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The Simpsons: Tapped Out Review


After first downloading the Simpsons: Tapped Out I was delighted to find myself watching an animated short showing Homer and his classic idiocy in full action.

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Five New Tegra 4 Powered Games Showed Off At MWC


This year at Mobile World Congress Nvidia has been showing off some gameplay comparisons with devices running the new Tegra 4 chipset.

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Machinarium Finally Gaining Support for Nexus 7 and Other Devices


Today HotHead games has pushed out an update to Machinarium which will allow compatibility for more devices previously incapable of downloading the game.

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Tizen OS smartphones Heading to France Later This Year


Tizen seems eager to get it out to the public and will be teaming up with France based telecom, Orange, to bring out some Tizen 2.0-ran handsets this year.

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Code.org Backed by Tons of Tech Celebrities and They All Want you To Code


A new PSA by Code.org has been composed completely of well-known figures discussing the importance of learning how to code.

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All Sony PS4 Games Will be Offered in Disc and Digital Download Format


Sony has now confirmed that all of its games will be available for both digital download or purchase in-store through a physical disc.

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Behold, the World’s Smallest Automatic Umbrella


A new umbrella by Hammacher seems to want to bring the best of both worlds all whilst keeping it to a size capable of fitting in your pocket.

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Raspbmc Gets a Stable Public Release with Version 1.0


The Raspbmc team has finally brought the software to version 1.0, and the download is available to everybody over at their website.

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Possible Pictures of iPhone 5S in Production


New pictures of iPhone 5S handsets being manufactured have now hit the net. If the pictures prove legit, there are few exterior changes from the iPhone 5.

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Top Gear Stunt School Revolution for Android


Top Gear has become a popular series, so it makes sense that BBC are trying to push more out of the program by developing a mobile game for the plentiful Top Gear fans.

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Vodafone Users Can Now Download 6.1.1 Without Issue


If you’re resided in the UK, you may have taken notice of the new iOS 6.1, which for Vodafone has had a few problems getting pushed out fully to all the iOS handsets.

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Microsoft Surface Pro Now on Retail in US and Canada


Despite the snowstorm, Microsoft managed to successfully launch their new tablet yesterday, which starts at $899 for the base 64GB model.

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Where’s My Holiday Gets Revamped as “Where’s My Valentine”


Disney is celebrating this year’s Valentines by giving their Where’s My Holiday game from the popular Where’s My? series a loved-up revamp, offering players new levels and scenery. The Where’s My Valentine update adds twelve new playful love-themed levels to the game, adding to the already over 250 levels. For those that didn’t give the Christmas version a try, it ...

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HTC Myst Rumored to Be the ‘Facebook Phone’

HTC Myst

We haven’t heard much news on the Facebook Phone of late, but now a Twitter user has now come out with information on such a device, known as the HTC Myst.

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Blackberry Q10 Still Many Months Away From U.S. Launch


Thorsten Heinsthe has now revealed that the Blackbbery Q10 will not be introduced to the U.S. until 8-10 weeks after the release of the Blackberry Z10.

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