Will Dell (Finally) Leave Android behind?

small_dell-streak-vendor-shot-3 Will Dell (Finally) Leave Android behind?It’s been over a year since Dell introduced its Android tablet, The Dell Streak 7. Just like the Dell Streak 5, this tablet had a mobile radio and was available for just US$ 200 via T-Mobile. Despite its best efforts, Dell never fared that well in the Android tablet market. Some could argue that their problems were with the hardware and the overall marketing strategies put into the product. No matter why they haven’t fared well really doesn’t matter much anymore, because it seems that Dell is finally bowing out of the Android tablet market by ending sales for the Streak 7.

Dell has made it clear that they will not be leaving the mobile sector and will continue producing mobile solutions, it is simply ending the Streak line. Does ending the Streak line mean it will never again pick up a new Android line or that it is simply going back to the drawing board with its hardware design? Although we aren’t sure about the future of Android with Dell, we do know that Dell has expressed recent interest in Windows 8 tablets.

Dell has never ventured too far outside of the traditional PC market and any attempts to do so haven’t gone so well for the company, including its Phone 7 smartphones. Can Dell change how it is received in the mobile market with future devices such as Windows 8 tablets? I have my own serious doubts, but in time we will see.

EXOdesk Prepares For It’s CES Debut

exodesk EXOdesk Prepares For It's CES Debut

Imagine the possibility on having 40″ inch multi-touch desk replacing the space where you have your keyboard and mouse. This is what EXOdesk will debut in January 2012 at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Multi-touch tablet-style computers are certainly not something new in the market. For instance, let’s remember what we’ve seen with Microsoft Surface, working on a 1080p LCD Samsung SUR40. The big difference on this is that EXOdesk will cost US$ 1299 (Not US$8499 like the Samsung SUR40), so it will be a lot more affordable for average consumers.

Overall the ExoDesk is certainly worth looking out for when it arrives at CES 2012. Will table computers be the wave of the future? Although we all have our doubts, a lower cost product like this could certainly have some specialized uses somewhere I’m sure.

Blackberry Bold Launch Ends In Chaos

bold9790indo Blackberry Bold Launch Ends In Chaos

Indonesia was the country selected to launch the new Blackberry 9790 Bold to the entire world. The Reason? Indonesia’s TOP-5 Mobile Phones are all BlackBerry Models.

During this launch, BlackBerry offered a 50% discount on its new phone over its suggested price.

When it became obvious that there weren’t enough phones to satisfy all of those waiting, a mass of shoppers fell out of the line creating a bit of frantic situation. This break in the line would lead to over 90 people being injured with three needing to be hospitalized for broken bones, and more than 200 police officers were needed to restore peace.

As you can see, when a massive event is poorly organized only bad things will happen. At least in the States RIM wouldn’t have to worry about such a massive crowd causing problems thanks to declining Blackberry popularity. Apple on the other hand? They might want to keep this event in mind when the iPhone 5 launches.

Here is a short video showing just how large the crowd was for the event:

Panasonic Preparing To Bring Its Smartphones To Europe

Panasonic-Lumix-Android-phone Panasonic Preparing To Bring Its Smartphones To EuropeAccording to Reuters, Panasonic has begun plans to re-enter the mobile phone scene in Europe with a focus on Android-based smartphones.

The source asserts that Panasonic is actually in the process of negotiating a partnership with  a major telecommunication firm in Europe.

Unfortunately, the firm in question is currently unknown and we can only speculate. A few likely candidates are Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica, or T-Mobile.

Outside of its current plans, the idea of bringing Panasonic phones to North America is actually on the table as well. According to what we know, such a launch in North America will not happen until some time after the European launch.

As far as the phones go, at the moment we have no idea what Panasonic will bring outside of Europe. It might be a brand new line or perhaps one of the higher-end Japanese models like the Lumix, which features a 13.2 MP camera.

What do you think, will Panasonic create new Android phones for the launch or simply bring out its current Japanese models? The idea of a Toughbook-style smartphone certainly could have some appeal. Keep in mind that Panasonic tried its luck in Europe with mobile feature phones once before and withdrew in 2005, due to trouble keeping up with the competition. For now all we can do is hope that they fair better the second time around.

Motorola Droid 4 Will Be Released On December 8

droid4-1-1-640x431 Motorola Droid 4 Will Be Released On December 8

Droid fans rejoice, it seems that the Droid 4 is on its way.  Motorola’s newest Droid phone model is now expected to launch on December 8. Interestingly enough, this is the same date that many are estimating for the Galaxy Nexus as well. It may not run Android ICS at its launch, but it is at least the first slider with 4G/LTE.

If you aren’t sure what to ask Santa Clause for this year, perhaps you might want to think about the new Droid 4. This new creation from Motorola will include a 4″ Super AMOLED Advanced display, a full 5-row illuminated keyboard, 1080p video recording, 8MP camera, and even HDMI out. Unfortunately, the downside is that the Droid 4 is likely to have a non-removable battery.

Droids have a reputation for quality, so odds are the Droid 4 will continue to live up to expectations. Of course the Droid RAZR is just barely out the door as well, so Droid fans have a tough choice on their hands.