are then also able to launch it upwards by quickly stretching out the net.

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