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iPhone connects wearable computer to internet, man is now Cyborg

Wishing you could get a little more intimate with your computer? Swedish researcher and entrepreneur, Martin Magnusson has created a wearable computer that stays very close by. The concept behind it is really quite simple, but the engineering within is what makes it so clever. First, Magnusson bought a cheap CD case, ripped out the CD pockets and replaced them with velcro, causing the case to open like a book for all of the components.

BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth headset enables noise-free calls

Blueant's new Q2 bluetooth wireless headset may not be as crystal clear as having a person next to you, buts its claiming to be the closest out there. 1.5 years after the Q1 was released, Bluant has revealed the new Q2, and if it all works out as they have planned, the wait will well worth it.

Evatran’s plugless power to make life easier for all electric car...

Electric cars will never need to be plugged in again with Evatrans new "hands-free power" technology. Although we haven't really had any time at all to deal with the high voltage cables or plugs that are required to charge our EVs. This new invention uses a wireless induction charger (one massive Powermat) which beams electricity wirelessly.